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  1. How about I buy you a Shirley Temple.
  2. A baby Bombardier quick run for your lives!
  3. Malta why that there is a little island. What you riding on the beach.
  4. Ok from 6: am till 12 noon ride. Then straight to Margaritaville for some liqued courage to #forgetaboutMonday.
  5. I run almost a full qt. in the 16' WR.
  6. It is the same part including 18'.
  7. I'm not sure if trying to tweak the stock ECU is all it can be from what I've read. The piggy back JD controller he sells could be better and is only a couple hundred bucks.
  8. Good for man or beast! ­čść
  9. Tank You don't need a catch bottle. Check AXP skid plates Enduro engineering rad. guards I would buy a FX or yz slip on then put a pro moto billet end cap on it or FMF slip on.
  10. Anybody know did they change the oil filter from the 16's. I can't tell looking at the parts online as they have a different part number that includes a oring on the 16's.
  11. Ride Conquer Repeat.
  12. She runs it in everything she owns. You'd figure she owns some stock in that there oil. Will Yamaha graphics give her any top end?
  13. Well then. You have just proved your bike is as fast as a Honda Z50. However I believe the 50 gets better miles to the gallon.