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  1. LoneStarKTM

    help me choose 2009 wr250f exhaust

    Maybe one of the new KTM electric bikes would suit you
  2. LoneStarKTM

    WR is a raging monster in cool weather

    Looks like living in a trailer all my life is about to pay off Thanks OnB for the suggestions. I'm already running a 180 MJ, but will definitely pick up a 40 pilot. I've suspected the PJ is a little fat since I've been able to run with the fuel screw 1/2 turn out. Swede suggested the same a while back, I just forgot to put that on my list of things to do (soon). I was simply amazed at the difference when the only thing I can attribute the change to is temps. It's going to be about the same temp for the next couple of days, then drop down another ~10 degrees or so both days and overnight. It was 60 or so today and the bike is still on steroids. We'll be riding where the Red Bull Last Man Standing series is run up in Bulcher TX. Plenty of room to ride, and plenty of easy places to land softly. I will see if I can pick up a 40 PJ on the way out in the morning Thanks again for the suggestions.
  3. It's been a little over a month since I had a chance to do any riding. Work has been crazy, the holidays, one thing then another. Since I last got to ride, I changed the oil and filter, slapped in a new air filter with BelRay blue on it, made sure the carb was drained, running fresh premium pump gas etc. Mainly general maintenance stuff. I planned on riding with a bud tomorrow and part of the weekend, but tomorrow isn't going to work due to other things needing to be taken care of first. So, I decided to take a little spin around the neighborhood just to warm up the bike, make sure it was running spot on, make sure there were no leaks, battery was fully charged, checked air pressure etc.. There is a small place to ride around what used to be a baseball diamond, no jumps etc, just a field. I hit the dirt and wicked up the gas just to see if the AP was still working as it should, leak jet was set right and in general get at least 5 minutes of seat time. The last time I rode, temps were in the mid to upper 80's. Today, temps are in the low 60's. The WR was unbelievable. Strong ain't the word for it, crazy explosive is more like it. I was sitting in the middle of the seat, third gear, going slow and blipped the throttle maybe 1/4 and the damn thing nearly looped out on me. I was thinking damn, the traction here must be fantastic. I rolled over to an area with a little gravel and twisted it up again just a little. I was holding with my knees, forward stance on the pegs and weight over the rear of the tank. The bike stood straight up and I started to whiskey throttle and nearly came off the back, luckily I had a foot over the brake and was able to hit it just in time to save it. Last time out, the bike ran fine, but nothing near the absolutely explosive power coming out of it today. The only thing I can think of is the new air filter and cooler temps have a positive effect. I'm going go ride Saturday and I'm wondering if I need to ride over on the kiddie loop so I don't kill myself or worse. Carb is setup as follows : Model (YZ or WR 250F): WR250F 2009 Timing (WR-YZ): YZ Main jet: 180 Pilot Jet: 45 Leak Jet: Stock Leak Jet blocked off Fuel screw (turns out): 1½ turns out Needle model/Clip position: JD Red needle 3rd clip from top (JD Kit #JDY011) Airbox lid (on or off): OFF Pipe: 2008 YZ250F stock head pipe and can I'm running 13/52, free mods. Other than that, pretty much stock. It's not like this bike was a dog before, it wasn't. It's just crazy strong now and I haven't done anything to it other than some routine maintenance. Why the change in power ? Will the temps being lower make THAT much of a difference in power delivery ? Somebody school me here because I'm thinking maybe Santa sprinkled some magic dust on this thing. I'm OK with the extra power, I just have to realign what I expect when I twist it up. I'd love to say I'm so cool I handled the situation, but the truth is, I got real lucky I didn't loop out - twice.
  4. LoneStarKTM

    is the WR right for me

    Oh man, you have a lotta friends that ride WR's I triple tapped one yesterday too, TT must be going thru a change or update
  5. Hi Flo, K&N, Fram, a stainless Scotts etc will all pretty much do the trick if you change the oil often. Don't think using a more expensive filter will allow for longer change intervals, that just isn't the case. HF140 I get em local for $4.95 each
  6. LoneStarKTM

    is the WR right for me

    If the DRZ400 is enough for you, going to the WR250F (uncorked) is going to be a serious thrill. The WR is lighter, pulls stronger, revs to the moon and is very friendly to ride. Lots of power on tap compared to a pig of a DRZ anything Buy one and don't look back
  7. LoneStarKTM

    oil drain bolt stuck

    Use a longer wrench (box end 6 point) on the fastener... more torque. If the bolt is rounded, it's going to have to be replaced anyway, so slap on a set of big vise grips and give it a sharp yank. If you can get to it with a socket, try using a manual impact and BFH on it. If that doesn't get it, and it's rounded off use a nut buster socket and a ½" air impact. Last resort, cut a slot in the head and go with a flat bit and the manual impact. Do NOT drill the bolt, that's just asking for trouble
  8. LoneStarKTM

    Seat Qu 06 to 09

    PM sent
  9. I went with Cycra bark busters, but after looking at all the available options to mount them so they wouldn't rotate, I used the original bar clamps to mount the hand guard to the bars. They're fat, beefy and definitely don't move. I almost went with the pinch bolt mounts, but the 18 lb/ft torque didn't seem like nearly enough and I also like the lower position for the mounts. Here's a few pics just for an idea of what I ended up with.
  10. I'm trying to get together a tool box just for working on the bike while away from home. I will keep this in the trunk as part of the gear I take when I go riding. What do you keep in the tool box you take with you when you go riding ? I know, the more tools the better, but I'm trying to get together the essentials for between ride maintenance/repair etc.. without having to rent a pack mule to carry the thing. I'm thinking wrenches and sockets to remove wheels, plastics, rads, bars, change the oil, bleed the brakes etc, a couple of screwdrivers and nut drivers in 8, 10, 12, 14, a dead blow hammer, dykes, channellocks, needle nose... What else ?
  11. LoneStarKTM

    what colour plastics to suit these graphics??

    What graphics company sells those for a WR ? I'd like a set of those myself. I think Yamablue would look great, or black, but black is a PITA. White would look great too, but those are worse after a few rides. What would look freakin awesome is a set of dark gray plastics, but, I don't know if any mfr makes plastics in a gray for a WR
  12. LoneStarKTM

    The Next James Stewart....LOL

    I bet his cruiser is nice too Serious speed
  13. LoneStarKTM

    Older rider needs help

    +1 to what Swede said. Buy one and don't look back, it will be the best bucks you've ever spent on a bike
  14. I need to replace a few sockets in my tool box. I mainly need new metric sockets in a 6 point What's the biggest nut or bolt on a WRF ? I'm thinking the steering head is the largest but I don't remember the size off hand and I don't have my manual with me.