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  1. corndog

    Rocky Mountain - NOPE!

    I'm jealous of you guys that don't need Rocky Mountain to use a delivery service other than the one they choose, because it's too complex for them.
  2. CRF150F, TTR125 or TTR125L, KLX140 or KLX140L. All good bikes, so I'd go with whatever looks to be well cared for and is within budget. I have a TTR125 and it's a great bike, but if If I had my pick, it'd be the Honda for the seat height and fuel capacity.
  3. You should expand on "midsize and mod-able", but without knowing more I'd recommend a steel frame YZ250F. You can get them cheap, though it's getting harder to find ones that aren't beaters.
  4. corndog

    Rocky Mountain - NOPE!

    Small update. I sent Ray Butts a message, no response, but that's ok. The funny part is that the package is still sitting at OnTrac even though Rocky Mountain requested the return from them on Thursday, so it's as if they get to experience the joys of OnTrac. The less funny part is that Rocky Mountain won't refund me until OnTrac sends the package back, which is kind of bogus because the parts never made it to me, so there was nothing for me to mess with. I'd happily sacrifice the $340 or whatever it was to somehow erase OnTrac from my life.
  5. Biggest for me is relating to strength/energy. I won't try anything new unless I'm feeling fresh. The problems I've had were when I jumped something and didn't have the strength to deal something imperfect happening.
  6. corndog

    Bike Weight Overrated?

    The amount that it matters is relative to the individual, just like with bicycles, but there's no question that it's more dangerous to dab a leg with an XR600 than a YZ125. However, I do think that with the bulk of riders out there, the twenty pound gap between the lightest and heaviest bike in any given class doesn't really matter.
  7. corndog

    Rocky Mountain - NOPE!

    It's tough because I loved RM, but they literally cannot stop sending parts via OnTrac. They say they keep adding a note to my account, which is funny because there must be a hundred notes in there by now, but nobody in shipping looks at it. Seems like such a silly problem and easy to correct, but they just can't do it. Had the same problem with Amazon years ago, but their note sticks. Ordering from them has been frustrating at least half the time for *years*. Literally...years. I've only stuck with them for this long because of how awesome they were before they started using OnTrac. Definitely sounds like a regional issue and I'll check out Motorcycle superstore. What's OnTrac like in your guys' area? Is it a service like UPS/FedEx? It's not like that around here. The drivers aren't OnTrac employees, per se. They're random people that use their own vehicle and get paid like four bucks per delivery, so you get the problems that you'd expect.
  8. I've been buying from RMATVMC for years and loved their selection and service. Then about seven years ago they started using OnTrac shipping service in my area. I could ramble about OnTrac for an hour, but the short version is that they suck. Literally half the time the package sits in their local warehouse and they don't deliver until you start calling to complain why your package never showed up. After dealing with this for a while, I started talking to RMATVMC about it and every time they tell me they've added a note to my account to only use UPS/USPS/FedEx, but every time I place an order they send it via OnTrac anyway. Over the years, they've sent a dozen duplicate orders overnight because OnTrac won't deliver half the time. So here we are, two orders in a week and both sent via OnTrac and here we are again with a package that was due today that's just sitting in a warehouse and won't be here. I contacted RMATV for the hundredth time, blah blah blah, same old story. I've banged my head against the wall long enough and really, shame on me for allowing it to drag on for muuuuuuuuuch longer than it should have. I used to really like RMATVMC and would refer any new rider to them, but kinda hate them now and will be doing to opposite. So that's it, no more Rocky Mountain for me.
  9. corndog

    95 cr250 in a box; what to do

    Wow, that 480 is fantastic, well done!!
  10. corndog

    Post pics of your CR's

    Dang, that is a nice looking 125. Nice job saving it.
  11. corndog

    What cr250? Need help

    Looks kinda weird, like the motor's tilted back and the lower cradle wasn't tucked in nice and tight. Did a shop do the work, or an individual?
  12. corndog

    95 cr250 in a box; what to do

    Agree with the above guys, but I'll add that if it's an era that you're looking to own and if finances allow, it would also be cool to buy something else and keep the basket case for spares.
  13. corndog

    Cr125? Weird things weird things

    Oh, ummmm.....sorry?
  14. corndog

    Cr125? Weird things weird things

    Who knows what weirdos with bikes that look like that do, but if I were to do something like that, the reason would be because I had a '98 with no title and an '87 with title and I either wanted to sell the '98, or get a sticker for it.
  15. corndog

    Cr125? Weird things weird things

    I don't understand how you guys would not think it's been restamped...? If you don't have this period cr125/250, just head to eBay and look at pics of frames for sale. It's clearly been restamped.