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  1. weantright

    bash plates

    AXP fits after a spacer or a stack of washers for the mounting bracket. My dealer was installing them on 2019 FX's but stopped after several owners didn't think it looked professional with the washers. Not much cheaper then OEM but better overall quality.
  2. weantright

    CC forks for BETA 250RR. Direct fit and where to buy?

    100% agree and that's why 2 out of 3 bikes sitting in my garage have KYB or KYB cartridges. If my son wasn't going away for college for 4 years he would have them on his bike. Beta's are the easiest to convert without spending big $$. Just can't see why anyone goes the CC Sachs route unless they refuse to do a little bit of homework that is readily available.
  3. What is the reason to loop the overflow hose? Seems that this would only be good for fuel mileage as it reduced fuel loss.
  4. weantright

    2013 TXCI 250

    Parts are available but harder and more expensive in some cases to get to your house. Aftermarket is pretty much dead. Personally I would skip this bike (see below) as there are plenty of better bikes out there that have support with less issues. This design (BMW) is NOT the same as what SWM's are using. SWM are using the older 2008-2010 Caviga built motors which were more durable, better low end, different FI but boring when compared to the competition then. I had one, no issues for the 4 years I owned it. However the newer BMW motor I wouldn't buy it for several reasons. First they are hit and miss for running quality. IF you have a good runner then you will be happy. Otherwise you will be running circles trying to solve all the issues. Then there's the parts, while they are still available it will take time and in some cases more $$ to get. Lastly resale is dead unless you give the bike away.
  5. weantright


    I will weigh mine tonight but it's feels close to the advertised weight. If it isn't it still feels lighter then a 2017 Sherco 300f, 2017 FE250, 2017 TE250 and just as light as a 2016 Beta Xtrainer.
  6. weantright

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    I prefer a more angled down guard and this type of design doesn't give me that. Are there any out there with adjustable mount??
  7. weantright

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    You obviously haven't tried these and are going just by looks. With the tang as pointed out above and the knurling, these stay put even after the bolt is removed. The added washer at the end is a nice bonus and provides a stopping point. Another feature the "Zeta" style doesn't have.
  8. weantright

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    If you don't want to add an insert to your bars get these. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1036/13937/Acerbis-Rally-Pro-Rally-II-Multiplo-Multiconcept-Bar-Insert?s=115506 I have yet to have any issues using them in over 10 years and on many different brands of bars. I don't buy into needing a threaded insert but to each their own.
  9. Some recommend 10mm for easier more consistent jetting
  10. Same with our 2017 FE250 at 35hrs.
  11. Markey's favorite time of the year,,,, Bike Show! Who's going?
  12. weantright

    Race day back up bike

    Locally here and AMA, what you start with you end with. Unless things changes LL what you qualified with is what you raced with later in the year at LL.
  13. weantright

    2018 FE 450 engine light on after exhaust mod

    You need the stock ECU for any service. Dealer can't commutate with a Vortex. Full exhaust will not fit because of the starter casting on the cases.
  14. I think most people doing these mods in this topic would not be happy with a standard Keihin jetting either. The bike I will be working on runs good, just looking for better without the cost of a new carb. Oils make a huge difference on the burn and build up. What's listed in the manual isn't anything but marketing/sales paid advertisement. I run Motul 710 Synthetic 2T Motor Oil and it burns clean. This oil works for low rpm trail usage. If you ride all the time in the upper rpm get the 800 series, higher heat helps the burn.
  15. You would think so, still many are happy with Mikuni with jetting from online sources. Also $$ spent for a keihin can be put into any mod for the Mikuni from a shop and still be ahead.