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  1. BGoyins

    Help evaluating rebound stacks

    I double checked both forks and they have the same shim stack. It looks like stock and the RT stack use a single 12 shim instead of my 14 then 10 shims. Is this the dual crossover you are concerned about?
  2. BGoyins

    Help evaluating rebound stacks

    That seems pretty close to this, and it's possible that the .10 is really .11 in my measurements.
  3. BGoyins

    Help evaluating rebound stacks

    The KYB piston does have a bleed hole.
  4. BGoyins

    Help evaluating rebound stacks

    Thanks to all for responding. I'm just learning how to revalve so it's difficult for me to look at the stack and figure out what it will do. Here's some background on these stacks. The first stack is FC (or stock?) And was for the stock spring, .51, and a rider weight of 165ish, skill level C. I now weigh 150 and have dropped spring rates to .47. I'm having to back the rebound out alot to get the rebound to respond quick enough. I wanted to soften the rebound a little to restore the clicker range. The second stack is from RT, using the same parameters except they recommend a much softer spring rate, which I probably won't use. The.47 feels plenty soft enough. I just don't know if one stack is closer to what I want or how to modify either one. I have the RT suspension bible and try to read the posts in this forum, still, I could use some guidance/education. Thanks!!
  5. Could someone look at these two rebound stacks for a 2015 YZ450f and tell which one has less rebound (softer) or are they essentially the same? Thanks for your help. (2) .10x20 .10x14 .10x10 .10x18 .10x16 .10x14 .15x12 (2) .30x10 OR (3).10×20 .10×12 .10X18 .10X16 .10X14 .10X12 .30X10
  6. I just replaced my pump and filter with the Quantum kit. The pump and pressure regulator seem high quality but... It comes with a hose but it doesn't fit 2015 YZ450F and probably won't fit 2012. You can carefully get the housing apart without removing the existing hose but it's a little dicey. Also, of the supplied filters the only one that fits is not a very good fit. So, might be better kits out there.
  7. BGoyins

    2012 YZ450F Head Assembly

    I take some molybdenum grease and mix it up with some engine oil. Pours nicely on cams and lifters, etc. I also wondered about the machining on that LH exhaust base when I had the head apart last month? Keepers don't have to have a symmetrical space between halves.
  8. Does anyone have access to the stock BV shim stack for this year bike? Mine have been modified, and I would like to compare to stock. Thanks!
  9. Yes the center will press in. Once you pull the whole fastener out you'll understand how they work. To reinstall you pull the center pin up, insert the fastener, then push pin in flush to lock.
  10. Press the center of them down and then the whole fastener pulls out.
  11. The latest version of DirtRider has a step-by-step article on how to fix a bent rim.
  12. BGoyins

    Rekluse Core EXP "Free Gain" Issues

    Thanks! That's a good confirmation that the adjuster can move even after tightening. Mine is probably set up like yours. Lightest springs for fastest engagement. Because I wasn't keeping track of the tick marks I had to assume some plate warping, but visually, the clutch looked perfect. Now I'm pretty sure the adjuster was just moving.
  13. BGoyins

    Rekluse Core EXP "Free Gain" Issues

    Have you noticed a trend regarding where the second tic mark ends up? Is it moving more clockwise or counter clockwise from where it was set the previous times? This gives you an idea if the stack is wearing (shrinking) or expanding (disks warping). Also, keep track of where you set the adjuster to see if it's moving even though you tightened the set screw. What you're describing seems like a rapid wear of friction material. Mine kept doing the opposite, more and more free gain over time. Which must have meant my plates were all warping a little. But now it seems like it's settled down and is holding adjustment much better. I've also started keeping track of where the adjuster was set to confirm that is not rotating slightly in the pressure plate, though I'm careful to tighten it like you do. Let us know what you discover.
  14. BGoyins

    Tips for a new mx rider

    Agreed. And if not over the bars a seriously scary nose first landing with maybe face into bars.