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  1. MXSteve89

    springs 2010 rmz450

    what are the spring rates? I might be interested.
  2. Hey all.. So this past weekend I was racing in West Virginia. Bike ran awesome on Saturday during practice, Sunday morning I didn't notice an issue. Go up for my first moto, and notice that I can compress my forks down about 4-5 inches with just upper body strength, and that when I let off, they don't rebound. The bike handled like crap during the first moto, so much that I was way off the pace of where I felt I should have been. It's a 2008 RMZ 450 btw. So got home and took the forks off the bike.. and they seemed fine then. they would rebound and everything, even though they do still seem a bit soft. So before I tear into them, I'm wondering if this could possibly be an oil height problem of the inner cartridge? Maybe try that before I tear it down... any other ideas/ things to look for? Any help would be awesome!! Thanks, Steve
  3. MXSteve89

    anybody ever lose thier nerve ?

    I used to be like that, but the one thing that cures being gun shy is racing. Once that gate drops, you start right back where you left off.. I find that's the best way to get over an injury. Back in February, I was running third in my race at Budds Creek... had too much speed on a downhill section and bit it hard... just coming back from that knee injury. Now I'm on the sidelines again with a leg injury I suffered in the second round of the series I race.. hoping to make it back in time for rd 3 at Budds again. But racing helps shake off the cobwebs real quick... it puts you in go-mode from the start, just flat out attacking the track. At least it always does for me... It also helps after you crash for the first time back too, and everything is ok. So you can see you're fine and didn't die LOL.
  4. MXSteve89

    what size fuel line do i need

    If you get it from a site like Rocky Mountain or something, it's typically all the same size, just different lengths. I think it's mainly sold in 5ft lengths, but I always get 10ft total. 5ft is never enough to make them long enough IMO.
  5. In Maryland, anything sold from a private seller is considered AS IS. Buyer beware. You have absolutely ZERO responsibility to the buyer of your bike. If the clutch plates don't do the trick, then simply cut your losses with this guy. Look on the bright side, at least he doesn't know where you live!
  6. MXSteve89

    Wicomico Motor Sports Park or maybe Budds Creek-soil/sand?

    Wicomico is just sand, not even a really nice track. Hard packed with sand on top.. when wet, makes it pretty slick. And Budds is hosting the MAMA opener this weekend, gonna be awesome! Good weather on Saturday, but a high of 38 and possibly snow on Sunday. I'm stockin' up on tearoffs now
  7. MXSteve89

    Motocross des Nations on Fuel Right Now

    It comes on again at 1pm EST on Fuel... basically one hour from now.
  8. MXSteve89

    Cleaning seals

    Definitely don't use a feeler gauge... not only will you mess up the seal, but also the fork tube. I've heard of people having success with a piece of 35mm film. But I just replace the seals, they're not that hard to do.
  9. MXSteve89

    The old thumper needed some love.

    subscribed! I love threads like these!
  10. Yep, sure do. All the way back to when I was racing minis, maintaining my YZ 85s.. replaced the crank, piston/rings, clutch, sprockets/chain, tore it down to bare frame. Pretty much every season, with the exception of the crank. Only had to do a couple of those. Then I moved to an RM 125, shitty bike. Rode that for a season, then got a YZ 125. A lot better bike, stayed on that for a couple years. Then I got a YZ250F, was on that for a couple years. Jumped to a KTM 250SX, but it was a piece of shit in terms of handling. 2004 though, no comment on the new ones. Then back to another YZ250F, and now an RMZ 450. I have a solid foundation of bikes, both smoker and thumper. Jussayin....
  11. I love how the first attack on a four stroke is the cost... maybe to you, that's a reason to stick with a smoker. But if you have the pockets to maintain them... I love my RMZ 450... I will never own another bike. A new model year, yes. But not another bike. I'm planning on buying a 2012 when they come out next year!
  12. MXSteve89

    gopro mounting solutions

    After I mounted mine to my helmet, I made a daisy chain of zip ties to secure it to the visor too, just in case the mount broke in a crash or something.
  13. MXSteve89

    Bike buying tips?

    Every time I buy a new bike, even with my 2008 RMZ 450, I assume I need to immediately drop $500 into it to set it up for me. New sprockets/chain, tires, air filters, oil, bearings, levers, grips, fork seals, etc. All that can equal $500 pretty quick, and they're high wear items. Look at the sprockets (teeth), cases (cracked?), fork seals (leaking), check the wheel bearings to side to side movement, that's a bad thing. Ask about their maintenance schedule (oil, air filter, etc). That's normally the first thing I ask them, then I'll ask them about 5 minutes later, then once more before I make an offer. Just to make sure their answer is always the same. When I buy a used bike, it's more like an interrogation for the other guy. Maybe that's why I've always had pretty good luck with buying used bikes. Ask a lot of questions, leave no stone unturned. And I'm sure some will disagree, but if you have cash in hand, don't be afraid to low ball your first offer. There's no where to go but up, and money talks. And don't be afraid to walk away from a bike either, even if it's a long drive home. What's $50 in gas compared to $3k in a POS bike. Jussayin... Sometimes you get lucky and find a good one. Sometimes not. Buying a used bike is like sex, the more you do it, the better you get. Err... like riding too.
  14. MXSteve89

    Looking for support for 2011

    How can you race Loretta's if you're doing the Pro Nationals? Unless you're in the WMA?
  15. Damn, $1500 for an 08 YZ450? I'd take it and run...