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  1. tnttimber

    Own a 2017 Beta?

  2. tnttimber

    Own a 2017 Beta?

    I'll usually let anyone ride my bikes.... But Since you are a state of Jeferson dip shit I think I'll pass. Typical of you to declare you will destroy a perfectly good motorcycle with reckless behavior rather than exibiting enough skill to navigate the terrain safely and responsibly. Arguing for the sake of arguing
  3. tnttimber

    2016 Beta 300RR Race Edition

    Beautiful bike. I'm a Beta diehard in NorCal. Looking forward to seeing it out on the trail and your opinion on the Sachs forks.
  4. tnttimber

    390/430 Comparo...

    I didn't read that they were split evenly? Most preferred the 390 or did I misread? I rode the new 4-strokes at the dealer rollout last year and immediately fell in love with the 390. I'm a big guy, 6'6" and 260, and as soon as I rode the 390 I knew I needed to be on one. Perfect feel of power for me, lots of torque but still free reving and light feeling. The 480 was good also. The 430 felt a little off.... Less torque that the 390 and felt heavy... Motor seemed to be confused about where it wanted to run. When I got home I sold my 350 factory and ordered up a 390. Still riding and still loving it.
  5. tnttimber

    2016 Beta 300RR Race Edition

    I'm a NorCal beta diehard. You are going to love that bike. I'm on a 2015 390 right now but have had a 300rr and loved it. Very interested to hear how the new Sachs forks perform.
  6. tnttimber

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    2015 480rr race edition. 10 hours and 200 miles. Perfect condition. Samco hoses, radiator braces, high volume water pump, radiator fan kit, beta full wrap hand guards, beta shark fin, IMS tank, sprung for 210 pounds. Bike is located in central California. $7500 Call or text at 209-602-1033
  7. tnttimber

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Stonyford check your PM.
  8. tnttimber

    2014/2015 RR 4Stroke Oversize Fuel Tank

    I've got one that is practically new with 4 hours on it I'll sell for $225. I'm in central California. Ims tank in perfect condition.
  9. tnttimber

    Steering stabilizer

    I used to put one on every bike I owned...until I started owning Beta. I have never been on a bike that turns so well and will also go 80mph in the rough without any fuss. Get the suspension working right and skip the damper.
  10. tnttimber

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    How much do you want for this roach? Considering the nasty oil leak........ I'm in NorCal and have cash. With the extensive problem I expect a highly discounted price.
  11. tnttimber

    CAN I RIDE YOUR 2015 350 / 430 / 480 ?

    I've got a 15 390rr in central Cali if you come up this way.
  12. tnttimber

    Sachs Fork Cap

    Wow!! Leaving the forks on the bike has never worked out well for me to change springs, I always found it hard to be secure about my spring preload measurement on an oc fork. I recommend removing the forks from the bike.
  13. tnttimber

    Sachs Fork Cap

    If the forks are still on the bike, on the stand, you probably are skipping off the bottom of the threads. Pull the forks off the bike as soon as you get the cap cracked loose. Please don't take offense to this but.... If you are having difficulty this quick into the disassembly, I would not recommend diving into the fork any further without having someone that knows what they are doing help you.