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  1. Michael1

    Organic Dirtbike Film coming soon

    I don't know why people feel they need to flame people they don't agree with. It's just immature. Head Trauma brings up a valid point. I'll say this, that I cringed when I saw the rider digging a big rut in the terra firma with his back tire. There's just not need to tear up the wilderness. I think riding across it is OK, but some respect needs to be shown. Think "Tread Lightly".
  2. Michael1

    Three Easy Ways to Improve Engine Cooling

    "When the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet is reduced, the average coolant temperature is lowered. No true. The average temperature stays the same. The engine rejects the same amount of heat to the cooling system in both a low flow and high flow situations. so the average temperature has to be same, as does the average temperature delta between engine block/head and coolant. What it does do for you and keep the peak coolant temperature lower, so you don't get localized boiling. Michael
  3. Thanks. I tried them, but nothing so far. Michael
  4. This bike has been out so long, I would think Honda has fixed most failure points on the XR650L. I was just wondering what issues may still be lurking in the new models. Michael
  5. Michael1

    Any 40+ guys here?

    The good news is you'll soon be spoiled by the long travel dirt bike suspensions. Michael
  6. Michael1

    Any 40+ guys here?

    There is a guy over on advrider who said he was giving up racing at the end of the year. He's 72. Michael
  7. I can see this isn't going to be easy. Michael
  8. To be fair, the comments were about the 525 EXC's. I'm amazed. Other than the KTM's, these bikes, even with smaller engines are no lighter than my ancient XL500. The Yamaha WR250R with half the engine size is only 18 pounds lighter. Michael
  9. What about what I am reading about the KTMs needing engine rebuilds far more often than the XR650L's? I haven't had to do a thing to my old XL. It just keeps chugging along. I'm definitely looking for low maintenance. My work barely leaves me time to ride, let alone tinkering. Michael
  10. The maintenance is one thing. The accident damage is another. I know this is probably hard to believe, but I have only dumped my XL once in 28,000 miles. I was going through a tall grass field, and hit some 4x4 ruts I couldn't see that abruptly turned the front wheel. I try to ride within my skill level, and the bike's capabilities. Most people's bikes that I've seen look like they have gone off a cliff. Michael
  11. I appreciate the ideas. I don't know if I could "used", though. I take care of my equipment much better than the average person. Michael
  12. I have a 1981 XL500S, which has been a great bike, but it is getting hard to get parts for it now. It's probably time to semi-retire it (just do some local rides), while the bike is still in nice shape. I was looking at the new XR650L, and am surprised how little it has changed over 33 years. It's still air cooled, and still has a carb! They still make those? Also it's gained 30 pounds with age, and I thought mine was heavy. I like what I have seen with the KTM 500 EXC, being lightweight and thoroughly modern, but I don't think I can do $10K right now. My riding has shifted over the years from mostly dirt to mostly street back to mostly dirt. I'll be doing forest, desert, fire roads, jeep trails, single track, but definitely want street legal for getting around.. Does the XR650L still make sense? Michael
  13. Michael1

    Electric Motorcycles in California

    That seems clear to me. Whether every ranger will enforce this on a small electric vehicle is the only thing unclear. Personally, why chance going all the way out there only to have the misfortune of running into a ranger who says it needs a sticker? It's a hassle the first time around, but after that, it's just a renewal. Just my $.02.
  14. Michael1

    Barbara Boxer going to Retire

    Your a lot more screwed with one than the other.