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    Front end steering problems - TTR125L

    Tom, Put the bike up in the truck, strap the rear end down, get the bike as perfectly square as you can (traingulate) to make sure the straps have the bike straight up and down. Swing the front end from full left to full right and do some measuring of the front end to see how the rake looks from left to right. The TTR's don't have much strength up in the stem even though you have the BBR frame cradle I wonder if something is tweaked? I have to agree with all the abuse you've seen our TTR go thru even before we got it in a bushel basket!!! it still hasn't tweaked the front end. You're more than welcome to bring it down to my place and we'll measure it up and find out what's out. We've straightened some pretty trashed front ends (those trees really like to jump out in front of us) PS: Check your voice mail
  2. trailriderjoe

    Drummond Island, MICHIGAN - Memorial Day weekend

    Don, You don't scare me anymore....you don't scare me any less either I've got to find those pics of before and after of mine and get them on here! I think I have the one of me loosing my mind in the swamp as well... I'm very much looking forward to the ride. Not so sure the weather is going to be picture perfect; but like I told a friend a few days ago. Why would you feel the need for dry sunny weather? Stop and think what you are riding in!
  3. trailriderjoe

    Drummond Island, MICHIGAN - Memorial Day weekend

    Hey gang... Is everybody ready for the rock? I am finally starting to focus on my yearly beating from the sadistic Don:worthy: It looks like Pooley and I are locked in, Bob maybe waffling still. And since the oldest one decided school is more important than riding the rock for the frst time, I thought bringing her nice clean YZ125 for a beating might be in order...don't tell her I said that:foul: So what's the water levels looking like back in the swamp and the clay pits? anybody heard? I'm thinking it might be a bit soupier than the past two years?
  4. trailriderjoe

    tree sap on seat, what to use?

    Kerosene works great too!
  5. trailriderjoe

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Now that last one went to the bone! It looks Sooooo so familiar. Just add a few piles of brush cut
  6. trailriderjoe

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Man you guys are stirring up some old monkey butt, mud filled, empty camel back, boiling over WR450 memories. I don't know how I'm gonna make it until then? I may have to go take Bob's (Pressurefreak) XR out and sink it in a mud hole, watch Wolfy ride over it, then watch the old mail man on the TTR pass all of us with out even a drop of mud on him!!! Ahhh the memories. I don't know who came out cleaner...Don or Dad... I think they both were in on the planning of the brutality.
  7. trailriderjoe

    First Ride of the Year - Ambrose Lake

    Hey Tom, Don't take her North out of the loop. I remember what happened last time we did that :-( Good luck and can't wait to catch up at ROS.
  8. trailriderjoe

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Don, Got any new and creative ways of destroying our bodies, spirits, and bikes this year up at Drummond....Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about it before now...I know better:foul: Let me guess...sending me thru the swamp pits first...making Bob dunk his XR...oh wait I know...watching Wolfchild try and ride with his bars twisted like a pretzel. What does the great OZ have in store for us this year?
  9. trailriderjoe


    Count me and the kids in. Not sure if Bob and Dad are coming yet! Has anybody heard from Pooley?
  10. trailriderjoe

    No Spark

    Here's how I'd attack it. Again...Specific information would make our support a lot less VAGUE 1. Plug 2. Wire termination end at plug 3. KILL SWITCH (when in doubt unplug it completely) 4. Plug wire termination at coil 5. Coil resistance 6. Ignition module 7. Stator supply 8. Ignition trigger
  11. trailriderjoe

    Stalling In water Holes!!!

    If you look closely at each tee fitting and the 2 hoses coming off of each you'll realize that they (all 4) are connected to the same place in the carb (bowl vent). Just look at the two that seem the most logical to re-route up the frame. Usually it's the two that cross over the top of the carb (IE left tube coming off the top of the left tee goes up and over the carb then down the RH side; re-route it up top and vice versa. Make sense?
  12. trailriderjoe

    Stalling In water Holes!!!

    There is a very simple fix for deep water crossings; The WR carb has 4 vent lines (two off either side of the carb) that ALL go down. Take one from each side and re-route them up the frame to the top of the radiator. No new tubing or zip ties needed, just re-route them. I've done that to both my WR's...worked great!
  13. trailriderjoe

    Its time to ROCK and Roll!!!!!

    I think everyone is still licking their wounds ...or maybe still trying to get clean Here's a teaser. It's Pressurefreak (Bob - my brother) getting his mud pack full body facial The clay pit Down and out Just plain beat
  14. trailriderjoe

    Its time to ROCK and Roll!!!!!

    FRIENDS! That's all I'm gonna say. Well...Ok maybe later I'll post some pictures of pressurefreak going for a mud treatment (facial)
  15. trailriderjoe

    ORV Stickers. . . the "real ones"

    A peice of shipping tape over the top of mine keeps it clean, new, and unfaded.