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  1. JMoto84

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Blackfoot Yamaha really needs to get their shit together for this years MXDN, for Team Canada's sake! If we had that whole team, Facciotti (MX1), Klatt (MX3) and Medaglia (MX2), we would have a really solid team. Fingers crossed. If Blackfoot decides not to send their riders again, I would say send the KTM trio of Kyle Keast (MX1 or MX3), Jeremy Medaglia (MX1 or MX3) and put Kaven Benoit on the MX2 bike again. In fact, the KTM boys would be just about as solid as Blackfoot, as all three of those boys are amazing sand riders.
  2. JMoto84

    any chance of 2 stroke return?

    There were two 250 2-strokes in the MX1 class this weekend at the CMRC Pro National at Gopher Dunes. They sounded sooo nice!!
  3. JMoto84


    Sweet picture!
  4. JMoto84

    How many hours for a Birthday 09 CRF450r?

    I replaced rings at 50hrs and everything was mint inside no signs of wear. Now I'm at 110hrs and it's ready for new piston, rings and intake valves.
  5. JMoto84

    Did I make a huge mistake with a 450???

    I think you would be better suited to a 450f then a 250 2-stroke. I used to have an RM250 that was all done up and it was way harder to hang onto with it's abrupt power then my 450 is. 450 motocross bikes have a lot of power no doubt and can be a hand full for sure but like stated earlier you will get used to it with seat time and practice and eventually you'll love all the power. When I sold my 250 and got my 450 I was honestly regretting my purchase for the first month or so. The 450 seemed like WAY more bike then I would ever need and I questioned my decision of buying such a beast. I'm telling you though you just have to put some time in on the bike and you will fall in love with nearly everything about it (the forks being the one thing you won't love). IMO you should just ride it for a little bit and see how comfortable you get after a while. If you still think its too much bike and you would prefer less power then see what you can get for a trade on a 250f because if the smooth 450 power is too much you're likely gonna have the same issue with the snappy power of a 250 2-stroke. Good luck man and have fun with that new 450!
  6. JMoto84

    Dean Wilson stuck at the border

    Man what a bummer was 3rd in points after this weekend will likely be well outside top 10.. Damn customs..
  7. JMoto84

    Dean Wilson stuck at the border

    Easy there oldtimer. Hard working Canadians aren't the ones you gotta worry about getting into the US.
  8. JMoto84

    Dean Wilson stuck at the border

    Man that sucks to hear what a bummer. All you gotta do is drive to the border and tell the border guards your going to Honeys for some wings and beers and your coming back in a couple hours, works everytime. In my experience the US guards can be really big DB's to Canadians trying to get across. Coming back to Canada is easy as pie. I've never been questioned beyond citiznship, reason and duration of visit when coming home. It might be the opposite for Americans coming into Canada but the US border guards are super uptight from this side! It's funny you can actually tell the Canadians when your coming back across that you were there working and they don't ask for papers or anything.
  9. JMoto84

    Toronto SX, What A Joke

    Screw all of you that say dump the Toronto round! I've been to the event every year but last since it's been here and it gets bigger every year. This year the 450 main wasn't too exciting but we have had some amazing races here in the past. The track this year looked crazy technical! The second rythem section where the top 450 guys were going double then triple onto the table was insane! That line was nutty and the tv coverage didn't do it justice. All you guys within a few hours of T.O. Should just come out next year and enjoy the show instead of dishing out the old "Canada sucks, drop the round" line. Don't be jealous or hold a grudge against us and come visit our kick ass country!
  10. JMoto84

    Harley Jump Record

    Ouch that second one was nasty. Which one was first? Hopefully the second one cause that crash looked pretty bad.
  11. If you plan to race Gopher Dunes which I assume you would since it's closest to you, you will likely have a real tough time on a 2-stroke. That track is bottomless sand and gets brutally rough. Also Sand Del Lee is sandy but has a harder base. Walton is hard pack and loam with some really fast straights. As much as I would love to see a 2-stoke out there with the big boys I think you would regret not riding a 250f up here especially at Gopher Dunes. Heres a few videos of the national at the Dunes just to give you an idea of how insane it is. They changed a few things this past year that made the track a little slower and a little less flow so again the 2-stoke would make for a really long day. Wish you all the luck and I'll see you at GD and Walton if you make it up here. http://vimeo.com/5699189 The finish line jump at Gopher might be an issue on a 144 aswell, just something to consider... Also these are both the first lap of 35 min moto with a perfectly groomed takeoff (pretty much the only part of the track that gets touched up throughout the 4 Pro motos).. MX2- MX1- You can also check out videos of all the CMRC Pro National rounds to get a better idea of all the venues here: http://www.racerxcanada.com/motoshow08/Moto_Show_Gopher_Dunes
  12. JMoto84

    I can't stand Pourcel

    What I want to know is what is it about CP that so many of you are hating on him for? I think the guy has a great personality he's honest and doesn't sugar coat things. He's NEVER been known as a dirty rider and now that he raced Barcia hard one time (only in response to Barcia's aggressive riding) all of the sudden he's a dirty "frenchy". You guys rip on him because you can't understand his podium interviews I think he has done really well at picking up on the English language (not that he is required to master it). Is it that you can't understand anyone outside of North America with any sort of European accent? Is it because he can race a main event or outdoor moto without trying or breaking a sweat and still smoke everyone? Personally I think it may be because he's been pounding the hell out of your American boys for the last couple years. Maybe you guys could enlighten me as to why all the hatred. Seems pretty silly to me and makes all you haters look like the ignorant/arrogant ones.
  13. JMoto84

    Best Bottom end

    I used a hotrod crank/connecting rod in my old RM250 when the bottom end went and I had no problems with durability or knocking. I'm not sure where it was made or if they are produced somewhere else now but it seemed like pretty solid craftsmanship to me. Other then that I've never had to replace a crank so I have no insight into other companies bottom end parts. If I were to replace the crank in my current bike I would go with OEM parts unless aftermarket parts were significantly cheaper.
  14. JMoto84

    transmission drain plug stuck??????

    Yup I would say it's the crush washer aswell. I've run into the same situation and it was just that washer that was jamming things up. Pry the washer off and get a couple new ones (might aswell put a new one on the engine oil drain bolt while your at it). I've found that those aluminum washers get squished out of shape after 2 or 3 oil changes and just become a pain in the ass. Replace them once in a while and you won't have the problems anymore.