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  1. It's all about the battery tech which is rapidly advancing...As soon as an electric bike can run in the dunes for two hours and be equal in weight to a 450, I'm in! I've ridden a couple Zeros a few years ago (their dirt model and their street model) and the dirtbike one felt to me pretty much like a 250...The instant torque without gear shifts was impressive (had plenty of power to wheelie)...But on a track, it could only run for 20 minutes or so...Which makes it silly to me at this point, but it is moving forward so in ten years who knows? They may be quicker and lighter than existing 450s and run for longer than a desert tank would allow you to? At that point, why not?
  2. Aka.Goose

    Why waste money?

    I like making my bike perform better than what I can handle so that when my friends who are much better than me ride it, they come back to camp saying, "Holy shit dude". I once had a guy look over my bike and condescendingly say, "Damn, you put a lot of money into that thing, huh?" while I was standing in front of my tent and he was a few feet away from his $75,000 motorhome and just got done talking about a cruise he just took. Some people man.
  3. Aka.Goose

    How Do You Keep Track of Where Bolts Go During a Rebuild?

    Sometimes I use the cardboard method, but sometimes I just tape the bolts to paper and label it. Ziplocs are always used also.
  4. Aka.Goose

    Wife is quad tard, need help.

    Are you supposed to have a ham radio license to use the UV5R or are you able to program it to work on "legal" channels or? (sorry I'm not familiar at all with the different frequencies and channels used by radios like these) This "Beartooth" device seems pretty cool (pairs with phone, push to talk and gps sharing without cell service). Thoughts? https://www.beartooth.com/
  5. Aka.Goose

    Wife is quad tard, need help.

    There's a good deal right now (3/24/2016) for a pair of Shark headsets ($83, says it's 83% off?) http://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Shkmbt88i-Snowmobile-Bluetooth-Interphone/dp/B001SUZNGW Might be worth a shot for $80?
  6. Aka.Goose

    Cruise Control Dirt Bike

    Since you are using aftermarket cables you may have to adjust the cables both at the carb and at the throttle a little better in order to get it dialed in?
  7. Aka.Goose

    Wife is quad tard, need help.

    I wonder if a small bluetooth earbud paired with a phone in your hydropack would work? (If you have unlimited minutes, lol) Just call each other before the ride and keep it connected? http://www.amazon.com/Bengoo-Wireless-Bluetooth-Reduction-Technology/dp/B00Q4IRV8Q/ Decent helmet communicators are usually a couple hundred bucks...
  8. I'm with the other guys in that it seems to be an irritant in your gear. If the rash and itching starts in skin creases and underneath clothing, and is not accompanied with itchy eyes and sneezing, then it doesn't sound like an airborne allergy to me...How often do you wash your gear? If you wash it often, it could be a detergent allergy, if you hardly ever wash your protective gear then it could be a mold irritant...
  9. Aka.Goose

    Knee Braces under or over?

    That will be ok maybe for impact protection? But, just realize you are loosing the "brace" aspect of them if you don't have a proper snug fit. Also, I wouldn't want to go through brushy or woodsy areas with the braces on top of clothing as it could get snagged (but you must not be doing that much type of riding anyway if riding in shorts). The over the knee socks made for knee braces might help you too, because the top of the sock folds over the top of the brace, helping to hold it in place?
  10. Aka.Goose

    Help with grips and levers

    Can you post a pic? Most levers can adjust pretty darn close to the bars, to where it hits your knuckles when using it...I have XL hands (6'3") and comfortably rest my index fingers on the levers pretty much all the time (and only use the other fingers if/when really needed). Also, it took me many years to realize I don't actually have to hold onto the grip all that tight, loosen up your grip and I bet you'll get less blisters (use your knees to grip the bike more, think of it as your hands aren't to hold on, they're just for steering and controls)...I don't think that grips come in different "widths" really, but some are more "plush" giving it a slightly larger diameter than others. Maybe give the ProTaper pillow tops a try?
  11. Wow! Gotta admit it's hard getting to sleep knowing that if the contest had ended when it was originally scheduled to I would have won by a couple of votes (pending all of the votes being verified of course). But, the contest has been extended through 3/21. It's been extended for the round 12 winner that wanted to be able to post of a picture of his installed graphics. He has 9 votes, but it's been a vote for vote battle between my Yamaha vs. the pink & orange KTM the whole time. Don't know how he's going to catch up, being more than 40 votes down (which took the rest of us all week to gain) but I understand that he should be able to have a similar photo posted up as the rest of us. I just hope that all of you who bleed blue will help settle my nerves a bit and put a little distance between the two leaders. THANKS! http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1175957-help-us-pick-who-is-going-to-win-graphics-for-life/?p=12968871 However it turns out, I do appreciate the opportunity to participate, and I thank you guys for your support. I don't remember having this much adrenaline off of a bike! Cheers from Goose, Luna, and Tig!
  12. Aka.Goose

    Your most important tool

    Haha. That reminds me, the inner tube stem puller!
  13. Well, definitely not trying to do any "cajoling" or "bribing", lol, does it really come across that way? I thought it was already well known you were a Yamaha guy. I think Monk's bike looks the best, but he's not in the contest, and I do honestly think mine looks best out of the others presented. Was just hoping you might think the same. But, I understand you are a part of the site so don't want to place a vote, but which bike do you think actually looks best?
  14. Thanks Bryan, I appreciate the clarification...I was trying to think of a way to keep "aunties, cousins, and coworkers" from being able to sign up and vote. Only thing I can think of is to build a large list of questions and answers that only real riders (even noobs) would know and when either voting or when creating an account you have to answer three random questions (from the large list, preventing people simply giving away the answers). You know? Maybe just pictures of parts asking what it is? (ex show a picture of a swing arm and ask what it's called)...Or ask questions like what side the shift lever is on, etc. Maybe multiple choice? If your programmer can make the answers change letter (the correct answer not always being the same letter) it'd be really hard to provide someone else with the answers. Then you'd at least know the new members brought in have at least some moto knowledge/interest? Just a thought...
  15. Seriously? Damn GR, I thought asking you and fellow Yamaha loving, long time TTers to vote for the only 450 in the contest would've gone better than a warning. I have been a little outspoken because it's frustrating knowing that the rest of us are being tag teamed by the husband and wife team (round 1 and round 2 winners) that are both using social media networking sites to garner votes. But this one post has been my only request for votes on TT. I've had two Facebook posts about it and have made numerous phone calls, texts (but only to people who I feel would enjoy and keep using the site). Everyone seems to be complaining about people bringing in new members, but I don't get it, isn't that part of what these contests are for?