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  1. Wait a few more years the Chinese will be building MX bikes and winning races ! Just like the Japanese in the early 1960's !
  2. CAPT ED


    Has anyone tried this kit https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Universal-Motorcycle-Dirt-bike-Cooling-Fan-Kit-KTM-Honda-Yamaha-Suzuki-Kawas-/152012105792
  3. CAPT ED


    I have a 2003 KAWASAKI KLX400R , same as a DRZ400E and have it run hot a few times , mostly when getting stuck down in a washout or real slow going when hard on the clutch . Have the bike for a year now and noticed it has a bracket on the inside of the left rad , was thinking of getting a fan installed . Not wanting to spend a lot of money on a TRAIL TECH bike fan thinking of a computer fan ? Has anyone used these 12volt brushless computer fans ?
  4. Are you checking oil properly,If cold start bike let run 3min. stop engine let sit 3min. then check oil, You may be over filling oil , I find when motor is hot makes it hard to remove dip stick and if the bike has been sitting for hours or days you have to start bike like I said before for a true reading . What oil are you using ?
  5. The Suzuki 2003 DRZ400E and Kawasaki KLX400R is the same bike , have the shop manual the cover say's KAWASAKI KLX400R and the rest of the book say's DRZ400E . Get parts for the Kawasaki way cheaper !
  6. They should make it a real ENDURO racer same motor as MX but with lights, OFF ROAD calibrated suspension and a wide ratio gearbox ! HEY, Suzuki what's so hard ?
  7. You will have many motorcycles in your lifetime , It's not always greener on the other side, there are good and bad of all bikes 2 stroke 4 stroke , I have owned both in different sizes 50cc 2 stroke when I was 12 , now 65 have a Kawaski KLX 400R four stroke before this bike had a Suzuki RMX250 2 stroke, now like the 400 better has full power right off idle up to full rpm.
  8. This also lowered seat height can now touch both feet flat with knees slightly bent ! Makes stopping on uneven ground safer !
  9. Right around 4 in. 100mm of sag , now just got to go for a ride !
  10. Checked mine today, previous owner had the rear shock spring turned down tight, loosened up preload and set clickers to stock settings now I have sag in . , now I can sit on bike with feet flat on ground !
  11. So done a search on here for a SAG setting , I have a 2003 KAWASAKI KLX400R and a shop manual and says nothing about setting sag ? Would you set in more sag (softer) than on a race bike ? Any opinions out there !
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