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    Michigan Riders

    Carl, the trail near Cabarfae is part of the Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail (MCCCT). This is the continuous statewide trail created by the Cycle Conservation Club. Join the CCC for $25 and they will give you a detailed trail map book. I've seen the maps on the internet as well. The MCCCT trail can be ridden by ORVs in most places, and much of the trail near Cabarfae can be, but some connectors will require a Secretary of State license, and will be marked as such.
  2. Tony_Miller

    Michigan Riders

    Cjohnson, sorry to hear about your scoot. What happened to her? Nothing serious I hope. Unfortunately guys, next weekend will probably be too hot for my taste!! Yzman400, that's exactly what we were planning on riding, but from the Lincoln bridge up to Boon Road and back. We rode there over Memorial Day in a terrential downpour, and thought we'd like to do it again in better weather! Oh, and have fun in the U.P. What area are you headed, or I should say, did you go, by the time you read this? I've ridden Missaukee Junction and Long Lake. Those are both fun too. Don't know if I'll be riding much more until August or later because of the heat. Plus I'm thinking of sending my suspension to Pro Action. [ June 16, 2002: Message edited by: Tony Miller ]
  3. Tony_Miller

    time to retire big red

    Yeh, I hear ya. Haven't been to Silver Lake in a long time, and then it wasn't so much to ride as to check out what was on the beach (My eighth wedding anniversary is two days away)!
  4. Tony_Miller

    Getting the dirt off of the plastic tank sides

    A little mineral spirits on a rag does wonders as well.
  5. Tony_Miller

    Michigan Riders

    Hello, anyone out there?
  6. Tony_Miller

    time to retire big red

    Ahh, but there's almost a desert. Silver Lake! [ June 15, 2002: Message edited by: Tony Miller ]
  7. Tony_Miller

    Michigan Riders

    Anyone interested in doing some riding in the Cadillac area tomorrow (6-16)? A friend of mine and I are planning on taking advantage of the cooler weather, and it would be great to meet some new people to ride with. We will be heading up 131 from the Grand Rapids area. We like to ride mostly single track and at a faster than average pace.
  8. Tony_Miller

    Hmm? why no weight on 03 WR?

    I think Yamaha could have great success with a third model. The YZ timming, YZ exhaust w/spark arresstor (maybe a little quieter, but no stock WR), WR flywheel and lighting coil, WR seat/tank, WR tranny, kickstand, 18" wheel, no e-start, could go either way on lights. Why not? It would attract an audience I'm sure, and there's no new parts, just put the puzzle together a little differently.
  9. Tony_Miller

    Coolant or Not??

    You probably have two intersecting curves. The rate at which the coolant temp goes up with added coolant, and the rate at which the boiling point goes up with added coolant. Go up or down from the intersection point, and you will have a little less effective cooling, or a bike more likely to boil over. Don't really know what that ideal point is, but in Southern Michigan we don't dare run less than 70/30 water/antifreeze, unless you want to drain your bike all the time. Personally, I use Engine Ice, and have no problems. I believe Water Wetter doesn't protect against freezing. If I had a bike that was boiling over with straight water, I'd maybe add a little coolant, and see if the problem goes away or gets worse. It's just always been drilled in my head that coolant is as important for boil over protection as freeze prevention. http://www.peakantifreeze.com/tech/tech_c.html [ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: Tony Miller ]
  10. Tony_Miller

    Hmm? why no weight on 03 WR?

    I love my '98 WR400, but if I could get one free wish, I'd get rid of weight. Everything else can be made awesome. I bet the new WR with e-start is heavier than the old, that's why Yamaha isn't claiming anything yet. They don't want to scare anyone away. They really should make that e-start an option, or maybe the components can be removed to get the dry weight down in the 230's. I really don't have any issue starting my bike, and what little improvment the auto decompression would make would make me happy. Hate to have to by a YZ and add the lighting coil and WR tranny. Give me the weight savings, not a battery!
  11. Tony_Miller

    Coolant or Not??

    Coolant not only lowers the freezing point, but it also raises the boiling point. I would not use water only if your bike is boiling over.
  12. Tony_Miller

    does anyone keep track of there offroad mileage?

    I have never zeroed the trip meter on my '98 400. It's been rolled 3 times, and is approaching its fourth. That's 80% on Michigan single track.
  13. Tony_Miller

    Fork oil weight

    I'm pretty sure the lower the number the lower the viscosity (thinner). I believe the weight of the oil is a measurment of viscosity.
  14. Tony_Miller

    Require QUIET exhaust system for CA, Please assist.

    I seriously question 98 dB with the stock corked exhaust. That should be in the upper 80's, maybe with your mods (airbox lid, yz timming), barely into the 90's. I highly suspect the accuracy of the testing.
  15. I have one of the very first '98 WR400's, and it has been stone reliable in almost 4000 hard trail miles, with the exception of one thing, My big end rod bearing went at 2500 miles. I have not even had to adjust my valves yet! I think I have heard a few others mention the rod bearing issue, but have no conclusions about the root cause. I've since switched to Mobil 1 from plain motor oil for a little extra protection. It's easy to check the rod bearing. Lay the bike on the right side, remove the flywheel cover, grab the flywheel and rotate it back and forth a few degrees by hand. If you feel a little clunk, clunk in each direction, bad bearing. You really can't feel it with just a wrench on the flywheel nut, so remove the cover. [ June 09, 2002: Message edited by: Tony Miller ]