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  1. I’m a cold sissy and my truck is put away for winter. Plus I’m used to my past bikes that had fragile plastics. Plus winter is our maintenance time.
  2. Li batteries don’t need a tender and should really be out of the bike. These batteries when something goes wrong do swell and get very hot quickly. Smells sweet and a little chemically but no acid mist like traditional batteries.
  3. Watch battery tenders as I have seen on past Husqvarna will cycle the fuel pump. It is best to remove the negitive while it on the charger.
  4. No modern day motorcycle can throw sparks let alone a 4t unless it has been tampered with. SA are old school neverless some areas require it.
  5. weantright

    Is a FE350 ok for a new dirt bike rider?

    You can save yourself $1000 going to a FE250. As a new rider it's plenty of bike especially after a desmog.
  6. Makes sense. Thought I felt one in there when I was cleaning it. That's what had me wondering. Might be a performance/sound restriction but not an approve SA that the forest service recognize.
  7. No because it's a close course bike. EPA rules/opinion is if it comes with a spark it can be used in a non close course riding thus different testing. Same reason why the 2T's don't have any.
  8. Do you need an official USPS spark arrestor? If no then get a sink screen from Wal-Mart and screw it to the end cap. Have done this on several past bikes for endures. Might fit under the stock end cap.
  9. weantright

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    And looking at upgrading to a 2017 FE350 will be lighter yet. But it's not the weight that makes it easy/hard to ride.
  10. weantright

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    2019 FX350 Gear ratios: 14:28 16:26 18:24 21:24 22:21 Primary ratio: 24:73 Final drive: 14:50 2019 FE350 Gear ratios: 14:32 16:26 20:25 22:23 25:22 26:20 Primary ratio: 24:73 Final drive: 14:52 (13:52) I have a riding buddy on a 450 that can stop on a hill and start right back up without any issues. He loves the grunt to lift the front over the logs. He runs up front of the pack most of the time. He is one of the younger more fit riders of the group. He blast down the road 75+ mph just smiling away. At the end of our single track rides he always wishes he had a smaller bike. He just will not give up that meaty bottom.
  11. weantright

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    Fixed it for you!
  12. weantright

    Sherco characteristics

    What year is your EXC?
  13. weantright

    Looking to buy

    I thought the KTM's didn't fit you and you bought a new Beta??
  14. weantright

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    You bought two Beta's in 10 days and you questioning a 200RR???
  15. weantright

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    Difference is at the end of the ride you're pouring yourself in your truck/chair/bed rather then socializing with the group. Extra weight of 5lbs isn't the big story, it's the rotational mass that want's to keep the bike upright even when the rider want's it leaned over. This will give the feeling of weight over the smaller bore bikes despite equal or slightly more weight. This is why many like the 250cc feel but go 350 for the extra motor. Also the low-end torque of a 450/501 will be strong and tire you out on tighter trail rides. Video where a 450 will struggle. I can but it all relative to your riding skill and fitness.