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  1. I have to keep reminding myself that many don't have the tuners like I do locally.
  2. That bike is already geared low. Being competitive on that bike will be the rider. Assuming the bike runs good.
  3. More like a CRF230 that revs and without the weight.
  4. I was referring to a 250rr not the XT. You can make the XT into a great powerful woods bike but at a cost 50% of bike price. If you don't need the small chassis, extremely low seat height, light weight and tight trail use skip the XT!
  5. I don't think people are putting down Beta for this just the cost vs. end result. No different then people spending $1000's on KTM's suspension when some tuners are fixing for a lot less. Shop wisely is all.
  6. +1, then add the 300 top end??? You will regret the XT in stock form based on your description.
  7. Also motoxgiant rides the same terrain as I do!
  8. Completely incorrect. There are several theories on why bubbles happen. Beta's OI unlike snowmobiles, there's no real check valve and the oil just leaks into the intake. By leaking it will create a bubble of air when the oil from the pump doesn't move. Is this bad??? May not be great but not totally bad since oil is there from the drip. The possible bad is the air bubble will eventually work it's self out, the bubble reaches the motor will it be WOT??? ,,,,,, this is my theory at least.
  9. That's like say an oil change at a car dealership is worth the price since they replace the items with OEM stuff. $50 oil change is a charge including a "piece of mind" charge that it's done right with the right items. If that fit your style then good otherwise there are plenty of not so expensive alternatives.
  10. Just a thought,,, ship to your tuner 2 hrs away and get the same if not better service for less. $500 for your time appears you are rationalizing your decision to work with Beta Factory. No issue either way just another way to look at it. Yes, no matter if it needs replacing. Price for convenience, end result from the many good Beta tuners would be the same while saving you some $$.
  11. Conrad's to the 125 class. Locally here the 125 class is dead outside the XC3 in GNCC. For a 125, power for the woods or MX should be nearly the same as you have to ride on the pipe all the time. 250's are a different story as the endure model is lacking when used on the MX tracks. Yes I'm one of those that say endure bikes can't be competitive in the MX world without $$ thrown at it. It's nice to see AMA trying to bring back a 125 class.
  12. No just the service except with the pro kit that includes the Flow shock. Beta is about convenience not pricing for the consumer. $600 to service your forks and shock is crazy expensive. I will do it for you for $500,,,,, well not me I will just send it out to my tuner and still make money.
  13. This in many cases is poor technique!
  14. Contact this dealer and see if he will drop ship a bike. He has done it with me on my Sherco and would have on a Beta. Yes I buy local if I can but crazy prices it just doesn't make sense. Also Munn racing has in the past shipped bikes. https://www.ktm-parts.com/
  15. Haven't looked at this system however just about every system out there can be altered into something useful if needed. I think the bigger issue with the TPI would be oil mixed gas in the FI filter. This has proven to slow the flow when oil is in the mix.