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  1. Installing a new jd jet kit on a 2007 cr125. Directions indicate where to start for elevation and normal temps. 32.5 pilot, red needle clip 3, 420 main. Here in Michigan it's cooling down in the 30's. For these colder temp are u guys adjusting all 3 circuits?
  2. ulmanb

    Jd needles still gold colored/brass

    They come w two needles too correct? One blue and one red? All my keihin kits did, just verifying for the mikuni on a 125
  3. Working on a bike that is supposed to have a jd kit in it (cr125 2007). All the jd needles I have seen over the years are brass w blue or red paint on the head with no numbers on the side. This has an aluminum needle with numbers and no paint. do the jd needles still come brass w paint on the head?
  4. ulmanb

    2007 cr125 fouling plugs

    what should the float height be on this bike? I have adjusted that on other bikes, but don't have a manual for this one. When they had the crank seal replaced (by a shop) the shop didn't really think it was bad or causing the fouling issue. Ill check what type of oil he is using. I think it might be amsoil dominator which I believe is the race stuff, I use amsoil interceptor for the lower flash point as a trail rider on my ktm 250xcw.
  5. ulmanb

    2007 cr125 fouling plugs

    buddies kids bike. Purchased it recently, been fouling a lot of plugs. It was down from the stock 55 pilot to a 45 pilot. He took it to a honda mechanic and had a JD jet kit installed, still blowing plugs. It has 10 hrs on the top end, recently packed stock silencer, recently replaced main seals. Only thing left I can think for him to check are the reeds. Other than that, when I can find time was gonna have him drop it off and I would go thru jetting it from scratch and see what circuit it is rich on. Thoughts? He swears he is revving it enuf, but I have not seen him ride it.
  6. ulmanb

    Hard starting 2008

    That did the trick. It had a 45 pilot which worked well when it was winter in the garage tinkering. I couldnt get it to stall turning the fuel screw all the way in. Went to a 40 (dont have any 42 on hand), it stalls out at 0.5 turns out. Right now I have it at 2 turns out and it starts pretty well. Temps are close to 90. Ill try riding around and stalling to see how well it restarts later.
  7. ulmanb

    Hard starting 2008

    Was a buddies from new. Always hard starting. I rejetted based on research, starts easier from cold. But if you stall it out during a ride, it's a bear to restart it. I tried the rhc decomp mod, only thing it did for me was make it harder to kick. have read 2008 had a more radical cam and could be the cause of hard starting. Would I be better off w a older or newer cam?
  8. Any chance someone has saved the pictures or has links to them that work? I have a low hr 2008 that is a bear to start and I'd like to do this mod to it.
  9. ulmanb

    02-04 cr250 vs 05-07cr250

    The look the same sitting next to each other too, I didn't look at the schematic but am willing to bet dif pn's
  10. ulmanb

    02-04 cr250 vs 05-07cr250

    I think the air boots are a different length, but you should be able to swap the boot from your 03 to the 05. Reason I say this is I am pretty sure the 02-04 used the longer body carb where as the 05-07 used a short body (or vice versa)
  11. Im fine with cooler temps as we ride down into the lower 30's around here. More concern is if there's ice/frozen ground.
  12. whats the weather in mid-march where you are at? snow or ice on the trail?
  13. what does it cost to rent a bike? Going to bring my own, but might be interested in trying a 350 out.
  14. So you have lodging available and can give us good guidance to where to ride to/from. Sounds like what we need.
  15. Tired of the cold up here. Me and a couple buddies are looking to do a trip in mid-march down to maybe the red-bird trails or hatfield McCoy trails. We have never down a trip like this before and don't want to show up without a clue. Suggestions on trail systems, where to go, what we will need? Are these trails worth heading to? Any recommendations on where to go ride? What should we expect? What is the weather/temps/trail conditions in march? Anyone want to ride with us? We are all on bikes (2012 250xcw, 2017 YZ450FX, 2008 400xcw), we typically ride both ATV width and single track in Michigan. None of the bikes are street titled/street legal. We are all in our mid-40's in decent shape and decent woods riders.