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  1. weantright

    TE300i and TE250i What Have you done to yours today

    Xplor forks like heavy preload???
  2. weantright

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    These new 2019 KTM/Husky are really good. Suspension was plush on the XCF I rode and if it wasn't for the air I would keep it. I just don't want to mess with checking the pressure all the time. This maybe just old thinking about air forks. I will be updating to KYB's on my new bike which should be here Saturday. You price is close to mine,,,, my dealer sold all his and most from another nearby dealer. What I find funny with Sherco is, several years ago KYB's were nothing special and the WP OC were Just as good. Fast forward and KYB's are the best this brand ever had. Sooo glad my Sherco is no longer with me because with the KYB coming stock, the resale will take another hit.
  3. weantright

    X Trainer 300 Oil change

    5 hrs with a Rekluse in a mix of tight/2 track trails using Motorex oil.
  4. weantright

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    Yes your correct in this. However there's a big difference in kinetic energy converted to heat and pre heating the oil/housings as you ride. As I posted above some brands are much better with this. Since you are knowledgeable with the Sachs stuff, would you want 50mm or 46mm shock?
  5. weantright

    250sxf lighting

    Baja Design makes a cover to use a larger 100w+ stator for some models. Might want to look there if you need big power.
  6. weantright

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    I don't think I work the fluid all the time however it's hot all the time. The heat I am talking about comes from the header. Also no room to wrap the pipe on a Sherco,,, or enough room that it will not rub off.
  7. weantright

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    There are no options like that to add power. Custom cams, pistons could be built just none readily available. If you love your 350 get another one as the 2019 are much better then pre-2017 and a good upgrade for the 2017-2018 models. Can't judge the bike by a factory racer otherwise we would all be riding a 150sx! For reference my 2017 300SEF-R had more torque (seat of the pants) then a 2017 FE250. However the FE250 was faster in a straight line drag! I just upgraded to a 2019 FX350 after riding a 2019 350xcf. First ride this weekend and will most likely need to tame it a little for all day rides.
  8. weantright

    250sxf lighting

    I was told your only option is aftermarket. Several to choose from, 80-100w vs. 30w stocker. IF you don't have a fan AND don't stop/start often AND place you battery on a charger after rides you should have no issues. Personally I would get a higher powered stator and 200cca+ battery.
  9. weantright

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    Heat will break down oil and change internal pressures. If this is worrying about nothing then it is. I do know on my Sherco the pipe is mm's away from the shock and it effects the handling on a long ride. The reservoir is uncomfortable to touch which can't be a good thing.
  10. weantright

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    Aftermarket option!
  11. weantright

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    OI is hit or miss and is an easy removal. Estart I wouldn't be worried about since Beta has one of the better designs and works reliably. But there is an option if you feel the need. My money is on the 2018 with KYB forks!
  12. weantright

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    If the Li battery has fallen below 8v more then likely the battery is shot. Bad batteries can read good on a volt meter but once a draw like a starter it drops to 10v which is too low for many relay/starters. Just doesn't have the amps to spin the starter. Not sure if you tried starting with another battery but my guess is your battery is toast.
  13. weantright

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    2018 has a revised/new clutch, worth it?? if you been around a Beta you want this. Your choice on CC or OC forks otherwise all these years are very similar.
  14. weantright

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    On paper the extra oil can go a long ways in consistent performance and extended service intervals. However some bikes have their pipe right up to these reservoirs resulting in a larger heat sink and reduce service life. Ask yourself or others if Beta's shock gets hot from exhaust or use??
  15. weantright

    Husqvarna title type

    There should not have been any questioning at the DMV. The "S" models have all passed EPA and DOT requirements for all 50 states. As for why not a 501s, simple the FS has smaller supermoto wheels as well as several "road" friendly items.