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    A little hunting, a little fishing and LOTS of dirt biking.
  1. jim-in-so-ore

    Best place to live for a young dude who wants to TWIST IT!

    Move to So. Oregon. We have great single track and all around good riding spring, fall, and winter in the Timber Mountain-Johns Peaks OHV area west of Medford and in the summer when the lower elevations get closed due to high fire danger we go up to the Prospect OHV system up near Crater Lake. We have 4 distinct seasons down here and none of them are extreme. Rarely do the temps get lower than 20 in the winter or many days over 105 in the summer. The best part is that The Motorcycle Riders Association owns about 700 acres and are trying to purchase or get easements on more ground. We would love to see more dirt bikers move to our area! Jim
  2. jim-in-so-ore

    Southern Oregon trip May 3-8

    Sorry Guys, I didn't do the link properly. It should read, www.motorcycleridersassociation.org Jim
  3. jim-in-so-ore

    Southern Oregon trip May 3-8

    Prospect is a great place to ride but the problem is the system doesn't open till June 15th, right now there is probably 2 feet of snow on a lot of it. The rest of the year it's Timber Mountain OHV. The Motorcycle Riders Association own about 900 acres of open to the public riding ground. We are in the process of purchasing 400 more. Check out The motorcycleridersassociation.org website for more info.
  4. jim-in-so-ore

    What is you favorite dual sport kit for WR450, and why?

    I can't believe that no one recommended the Trick Dualsport kit. I have had mine since my 2003 WR 450 was new and have never had a moments trouble with it. It is small, easy to install, does NOT need the stator altered and will last and last. It can be done with the factory lights or with aftermarket. The best part is Dale can and will help with any questions which might arise. Check it out at www.trickdualsport.com. You will be glad that you did. Jim
  5. Years ago I had a wr 400 that I put a Steahly flywheel weight on. It had the spacer like you discribe, it was needed because the flywheel weight made the flywheel wider (and heavier)
  6. jim-in-so-ore

    headlight bulb switch H6M to H4

    A few years back I contacted Dale @ www.trickdualsport.com with the question, " How can I get more light from my dualsport kit. He told me to get bulb # 6062 which is a 12 volt 60/60watt bulb. Works great. Of course, with the trickdualsport kit you don't have to float the ground or any of that monkey motion. Then again my bike is a 2003 wr 450 and the headlight bulb may be totally differant on the newer models. I just checked the fit on my stock headlight vs the one in the trick kit, differant bulb. Looks like your bulb modification would need to be done to use the 60/60 watt bulb.
  7. jim-in-so-ore

    2002 YAMAHA WR250f conversion kits?

    I went with www.trickdualsport.com It has been on my bike since 2003 when the bike was new.I have over 10,000 miles and never had a problem and it is soooo simple to install. None of the monkey motion of floating the ground or any of that extra work and expense. Check them out. Jim
  8. jim-in-so-ore

    Ashland OR trails?

    The long and short of it is::::::::::::: No trails that I know of in the Ashland area. Ashland is a mini california, lots of fruits & nuts. He can drive 18 or so miles to Jacksonville and go to the Timber Mountain OHV area. In the middle of that riding area is about 600 acres of land owned by the Motorcycle Riders Association which is open to any and all who want to ride, bikes, quads. Side by sides, bicycles and hikers. Our club welcomes them all. No charge! Of course they are free to join the club, $25.00 a year or $40.00 family. He won't find it on forest service maps because we are surrounded by BLM and private ground. Go to www.motorcycleridersassociation.org and check us out. Right now with the forest fire danger in the extreme catagory, riding is discouraged, but wait till it rains and then you have to bring your own parking spot. Jim
  9. jim-in-so-ore

    Which Dual Sport Kit?

    If it was me I wouldn't waste my money on inferior products like those mentioned above. I would contact www.trickdualsport.com and get Dale's kit. I 've had mine since 2003 on my WR 450 and have never had a hiccup. I have almost 11,000 miles on my bike, both dirt and pavement and had no problems, plus you just purchase the kit and install it, no monkey motion floating the ground. Just install it and go ride. The price is inline with Baja Design, but a more forgiving unit. Just my 2 cents worth. Jim
  10. jim-in-so-ore

    2004 to 2005 exhaust

    I put a stock 05 wr 450 muffler on my 03 wr 450 so I would guess that an aftermarket unit should fit too.
  11. jim-in-so-ore

    Gel seats

    A while back (maybe a year) there was an ad on the face page(?) of the Yamaha forum for WRs. It was for a business that was making gel seats for Yamahas. I called and was told that they didn't make them for the older models (03) but if there was enough interest they would. I don't remember the company name but I think it was WRP. Are they still around or not. At 66 my butt gets tired and I could use some relief. Tanx. Jim
  12. jim-in-so-ore

    WRP Gel Seats

    What happened to Marc and his WRP Gel Seats? Are they still around? Are they doing anything for us guys riding "older models"? The last time I checked they weren't making a seat for the older (03) WR 450 Yamaha. I still want one. Jim
  13. jim-in-so-ore

    Baha dsn. blinker lights

    I have had the Baja Designs type of rear signals on my 03 Wr450 since 03 (almost 10,000 miles) and the only time that I have had a breakedge was when I did a soil sample(crashed). Yours, as previously stated were probably mounted too far back. I have never shook one off. Jim
  14. jim-in-so-ore

    Bend, Oregon area

    pigriderj, I am a mental midget when it comes to computers. I have no idea how to cut and paste as it says I have to do that in order to contact the bend dualsport people and to just ask a question Outlook Express doesn't recognize my hotmail address. So what I am getting at is if you know any of these guys have them send me a private message. I think the adventure ride promoter was from Post, Oregon. Jim
  15. jim-in-so-ore

    Bend, Oregon area

    I messed up, that was hiway 395 not 195. jeez I was only 200 off!!!!!!!!!! Jim