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  1. I know,,,
  2. The last sentence is the only real info you provide. Yes they are more restrictive but not un-ridable otherwise they wouldn't be selling like they are. Just because I haven't map or mod a new KTM/Husqvarna by my own hands doesn't mean I don't know about them. You don't believe me because like most of your post, it would show your bias opinion or otherwise lacking knowledge. JD tuners do make a difference on all bikes, some good others not so. As I posted above it's not needed to make the bike run as you want others to think. JD while a good aftermarket supplier doesn't have a perfect set-up. Both past FI Husqvarna bikes I owned as well as my XT proves he doesn't have it 100% right. Better running with out his recommended set-up on the tuners and I'm not using his needles. It's hard to take your second sentence serious as you always follow up with a bash toward the brand or how great the Beta is and thankfully you didn't go the other route. Why would this be a troll magnet?? Questioning someone's post based on one friend while 1,000's of bikes are rode without the same issues or mods needed. Using this theory and what you have experience with your Beta would indicate Beta's are unreliable and in the shop 50% of the time. Correct?? Or is this a petty remark??
  3. What I find funny is over a year seriously looking for a bike there was 50/50 on big cc's vs. small cc's. Get 125 to start, easy to learn on. Then some say 125 is too small and harder to learn on. Head was spinning. So I picked the middle.
  4. I mis-read your post and yes $300 for a JD or $800 for vortex,,, math is good and solid. No I don't own a late model KTM/Husqvarna however I know and ride with several people that do. My dealer that is well respected in the race world has sold and set-up many of them. Common cause to spend big $$ on these bikes are tuners (Best Duel Sports, KTMHusky.com or what every they call themselves today) that just need a sale or people thinking they need it because Joe Blow told them. Fact is a TPS adjustment will cure most of all lean issues that are not caused by broken or miss assembled parts. This step will satisfied most riders. Ones that are not seem to look for reasons to justify the expense for the gadget. I believe your buddy falls into this group and you love to post about it to make Beta stand out.
  5. Your buddy sounds like he visits KTMHusky.com too much. And you don't need to open the intake for results but if you do then yes a tuner/vortex is needed. At that rate you will have a close course bike in full race mode which many think they need but don't. You love your Beta but hush with the $1100 garbage.
  6. East of Cleveland.
  7. Well this weekend I picked up a 2017 Sherco 250 factory demo. Slight,,, ok large overkill for us but it was a deal compared to other postings.
  8. Where ever the bike is sold, it has to pass standards there. Unless you need full race power a simple TPS adjustment along with free mods will net a good running bike. Even with a exhaust you can get a good performance. The sky isn't falling,,, just not yet. Induce more air and then you need a Vortex ignition. Based on carbon footprint, more you sell the larger footprint thus volume = stricter emissions.
  9. I just started running a mousse up front. Many have added sections from old mousse to firm up and take the "shrink" out. Have you done this?? I running Nitro mousse
  10. Beta’s are known for high float levels. Adjusting this makes a big difference in mileage.
  11. For me it was the low seat height, light weight and tame power for the little lady. Getting her out to ride pays dividends well beyond the price of admission. What made us jump to the better suspensions was the stock fork clamp stripped the axle bolt threads. Cheap fix was about $300 with a helicoil type fastener. Add in the boy needing a bike just made real sense. Now we have a spare bike with near top factory level suspension.
  12. Looking to upgrade the XT?? Might have a buyer!
  13. If you have a problem with the Freeride suspension you will have a problem with the XT's.
  14. Then you loose the slow speed compliance which is what you bought the bike for. Also becomes slightly unbalance with the shock. Forks need real speed control not just thicker goop.
  15. Very different bike to the Sherco. Better alternatives are Beta and Husqvarna/KTM for a little more $$, much better do all package.