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  1. vetboys

    northern new mexico.

    I'm not anywhere near Raton, but I suggest that anyone close by, take these guys riding! Trade a good day riding for one of the best steaks in New Mexico, the Ice House is Great!
  2. vetboys

    race fuel consumption

    At sea level, the CRF should be good for 60 minutes pinned before adding fuel. For a 2 hour GP, I usually do a splash and dash at the 1 hour mark and I'm good. The XR should go for 2 hours no prob.
  3. vetboys

    fort sumner track?????

    The track is still there and can be ridden, but no racing is happening right now. Albert Sena in Fort Sumner is the last known contact for the track.
  4. vetboys

    Clovis, NM inquiry

    You will be in for a little culture shock when you get here, but High Desert Honda in Clovis will be your home away from home. We are the center for all off-road activity in this area, hands down. ATV, Moto, GP, HS, AX, sand, desert or trail, if we don't know about it, it probably isn't happening. Come by HDH as soon as you get here, you won't be disappointed. e-mail: hdhonda@3lefties.com
  5. vetboys

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Well, it is official. Cloudcroft (trails) close down tomorrow. A guide from the KTM ride said all had a good time, but even on the rock infested Cloudcroft system, dust was a real problem. Dry, dry, dry. Hope and pray for rain, and a lot of it. Will keep updating over the next few weeks, the FS usually watches the forest for a good week or 2 after some rain before they say come on down. So, it could be awhile.
  6. vetboys

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Yes, when they close down Cloudcroft, it is to any ORV, no fires, no BBQ grills, no smoking, and in extreme cases, no smoking in your vehicle. I will be talking with some folks with the KTM ride on Sunday, and will try to update. I live 200 miles north, and it has been raining here.
  7. vetboys

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Cloudcroft is amazing, over 200 miles of trail maintained by the USFS, and a lot more that we have ridden off and on for years. This weekend may be the last one for awhile to go ride. As of May 2nd, barring a miracle 2-3+ inch rain, the forest will close. There is a KTM appreciation ride this weekend, and that group barely got in under the wire. Trails on what most call the "west" side, are closed now to large groups, because of the life, luck and world economy changing spotted owl. Individuals and pairs may ride, but, how do the owl know? Can they count? I am a part of a hopefully large group that will continue the tradition of the "Mile High Enduro", on Sept. 11th. This is a TSCEC event and Mother Nature has been kind for the last few years with plenty of rain for the race. If the Forest is closed for awhile, try to make the enduro (if it rains enough, of course).
  8. vetboys

    Can you plate a "dirtbike" in New Mexico?

    We are in Clovis, 230 miles east of Rio Rancho. New Mexico (God Bless her), does not have a state inspection, and is very slow to change anything. This form is state issued and used mainly for homebuilt trailers and older cars/trucks, but has a provision for motorcycles. To date, we have not had an inspection done in conjunction with this form. The best place in Rio Rancho for info is West Honda.
  9. vetboys

    Can you plate a "dirtbike" in New Mexico?

    The short version is yes, using form 10053 "Vehicle Equipment Affirmation". Take this completed form and your OHV title to the friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful MVD staff , and for $15.00, they will convert your OHV title to street and issue a street tag. Currently in NM, required equipment is, Odo and Speedo, left rearview mirror, a working brakelight (ours are rear brake activated only), High/Low headlight, horn, lighted license plate with reflector. DOT tires are not specified but some law agencies do look for them. Until someone gets wise, this form works, and no inspection is necessary, at least in my neck of the woods.
  10. vetboys

    Crf450x Looking For Set Up Help

    These are mods we have been doing...FMF Powerpak (includes a Powernow and jet kit) or the Hindle system, some are even using a stock CRF450R system, Zip-Ty fuel screw, Honda Closed Course airbox mod, and a 1.6 radiator cap. Any of these mods work very well, personal preference being the real difference. The rest is for bulletproofing the X, like Cycra Pro-bend or Acerbis Multiplo handguards, Scott's steering damper, Scott's Sharkfin, DID X-ring chain, TM Designworks chain guide and slider, HD tubes, Devol or Works Connection skid plate, Devol Radiator guards. I know there is a lot more stuff out there, but IMO this scoot doesn't need a lot of help.
  11. vetboys

    Your opionion, shoei, arai

    I have worn each brand, alternating every once in awhile. Currently wearing a Shoei V-Moto. The newest Arai VX Pro DC and Shoei VFXR DT are exceptional lids. Cost being no object, the Arai wins most of the time in pure, decadent comfort, Shoei a very close 2nd. Both vent extremely well, with nary a helmet hair to smell after a race. The Arai's design is a little dated, but then again, the VFXR is the most copied design ever, so I guess it depends on, if you want to be different, wear the Arai. Both are very light, but not the lightest. Both have a somewhat "close to the face" chinbar, and goggles with a beak guard are a snug fit. Both have removeable liners, the Arai being easier in and out. If you ride off-road, the vents on each will get swiped off at some time, but can be replaced. Details are top notch on each, very few others, if any, can equal the quality of build on these brands. Comparing Arai and Shoei is easy, these are the best built helmets, each using hand labor, as well as very advanced construction techniques, albeit each with a proprietary method. The crush liners are bonded to the shell, i.e., no voids exist between the shell and liner. Less chance of a weird impact causing a problem, and making a much longer lasting helmet. The reasons dealers often do not often stock these fine lids is cost first of all, (a limited clientele), and the very much improved Asian helmets (the last year or so) second.
  12. I'm old, but a few have stuck in my mind. TACO mini-bike Yamaha mini-enduro Puch twin-carb 250 (actually rode one) a Rokon (don't know why) Rigid frame shorttracker Matchless single Benelli Six Suzuki RH250 titanium framed works bike
  13. vetboys

    Skid plate for 250X

    I've tried the Moose and Devol. The Moose is a good ol' shovel plate, cheap, thick and it works. The Devol is way cool, too thin, but is adequate, not enough side protection for me, as far as brake pedal and shifter go. Devol is what I'm currently using, it collects less mud. The Moose is a PIA to R&R for servicing, cleaning, etc. Devol wins hands down there.
  14. Probably not, we have done 5 (2 facing the tail), but some creative thinking might pay off. If you place 3 at the front, with the middle one back far enough to let the 2 outside bikes clear the bars, and as far to one side as possible, you may be able to overlap the other 3, as far to the other side as possible. Do you have or use wheel chocks? They help.
  15. vetboys

    Scotts Steering Damper on an '05 CRF450

    The CRF250R mount is drilled, tapped and threaded into the top of the frame, and utilizes the tank mount bolt to position the tower. The X (due to the larger fuel tank), uses a bracket under the triple clamp. I will call Scott's tomorrow and see what the progress is of an 05' 450 bracket, they should have some info by now.