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  1. HollywoodMX

    Headlight Help for YZ with Hodgkins stator

    Thanks Dan. Monk obviously doesn't know who I am. It's has been a while since I have been on the forums. Roland still around? 500!! Ya I'll keep running battery based led's for 60 bucks.
  2. HollywoodMX

    Headlight Help for YZ with Hodgkins stator

    I guess I know who the trolls are.
  3. HollywoodMX

    Headlight Help for YZ with Hodgkins stator

    Excuse my ignorance as I am out of touch. I googled hodgkins stator and got nothing.
  4. HollywoodMX

    Boyesen rad valve

    I wonder if it as some sort of oil or gas reaction. Mine needed replacing after 3 years due to mild wear.
  5. HollywoodMX

    Ktm guy looking at the 250x

    YES! Its the dealer parts which are pricey and if your not in the USA where there is more dealer competition its even worse! My buddy buys fixes and sells KTM's. He complains to me all the time about the oem parts costs. I have had my 06 YZ for more years than I can remember. It's only needed top ends and various bearings, likely because of my pressure washing habits. Ride on, ride happy, ride cheap!
  6. HollywoodMX

    Ktm guy looking at the 250x

    Agreed. And it isn't love an hate orange and blue thing either. I don't need estart, cause my bike starts effortlessly with one kick. I don't care about the MX suspension cause mine is reworked for woods. I have an emergency battery powered Led head light, don't need a traditional one. I'll tell you what I do care about, thats weight; steel frames are from the 80's, aluminum is superior. I don't want a battery. I do like cheap parts that are available in a million different vendors/dealers. I do like how long this bike has been around for a long time and has a following. I do like how the bike hasn't changed much so lots of part interchangeability. I do like the value for the money, the orange bikes are pricey! I do like the jap ergonomics vs euro. I do like that the bike is fast as F***! KTM also has more problems on inheriting someones lack of maintenance because the parts are more expensive. (This is a huge issue with with buying any KTM used, basically they buy it new ride it for a few years then sell it before having to do any real maintenance knowing its cheaper to sell it with a mild hit and buy a new bike that doesn't need the maintenance. You buy it thinking its a deal over new then realizing you need over 800 bucks to true it up.) I ride with all kinds of people and different bikes. I have zero issues with keeping up or leading the pack. If anything, my bike is too fast at times. The only thing that sparks my curiosity in KTM's is the FI 2t. But hell would freeze over before I spend double the cost of my yz to get one.
  7. HollywoodMX

    Boyesen rad valve

    My bike is highly modified so I can speak for everyones setups. I have the mid to top power reeds as well (Pro IIRC). I had to change all the jets including my previously leaner slide (#6) and the richer needle (stock needle) from the leaner (CJ) needle.
  8. Do you want to ride faster or slower. If faster used yz250 if slower 250x.
  9. HollywoodMX

    Boyesen rad valve

    I have the boysen it will make more power than stock. My bike is too fast. The boysen requires a lot of jetting changes. You can use extra gaskets to make additions for spacing but the normal setup was best.
  10. HollywoodMX

    20 ways to make your yz250 better. MXA mag Sept.

    I will save you all the 6 bucks and your bike will destroy pretty much any other 250cc (no big bores).. (offroad "arm ripper" not track) 1. Get your suspension redone to your weight and riding. 2. wider foot pegs. 3. Learn how to adjust your jetting. Make sure your carb is spick and span clean. 4. Learn more about how to adjust your jetting. 5. RB head. 6. RB full carb tune. 7. PC Pipe 8. Buy the obscure yamaha needles that didn't come with your bike to optimize further, smaller slide depending on your altitude. 9. Understand the effects of changing your oil/gas ratio's. (use quality oil). I have tried from 80:1 to 24:1. Landed 30-32:1. 9. Rekluse exp. 10. Drop the rear sprocket a couple teeth. 11. Be relentless with your jetting. 12. clark tank, holds the fuel lower than stock, no one says you need to fill it.. 13. Tubliss tubes. 14. 19" trails tire rear. 15. CRF 450 master cylinder and front caliper. Stock doesn't cut it. 16. Boysen rad valve & top end carbon reeds. 17. New plug. 18. Quality air filter (clean too). 19. Non shorty silencer with spark arrestor removed. 20. Be even more relentless with your jetting. The stock carb with RBs mods and the right jetting makes awesome power. While these dial-able carbs are the new thing. I think most dont know really how to jet to the next level on their bikes. It requires a significant amount of patience and visits to the shop to buy the jets. It's taken me years to get it right, even when I thought I had it right before until a couple weekends ago. I had the boysen rad valve installed last year and found it was faster but it had a bit of dip in 1/3 throttle, I did mess with it but still not right then the season ended. This year I changed the 6 slide to the 7 and leaned the needle one clip. WOW. The 6 slide did make more power before the rad valve but not after. My bike takes kx 500 no problem, only catches me in the later speeds. But this isnt for everyone, some might think its too fast or too twitchy just know its a guaranteed arm ripper that pulls ridiculously hard if you follow these steps but it took around 3 years to step through all the mods. I have probably re-jetted well over 100 times messing around with things. I actually wore out most of the carb screws and intake clamp screws. While the bolt on power mods have obviously made more power, I can promise meticulous jetting has made more of a power difference than the mods themselves.
  11. There are different kinds of plastics out there. It's the plastic type not the color that resists. I haven't been around for a while as I have been focusing on building cutom street bikes but it's nice to see this thread has almost hit 100k views.
  12. HollywoodMX

    Anyone ordered/gonna order a SmartCarb?

    I have 3 thunder jets on my drag carb on a kz1000 supercharged.
  13. HollywoodMX

    Wiseco Pistons Vs. Oem

    That sucks.. Was that a D cylinder too?
  14. HollywoodMX

    Eric Gorr

    While I understand your frustration I'm confused while you sent him anything if you are hating on him here. If you didnt like his service then why use him and bash him at the same time... For me if I know he's hard to get a hold of and slow at replying to email but I wanted the work I would accept the limitations and not complain about it after accepting them. Your parts will be fine assembled or dissasembled. Eric has proven to be extremely flexible in the countless posts about him.
  15. HollywoodMX

    eric gorr using new head gaskets for 295?

    The thicker gasket probably helps with the porting as it would leave more room between the pistons' TDC and the bottom of the modded port.