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  1. Ron, just curious, but how does this motor compare to the other 250's? Can you get a motor out of the rmz that will run with the mod Hondas and yamahas? If so what all goes into one? Thanks!
  2. Any updates?
  3. Anybody have a 2009-12 left side engine case, or know how to get one? Mine is broke and I'd rather not weld it up.
  4. Curious about this as well.
  5. That is incorrect. The cam would have to be linked to the valve directly. If that was the case there would not be any "free area" to check the valves. The springs seat the valve. That being said I have terrible luck with SS valves when they first came out and got popular around 05/06. Lost a lot of 250f motors running oversized setups. Once we switched back to OEM the problem went away. This was on our mx/sx bikes.
  6. I went through the wringer with Jesse too. Ended up getting him to take care of me when I called and left a message of my address, his address, my travel time to get there, and what I expected when I got there. It was rediculous. If he has had your head for that long its time to call the BBB and the police. Its a shame too, the motor he did for me was the best yz250 I ever rode, and many others thought the same.
  7. This will be replacing my duramax truck, so I'm really wanting the 6.0 to keep towing abilities up for work. I know it won't get the same mpg but I'd be happy with 15/16. My old 5.4 econoline would do 14/15 but it was a slug.
  8. Im in the market for an extended express and I'd like to get the 6.0. What are you guys getting and in what configuration? Thanks
  9. Is it a common issue? Does a bear crap in the woods?
  10. Read the thread, they are listed. I listed some and a few others are starting to chime in with similar stories.
  11. More and more problems are beginning to show with the newer ktms. A few friends of mine have tossed theirs to go to yz's... I hope the 13's are back in line with the usual quality.
  12. The list of broken parts includes, 2 subframes, one shock shaft, quite a few wheels, 2 sets of mudflaps (breaking bolts off in airbox) , and multiple pipes. The yamaha just held up better than the ktm and was easier to setup. My 2010 ktm was better too. I feel that the new ktms are not made with the same metal as the older ktms. I know the orange kool aide is strong in here but to say the 2012 is the best two stroke by far is a little jaded. I think the yz can be setup soo much easier and produce one hell of a bike.
  13. Gonna have to say that my ktm and the couple others I've seen have been less than stellar quality. The 2012's have been down on quality for sure. My 09 yz250 was way better. Hell my 2010 ktm was way better.
  14. Cool thanks, I don't remember any of my other bikes being like this. I'll have to look into it.
  15. Well I rode my 2012 again the other day and it developed a pretty good oil leak. I haven't called the dealer yet, basically because I'm disheartened with the bike. Apparently the circlip to the countershaft sprocket came off (no idea how), now it is leaking a pretty good amount of oil from the countershaft. There is a metal spacer I pulled out, then it poured oil out. I am not incredibly familiar with this design, however, should it be leaking oil with the spacer removed? There is a rubber oring attached to the spacer and I will replace it. It just seems like there should be a better seal than that? Thanks