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  1. I'd dremel it in a heartbeat.
  2. https://www.purehockey.com/product/bauer-supreme-totalone-hp-ice-hockey-girdle-senior/itm/26698-41/
  3. jayc250x

    CRF 250X replaced by the CRF 250RX

    My '08 250X has been flawless electrically. I'll never own a 4-stroke that isn't e-start again. I can live with kicking my CR125, but after ONE ride with a cooked battery on my X, never again!!
  4. jayc250x

    XR400 Sprocket sizing

    What him say.
  5. Spec is 140psi, but certain valving wants more (gold valves call for 225ish). In any case, 110psi is plenty to test the shock. You are correct though - if you check the pressure, it's gone. Incidentally, no bike shops in my area charge shocks - I charged my shock with shop air at ~125psi after a re-valve just to try it, then found I couldn't get it charged locally. Ended up getting a new bike a little while later, so I never did get it done.
  6. jayc250x

    Superbike to dirt bike conversion?

    Just do it!! My two cents...
  7. jayc250x

    Kick start issue

    Do you know "the drill" for an XR/DR? First, turn up the idle knob a couple of turns (that's the secret). Choke on. Find TDC with the kicker, than nudge the kicker *just* past TDC. Kick it FAST - not hard - don't jump on it like it's a Harley - just get forward and snap your leg back and REALLY spin the motor. It should start - then go to half choke and slowly reduce the idle to a normal rate. I had my XR400 for 3 weeks before I could start it back in '98. How embarrassing.
  8. It will be a perfect commuter bike. There is nothing more fun than riding a dirt bike around town. Don't worry about the engine cooling - it'll be completely fine.
  9. jayc250x

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    I ride with quads exclusively - I am faster in absolutely all conditions, with the possible exception of deep water/mud crossings (which I refuse to do anyway).
  10. jayc250x

    gas leak if bike is tipped

    Yes, it's normal. And yes, when your bike is laying on it's side, it will piss gas. AND - I threw up a little in my mouth and can't stop squinting... Oops - dirty word... no way to delete it. Too bad.
  11. Check these out: https://www.motosport.com/turner-performance-products-billet-aluminum-footpegs
  12. jayc250x

    125sx Woods Bike??

    My CR125 is my preferred woods weapon - it's WAY fun to ride. I'd immediately drop a tooth on the countershaft sprocket - you'll need at least that. Make sure the pilot circuit is jetted for instantaneous throttle response right off idle and you're crisp and clean through the needle's mid-range - main doesn't matter much. Short of that, you should be GTG. I don't believe in adding flywheel weights - I have a GasGas 125 with one and they don't really do anything as far as I could tell, at least not for stall resistance - doesn't really make any sense when you think about how much mass you're starting with in the first place, IMHO.
  13. jayc250x


    No - I use Rotella dino oil 15W40 in all of my bikes - both engine and transmissions. Use it in my diesel tractors and mowers and ATV and snowblower too.