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  1. chirorider

    First Pitbike, help me choose :)

    That website is from an idiot who has a personal vendetta against Alex at OGM. I have had one of the SX's for over a year now and it is an amazing bike. Not one single issue with it. It has taken all the abuse my fat arse body can throw at it without one single complaint. The OGM is an awesome bike. The pitster is great too, but the OGM is a great price at the moment.
  2. chirorider

    piranha ztx 140cc????

    get a OGM or a Pitster or Thumpstar or Pitpro. They are worth the extra cash
  3. chirorider

    What Pit Bike Is Right For Me?? Help Me Asap Please

    They are plenty strong. Don't buy a bike for $1000. It won't hold up. The OGM and pitsters are worth the extra money.
  4. I have one that does that. Even with the bearings properly adjusted. My OGM however has no play at all. I have worked on a couple of pitsters and the ones I saw had no play. I'm not sure what to say other than the ones that do must have poor tolerances. The lower bearing should be a press fit on the stem and the cups should be a press fit into the frame. If all that happens, there shouldn't be any play when properly adjusted.
  5. chirorider

    Research on Pitbikes. Need info

    those 65's need to be revved to the moon to make power. Not much fun on a pitbike track or for a full size rider. The KTM's will need lots of suspension changes to support a full size rider. Go with the Pitster, or the OGM that Jeremiah suggested. I have the OGM and it is awesome. I weigh over 200 lb. and it does great for me.
  6. chirorider

    what kind pit bike help

    tbolt and SGR are both great dealers. Either can give you advice on your best options.
  7. Unfortunately, you opened a can of worms here. You did something that you basically should not have done. Your frame was designed for the size tires it came with. Suspension is a complicated science. You can't start farting around with it without understanding the way front and rear interact.
  8. Dude, you can't make a change like that without having to make major changes up front as well. Longer forks as has been suggested is your only option. If you're riding offroad, you should consider a 14" front wheel as well. Motard, then keep it 12.
  9. chirorider

    Lurkers look here!!

    OMG! My thread is back! The thread that wouldn't die!!
  10. Here's my OGM after I built up some nice Pro wheels.
  11. chirorider

    Dual exhaust you say? Under $160?

    What is the benefit of duals? Other than looks.
  12. chirorider

    top end assembly pitster pro

    I had never done a four stroke before and was really apprehensive about it, but it isn't that bad. There are some very specific things you need to do with the rings to get them right, so be very careful. Definitely call Pitster and do some looking online to make sure you get them right. Timing should be easy. The marks on the flywheel and cam sprocket should allow you to get it right.
  13. chirorider

    Getting a new pit bike soon ,which one should i get ?

    Stay far away from that second ebay bike. I have one and it took a lot to get it up to snuff. And even after all the time and money put into it, it is nowhere near the bike my OGM is. SGR did have the ogms at a fantastic price. I don't know if they still do. Pitster and SSR also have some great bikes for the money. Please trust my experience on this. Spend a little more now and get a good bike. I got both my bikes from SGR and Jeremiah bent over backwards to make the first one (like in that second ebay auction) right, but it was a nightmare for both of us. At every turn it was crappy parts and incompatible parts and frustration at the poor quality of each piece I came across. In comparison, when he sent me my OGM it was the complete opposite. I totally disassembled the bike before riding it to locktite and grease everything that needed it and put good fork oil in, etc. Everything that was wrong with the first bike was wonderful on the OGM. Every part that didnt fit right or was crappy quality on the 138 was perfect on the OGM. Everything fit, everything was high quality. I can't begin to describe the difference. I am a good 220 lb at the moment (and that's without gear) and the OGM handles everything I throw at it. Jumping, ruts, whoops. It just works and holds together. There are lots of bikes out there that LOOK like they would be OK, but when you really tear them down, they are junk. Pitsters are also quality, I have worked on them as well. Thumpstar, Medina, OGM and Pitster are all VERY close to the same bikes (yes there are differences, but not major) and they are all well made, quality bikes. Get one from a GOOD vendor. NOT from ebay. SGR, Tbolt are two of the best out there. Give them a call. I have heard Medina also has great customer support.
  14. chirorider

    Anyone have the Medina 12" KLX110 clone?

    Well I haven't been too active here, but my personal experience is that parts interchangeability is good but not perfect, even within one name brand. Pitster, OGM and probably all the others do change some things from one batch to the next, so even ordering parts from your specific vendor, you need to know what you have and what you are ordering. All of them try to be good about this, but I have experienced problems with this and have read others having the same. Even NCC noted that their first batch of fender braces fit some pitsters, but not all and had to make some mods to make them fit all. It's just the nature of things in the pitbike world. It's not a bash on any brand. You do need to be handy with tools and a dremel to keep your pitbike up to snuff. I just try not to get frustrated, most parts that you order can be made to fit, but some obviously won't. I bought my ogm when they and pitster had single piston calipers, now they both have dual caliper. I don't know if I'll have trouble or not getting replacement pads. I guess I'll find out. It's all good guys. Stop all the bitching.
  15. chirorider

    2008 OGM Sx160 Pro 1st impressions review

    Well the purists will disagree, but I have one and it is very, very, very close to the same bike. I love mine and thought I got a great price at $300 more than that. What a great deal you guys are getting. Hope mine survives my divorce now....