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  1. Pretty sure if I remember correctly I am running taper bored 43.5 mm on my 07 and 08 built WR450’s. I don’t think I really lost much low end just gained top end.
  2. I think I used pbi sprockets last time. I had trouble with sprocket specialists screwing up the pitch of some rear sprockets since their move. Don’t expect them to stock custom sprockets though. http://www.pbisprockets.com/
  3. California

    She’s down there. 😳
  4. No wide open throttles since Cycra pro bends and way before that even. I’ve been riding at least 50 years. Might have missed a weekend or three however if I take the toy-hauler I sometimes stay a week riding. That likely accounts for every weekend.😉 Im good not even going to fricken worry about blowing up my bike holding it wide open in nuetral. Kinda like wearing pants that are 4” short waiting for a flood. But anything could happen.
  5. Ha ha just kidding. I’m still using Mobil 1 15/50 car oil in all the bikes.
  6. I don’t think he’s really a bad guy as much as we poke fun at him. I saw one of his videos and think he said he rode his 230 in middle school so he’s a bit of a youngster as opposed to us oldsters. 😂
  7. California

    You just can’t make this stuff up!
  8. Um I think you have a little stiff competition from the people around here with that one!
  9. Good one less thing to do!
  10. FJ stands for Fricken Joker. Did I hear throttle sticking wide open. 😂Ever heard of using hand guards like Cycra pro bends.
  11. California

    Yeah but he’s got no choice half of the Donk weighs 170 lbs. that means a hole Donk weighs 340 lbs. And that’s when he’s dieting!
  12. California

    Ok Boys just be careful you don’t simulate the first part of this video. No no nooo 😂
  13. When you can go 110 mph on a 230 who cares about weight. 😳😂
  14. You guys are going in the wrong direction. Varoom pop pop pop. 🤠