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    Wayne National Forest (CITR ) Oct 25-26

    I went to the Ranger office/welcome center just outside Nelsonville on Highway 33 and got a map. You get one free when you purchase your trail permits. It's pretty detailed and shows the trailheads. They were very happy to give directions on how to get to the different areas. I think you can call and have them send you a map. It's the Athens Ranger District, 740-753-0101. Very nice place to ride. I'm from Michigan, and it is nice to ride on something besides sand once in awhile. Visit www.fs.fed.us/r9/wayne
  2. Carl_Youngstrom

    Dual Sport Mirror

    If your state allows it, put a "Bug Eyes" on your helmet. A little stick on adjustable mirror. Works good, no vibration, have never knocked it off.
  3. Carl_Youngstrom

    1997 XR250 Decompressor

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to check the valve clearances again just to be on the safe side. Hopefully we will run into another person on the trail with an XR250 and I will ask to hear it run so I will have something to compare to. I don't think it is excessive, really, but there is more ticking going on than with my WR, but that does not have the rockers and sub-rockers. The bike is almost like new condition, but I just want to be on the safe side. My wifes last bike gave us zero problems before it seized up - 1995 XR200. Cam chain had stretched and was chewing on the inside of the engine case. Thanks again, everyone.
  4. Carl_Youngstrom

    REV DIRT BIKE MAGAZINE ???? When is the next issue

    I ordered a subscription, also. Only received the premiere issue, then started to see the fall issue on the newsstands. Waited a couple weeks, figuring mine was in the mail. It never came, so went out and found one still on the stand and bought it. Patience is one thing, but I would say there is something wrong. On another note - whatever happened to 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?
  5. Carl_Youngstrom

    1997 XR250 Decompressor

    Resently purchased a 1997 XR250 for my wife. Does this bike have an auto decompressor? It seems to kick over with no resistance a couple kicks before kickstarter gets a firm feel. I do not have the Honda manual, and find no mention of this in the Haynes manual I purchased. Also, I adjusted the valves, which weren't really very far out. I hadn't ran it much before doing this, and didn't pay much attention to valvetrain noise. There seems to be quite a bit, but not having another to compare to, am not sure if it is normal noise or not. Are the XR's known for alot of valvetrain noise? Thanks for your help.
  6. Carl_Youngstrom

    Tire Changing...again

    I put my knees into the tire on one side of the rim (to keep the bead up in the center of the rim) while prying on the other side. I only have small irons. Works for me.
  7. Carl_Youngstrom

    Does anyone else think quads are wrecking trails?

    I agree with roostmanwr400f and Dan Lorenze. My wife and daughter got started riding on quads. Dirt riders must not start in-fighting. A dirt rider is a dirt rider - 2 or 4 wheels. "Stand together or hang seperate".
  8. Carl_Youngstrom

    1997 XR250R Oil Capacity

    Mixel, Yep, already did that. Oil all over. Thanks, though, to all repliers. Carl
  9. Carl_Youngstrom

    1997 XR250R Oil Capacity

    Just purchased a 1997 XR250 for my wife. No manual came with it, however. Can someone with a manual tell me the oil capacity with a filter change? Thanks
  10. Carl_Youngstrom

    Husqvarna news and Husaberg notes

    I got a reply today after inquiring to husky if the August delivery was still on. This is what I got: Dear Mr. Youngstrom, Thanks for checking on the status of Husqvarna's all new 4-stroke line up. We regret to inform you that the merger with Piagio motorcycles has yet to be completed. Therefore, the arrival of these highly anticipated new Husqvarna motorcycles has been delayed. The latest information we have received leads us to anticipate the '03 new generation four strokes to be on the dealership's floors sometime in late October - early November of 2002. All new information, including a public press release on the merger, will be posted on our website as it becomes available. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you at the races. Thanks for your interest in Husqvarna motorcycles. David Kratz Cagiva USA Husqvarna Customer Service Department
  11. Carl_Youngstrom


    If you plan on putting that in the header pipe, I think you may burn it up. I had an Autometer EGT for my bracket racer and I used to jet the carb to keep the exhaust temp. close to 1400 deg.
  12. Carl_Youngstrom

    TTR 250 Pipe insert (baffle)

    Yes I did, thank you. I have not had a chance to give it a try yet. The one I am sending you will go out tomorrow. I also received your pictures. Looks like you have done quite a bit of work. Looks good. Just ordered a softer seat foam for my WR. My wife and I have just been "legalized" (road licenced) and that sit down stuff is just to much with the stock 2X4 they call a seat. Carl
  13. Carl_Youngstrom

    Husqvarna news and Husaberg notes

    Yes, i guess you are right. It is just upsetting to be on hold this length of time. I don't know who's more excited about the thought of the new TE 250 - my wife of myself. Now, if I can just teach her how to start my WR!
  14. Carl_Youngstrom

    4 Stokes Only street legal parts

    That's the same switch I got from 4SO. Mine came in a package with a diagram on the back side of the cardboard that showed which color went to what. I had no real problems with the hook up, used the bike manual wiring diagram.
  15. Carl_Youngstrom

    Husqvarna news and Husaberg notes

    You know, after being told about 2 weeks ago that it was still a go for August, if October is true I am going to be pissed. We put a deposit on a TE250 for my wife back in JANUARY, and have waited it out, with her riding her XR200 which she has out grown. If it is October, riding season will for the most part be over here. I just might have to try harder to talk her into the Yamaha.