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  1. Nice, I have a 2017 and it's been fun.
  2. Fixed it for you!
  3. Just a thought on pore size from my experience in filtration. While the smaller pore size appears to be what you should have. It would reduce the inlet air which maybe good however the filter would flex from the motor's suction. This suction would pull on the sealing surfaces and leak IF you have an issue with flatness or retention on the system. As the filter's pores fill with dirt you could have reduced running quality and or more intake dusting compared to a larger pore filter.
  4. Yep but some brands are better out of the box requiring less set-up for the indented rider. Between ego's, power delivery and suspension there's a gap in the starting point. "Experience" guys will be able to quickly set-up the bike from his last one while the everyday guy will be at a disadvantage for some time. Race results will be effected thus the limiting factor becomes the bike's set-up not the rider.
  5. Everything you just posted is reflected in a modern day trail bike not a race bike. Not saying that's bad but not in the same league as the competition. If you look into the state of art of any bike out there none of them really are. More of refinements of past tech no matter whether they use one or two injectors, same end results just different path taken. One possible exception would be the FI 2t, however just like IO it's just a different way it's package. As for Sherco 300 or TM, nothing earth shattering and the Sherco has no real changes since 2014. 2017 MY a FE250 with aftermarket exhaust (same total OTD price of the Sherco) and desmog runs with the 300sef and tops it on the road. Couldn't say that in 2014!
  6. Problem is KTM and as Beta grows, think they are the best, knows the most and we are privileged to own them. That mentality creates a blind eye to what's reality is. No different to the brand loyal riders that haven't ridden a late model competitor's bike but still talks about 10 year old issues with them.
  7. Sorry but Beta's 4t never fallen behind since they never were in the same league. I have always said IF you want to race 4t's then your choice will not be Beta. Beta makes a great trail bike but lacks compared to the competition for racers. A new bread of motor for the 250/350 class is needed to be on par with the competition. While I would love to see Beta pass the competition, it will not happen with the current package and a new motor.
  8. Kalib also has a championship in enduro and is a great MX rider. He’s young and could easily get into enduro cross and H&H. With KTM backing him, he can go wherever he wants.
  9. TuBless is just another tube as a corvette is just a grocery getter. I have ran TuBless for years without any tube issue. Benefits of this system outweigh the negitive of using tubes. I have switched to mousse but modified since they are all too stiff for my likings. This type of system is 100% flat proof unless you run extreme heat with speeds. These are durable as long as you keep heat, dirt water out of them. Use plenty of soap/lube when mounting. Hardest part is de-mounting them and finding correct psi equivalent for your riding.
  10. Q4 on other bikes were quieter with the SA in. Any slip on will make a gain over the stocker. Least expensive is an end cap with gutted stocker.
  11. On 2017+ there’s no full exhaust system because of the kicker casting. We are using FMF factory Husqvarna 4.1. Sounds raspy at idle but full 450 sound at throttle. Might be a little loud for some.
  12. I don't think so but if they could, shipping would be expensive. No reason not to build one here.
  13. 2017+ model year dealers don't have the option to load a map on FE/EXC models in stock trim using the updated software. I was told this by several dealers in a couple of states. You are focusing on just the fork. I'm talking about the overall package including frame, linkage and valving. Stock vs. stock, 250 vs. 250 it's noticeably better bike then a 250x.
  14. No remap available to any FE or EXC, TPS adjustment and or Vortex. While the Explor forks are not great I think they are better overall package to the 250x. Add on to the price these items. Tires Slip-on (no full exhaust because of kicker casting) Smog removal plugs or kit Tail clean up parts or kit
  15. Check battery terminals at all ends including the starter. Starter button??