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  1. valvesrule

    5.10 vs 4.60 tire, what do you run?

    140 with no problems.
  2. valvesrule

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    Been some time. Anyone else tried the 600 trigger in an L? Mine definitely starts easier, even with a crap starter and/or low battery.
  3. valvesrule

    Xl600R/XR650L Hybrid

    I get ya. Moved off grid last May. Just getting to where I can restart on multiple XR projects. Up side... I can open my front door and go riding any time of day.
  4. valvesrule

    1985 XL600R With Hot Cam

    It's not the cam. It's much more likely the carb, ignition or possibly the wrong rockers on the definite HotCam.
  5. Not exactly. I would do the entire rocker box as early rockers are lighter construction with smaller tappet adjuster screws. So you have to change all 4 rockers or you will have large screws on the camchain side and small screws on the free end IIRC. By the time you machine the early box out to fit late rockers you likely have the same cost and complexity as just getting a late box.
  6. My 2 cents...late 600R or 650L cam, bearings, rockers, rocker box work fine. I've built an early head/late cam 641cc just recently. You can use early or late camchain and sprockets as long as you use the matched set. I didn't have to worry about the decomp pin in the head as it was a WebCam with decomp removed. Same if you use a HotCam.
  7. valvesrule

    83 xl600 cam issue.

    I always toss the reed, support and bolt. There not in any other RFVC in the first place. There only as necessary as your appendix.
  8. valvesrule

    86' xl pulse generator search

    Thanx for the correction/clarification. It hasn't been a priority for me to study the differences between the L electricals versus all others. If it works don't fix it.
  9. valvesrule

    86' xl pulse generator search

    Admittedly a Clymer manual is shaky evidence but page 277, table 5 shows the same resistance for all pulse generators XL600 or XR600. They list a different value for 83-84 XR500 but I have swapped later models into these too with no adverse effect. These "pulse generators" effectively are nothing more than senders. They send a hall effect signal to the CDI box which does all the work of advance beyond initial timing. They are physically identical from 83-84 XR500, 83-87 XL600, 85-2000 XR600 to 2017 XR650L. While there is some dispute that the 650L has AC ignition while all others are DC the senders appear identical and I see no reason why they would function any different.
  10. valvesrule

    86' xl pulse generator search

    Honda is terrible about identifying parts as "discontinued" when they are technically "superceded". Get one for any year XR600R preferably the last year of production.
  11. valvesrule

    650l rear sprocket

    Sunstar, JT, Sprocket Specialists and most all make them in nearly any tooth count you might need. They're finished from precut blanks so you might have to wait a couple weeks while they machine one out for you.
  12. valvesrule

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    88 and later 650L and 600R oil pump drive gears are the same but the thick pulser is 88 up 600R only.
  13. valvesrule

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    Yup. Swap both the crank and pump gears. 1 more tooth on the crank, 1 less on the oil pump.
  14. valvesrule

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    Installed a thick pulser in my L. It definitely starts easier. Carb is gummed up with crap modern gas so I have to rebuild it before I draw more conclusions.
  15. valvesrule

    Oh! - Duh!

    "Rewire it" as Tim Allen used to say.