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  1. I just completely customized my 87 Warrior powder coating the frame replacing all the bearings ect. I need to replace the old cracked fuel line and while I’m at it I would like to replace all the drain lines with some nice looking yellow lines to match the frame. This crab has 2 drain lines on the top and one on the bottom. The 2 things I can’t seem to figure out are. Can I eliminate the “pipe” from the bottom drain? (see illustration part 49). What is its purpose? What size lines are these? I can’t seem to look up the OEM specs for the fuel or drain lines. I can order OEM parts but the description does not tell me the Inside or outside diameters. I wish I could just order a kit with all the lines included and maybe some new clamps.
  2. bent_pipe

    Frame input (pic)

    That is florescent yellow over a white base. I just powder coated the frame of my Warrior in the color. Notice the swing arm appears green but it is the same florescent yellow over a chrome base. It looks a lot better with black plastic than blue.
  3. I just put a huge amount of time and money doing a frame off on my 1987 Yamaha Warrior I replaced, powder coated, caromed or polished everything but the carburetor. The carb worked fine before the restoration but now it runs rich has a narrow power band and I can’t get the idle to adjust down. I was going to just swap in an edelbrock. http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/misc/tech_center/install/atv_carbs.shtml But I’m not sure if that will be an improvement over rebuilding the stock carb. One weird thing about the stock carb is that it is 87 only so it’s hard to order a rebuild kit or a jet kit for it. My motor is mostly stock with the exception of a stage 1 hot cam and a DG exhaust. Any advice is appreciated, does anyone have experience with the edlbrock carb or other aftermarket carbs? Thanks in advance ~ Tom
  4. bent_pipe

    Twist Throttle

    I prefer a twist throttle over thumb throttle but my wife hates it she insists on having the thumb. It comes down to personal preference. I’d convert it for her you can order a Motion Pro kit and if she does not like it swap it back. I don’t agree with the twist being dangerous unless the rider is extremely inexperienced or it’s installed wrong or sticking. All issues that happen with thumb throttles as well.
  5. bent_pipe

    2 Stroke dualsport?

    I was able to dual regaster my '02 YZ in CA