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  1. Scary4116

    may 30th muddin

    That was a blast! took a few hours to get all the mud out of the 400!
  2. Scary4116

    Z400 Jetting Suggestions???

    Update: I went with a 165 mj, stock pilot, needle on 4th clip and the thing runs great. No popping, not running lean or rich (checking the plug every ride). I am very very happy with the Z now. I checked the valves and they are spot on according to the repair manual. Thanks for the help, carbs are a pain in the ass compared to FI! -SCARY
  3. Scary4116

    may 10th ride

    That was a great time! Chooch, the Suzuki stays clean cause there's never any Honda's in front of it to get it dirty.... I'll upload a few of my pics soon. When we doing the next one???? SCARY
  4. Scary4116

    Z400 Jetting Suggestions???

    I got everything bolted up and it starts/ idles great but it pops a bit when I bring the revs up. All the carb related hoses are attached, the spark plug is new and the gas in clean and fresh. Any suggestions?
  5. Scary4116

    Help with quad purchase

    I love my Z400, it's not a 450 beater, but it's AWESOME in the trails.
  6. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    What boot do you suggest to replace the stock boot with?
  7. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    The RS3 full system, FMF jet kit, K&N air box lid, K&N filter, rev box. -SCARY
  8. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    I got it out in one piece, you need to remove the lower radiator hose to make it easy. The new Yoshi set up seems to be a large improvement. -SCARY
  9. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    If you cut yours did you have any trouble getting the new header in? (i.e. is the stock header that much different in shape than the aftermarkets?) -SCARY
  10. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    Does anyone that has installed a full system have info on a way that I don't have to cut the stock pipe????
  11. Scary4116

    z400 Stock Header Removal

    I was hoping not to have to go there, I would like to keep it in case I want to return this to stock someday. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  12. Scary4116

    Suzuki z400 Stock Header Removal

    I am swapping out the stock system with a full Yoshi setup, and using the Yoshi directions it indicates that the stock header will come off once you unbolt it and the thermostat (and housing). I did this and it's still not looking like the stock header will clear. Is there any trick to the removal or does it just need to be twisted around to a specific spot? TIA! SCARY