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  1. TipsyMcStagger

    500 EXC TAT Build

    BUMP How'd the TAT ride go?
  2. TipsyMcStagger

    Front Brake Micro-Switch Lever Engagement

    That's what I was getting ready to do, but it seems to be working fine without the spring. The rubber dust boot keeps the untentioned lever from flopping around.
  3. TipsyMcStagger

    Front Brake Micro-Switch Lever Engagement

    I was looking more closely at the fiche and I just noticed the note "without spring" on the EXC. I also just noticed you edited your post to reflect the same info.
  4. TipsyMcStagger

    Front Brake Micro-Switch Lever Engagement

    I've installed OE EXC lighting and flasher harnesses.
  5. TipsyMcStagger

    Front Brake Micro-Switch Lever Engagement

    The spring is OE. It's the same spring that's on the EXC which has this same micro switch. That's the second time I've read about modding the lever. I'm not opposed to doing so but it's odd that this setup seemingly works on the factory EXC but presents an issue on the XCW, when all of the part numbers are exactly the same.
  6. I have a 2014 450 XC-W. I'm adding high/low beam, signals, horn, etc. I'm aware of the Sicass kit options but I chose to order OE KTM EXC harness components. I ordered the lighting and turn signal harness for a 2014 EXC (77711079000 and 77711081000) and decided for the time being not to install a keyed ignition switch. Instead, I ordered the key switch eliminator jumper (781119990000). I also got the Euro headlight and flasher switch (78111070000 & 78111029000). In looking at the parts breakdown, the XC-W and the EXC have the same "main" harness (7811075133). I'm in the process of installing the EXC harnesses and most of it is falling into place. Except for one thing; on the EXC, the key switch eliminator jumper simply replaces a jumper that's already in the harness. You simply unplug the ignition switch, install the key switch eliminator jumper in place of the stock jumper and you're good to go. Here's the thing; I don't have the "stock" jumper anywhere in my harness nor do I see the four pin connector where the EXC keyed ignition switch would plug into. Again, I realize my bike is an XC-W and the ignition switch wiring was not stock on this bike, but I have installed the lighting and flasher harness for the EXC. All other harness part numbers I can find are common between the XC-W and the EXC. I can't find a single harness part number that differs between the EXC and my XC-W (now that I've installed the two EXC harnesses). I can only assume the stock jumper and the four-pin ignition switch connector are part of an EXC specific harness, but I'm stumped as to which harness that could be. Again, I don't see any harness part number variation between the XC-W and EXC models. Thoughts?
  7. I just installed the OE front brake micro-switch on my 2014 XC-W. It's stock switch on the EXC and all of the front brake perch part numbers are common between the XC-W and EXC. As you can see in the picture, the brake lever comes nowhere near engaging the switch. Even with the lever adjusted fully away from the bar (which would be too far for me to reach comfortably), there is still air between the lever and the switch. Obviously, applying the front brake pulls the lever further from the switch. I know I can use a hydraulic banjo switch but I already bought this OE switch and I wonder if there's an adjustment I'm over looking? The picture below is the brake lever at rest. TIA.
  8. TipsyMcStagger

    LED Handguard Signals on the Cheap!

    Bumping an old thread; I know there are plenty of LED options these days but curious how these Alpena LED's have held up for those who have used them?
  9. TipsyMcStagger

    Light Switch

    Thanks very much.
  10. TipsyMcStagger

    Light Switch

    Bumping an old post: Does the kill switch button on the Euro style swtichgear pictured above lock-in, preventing the start button from activating while depressed? Or is it just a momentary switch (press and release)? Tipsy
  11. TipsyMcStagger

    Engine Swap or Part-Out?

    The first paragraph of the first post of this thread. Tipsy
  12. TipsyMcStagger

    Engine Swap or Part-Out?

    I'll keep that in mind for the future but I've decided to move on from this bike. The curiosity was killing me so... The head actually looks okay: Hey look! A piston! I'm going to try some Seafoam:
  13. TipsyMcStagger

    Engine Swap or Part-Out?

    Diverdown, thanks for removing any ambiguity. The two long bolts were in the correct location when I removed them and I reinstalled them into the correct location. Tipsy
  14. TipsyMcStagger

    Engine Swap or Part-Out?

    Okay, then they were in the wrong position on the engine when I removed them. It's shame the FAQ threads are locked because it should be pointed out that the image is in error. It wouldn't have mattered in this case, though. I'm certain I reinstalled the bolts in the same location from which they were removed, regardless of the image. Tipsy
  15. TipsyMcStagger

    Engine Swap or Part-Out?

    The above image is not my engine I reposted it from the FAQ on this site. I was aware there were two bolts that are longer than the others, so I took great care to keep them properly ordered. I reinstalled them as I removed them. I didn't even reference the image until after it stripped. In fact, I never even removed the two bolts from the guide. I simply lifted it off the engine and placed it down on a paper towel, with the bolts still inserted through the guide. In checking after it stripped, the position of the two long bolts matched the above image. Tipsy