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  1. Old wives break in tales.
  2. StevetheSnake

    RSW Racing Triple clamp

    Ah ah nope that guys playing BINGO now in a retirement hotel. 😳 I know cause I saw him there. 😂
  3. StevetheSnake

    Bull Ranch Creek ride 11/17

  4. StevetheSnake

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    Where we ride quads only ride on the roads. They don’t do this stuff.
  5. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    Go electric or go home.
  6. StevetheSnake

    19 500 flame out issues

    You should just do your idle speed by feel and by ear otherwise it’s just a number anyways.
  7. StevetheSnake

    17’ up Ktm 500 lithium battery

    I haven’t had issues in the cold other than it cranking for awhile to start it. I think that is a characteristic of a cold 17’ + 500 and a Vortex. But it doesn’t get that cold but a few times out of the year in the early morning here in So. Cal.
  8. StevetheSnake

    Ims tank.

    15’s have the newer 250 frame with a different gas tank.
  9. StevetheSnake

    facts on the new CRF250f

    I don’t think they will have a catalytic converter or a 02 sensor. But that won’t stop the factory from mapping them leaner than a popcorn fart. Our 18’ KTM 500’s didn’t come with that stuff but barley rideable in the dirt without a tuner or new ECU. Surprising that they are green stickers though as the Yamaha WR FI bikes are red sticker. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    Ok call it multi purpose corn lube as it’ll work to lube your chain too.
  11. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    Corn oil works!
  12. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    Still going strong.
  13. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    It’s actually for Acton, Palmdale, Lancaster when the City Council has a meeting there’s not a tooth in the whole room. Them people are called toothless folk.
  14. StevetheSnake

    First Bike

    The 18’ WR is a red sticker.
  15. StevetheSnake

    First Bike