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    Anyone riding without an ACL?

    MIR- I had the patella tendon graft, which seems to be the preferred route for many doctors. The cadaver method is not as popular as it used to be, the biggest reason being the risk of rejection. It is generally used when the middle third of the patella has already been used (2nd time you blow out the same knee). I'm not to familiar with the hamstring route, but again it seems to be a secondary choice. The statistic I've heard is that about 95% of all ACL's done today, are patella tendon. Yesterday was my first day at physical therapy, to be honest wasn't that impressed and think I'll probably try to find a place thats a little more aggressive. In an interesting twist, my physical therapist, was the same guy, that I had about 10-11 years ago, when I was in high school and I had some knee pain, that was associated with Condramalcia Patella, which is where you're knee cap rides to high on your knee, its something you usually grow out of, as you get older, but strengthening the quads helps. I remember pretty clearly not being that impressed with him then, and I'm really not now. It also didn't help his cause when he told me the last time they had an ACL rehab was about 3 months ago. To defend my doctor, thats not where he wanted to send me, but that place didn't take my insurance. Long and short of it, is that I need to try and find a place thats more proactive. When I was there, I did a few basic exercises, that are basically all hamstring and quad related. Did learn a few things yesterday that I'll share- The first is that when the ACL is repaired/replaced, you need to relearn how to use your muscles. Your ACL is protected by a reflex that causes your hamstrings to tighten, when your knee gets to the point where its at the maximum of its range, or where the ACL stops the range of motion. If the hamstring didn't have this reflex, your ACL would have torn a long time ago (duh, it does make sense). Part of the physical therapy, is relearning this. This is complicated by the fact that your muscles for some reason, don't want to work (I've already lost 2 inches of muscle mass in my thigh, which is about 15-30%, in 3 days). Part of the reason that it takes so long for an ACL recovery, isn't the fact that you can't go out and do things, its the physiological aspect of the healing process. In the 12-20 week range your body replaces the cells that were tendon, in what is now making up your ACL, to ligament. During this process, your ACL is at its most vulnerable. So you might be feeling great, running around and doing all the things that you used to, but you run the risk, of tearing that weakened ACL. Most of the muscle and reflex rebuilding happens in the first 3 months. Today I still feel some pain and discomfort when moving around. I'm still very controlled in what I do. I've been forbidden from putting more than 5 pounds of weight on my left foot, because the miniscus which often tears during an ACL rupture, was stitched to the bone. They are able to do this about 5% of the time. It will slow the rehad down a bit, because it takes the miniscus about 6 weeks to heal back to to the bone. Once I'm through this, I'll be able to really work on strengthening the quads and hamstings.
  2. slazzies

    Anyone riding without an ACL?

    So its Wednesday, been just over 48 hours since I got out or surgery, and thought I'd post a quick update. When I woke up yesterday morning (if you call 6 or 7 hour long naps sleeping), I didn't feel to bad lying there, but when I got up to go to the bathroom, the pain became quite evident. I think the block (type of anesthesia thats local, they basically knock out the nerves), had finally worn off, and it had been about 6 hours since I took any pain pills. The 2nd day is supposed to be the worst, so I wasn't to surprised, just wished I wasn't so uncomfortable. Spent most of the day in bed, dozing, and trying not to move. Did the 4 hours in the CPM machince, and called it a day. The CPM machine is used to move your leg slowly, you control the range, and gradually increase it. Woke up this moring, and felt a lot better, was quite a bit more comfortable, and was actually able to sleep for 2-3 hours a couple of times. Spent 2.5 hours on the CPM machine, and increased the range to 60%, and was able to move around the house more easily. Got a little ahead of myself though (which usually happens), and between hopping on the one good leg, and a quick trip to Circuit City, I'm feeling more pain than I have the rest of the day. Think I'll take it really easy the rest of the day, I start Physical Therapy tomorrow.
  3. slazzies

    Anyone riding without an ACL?

    I completely ruptured my ACL the first weekend in April of this year. I was riding the next weekend, with no problems and continued riding all year. This morning, I had the ACL surgery. When the injury happened I was in the middle of gutting my house and had to get it done by the end of the summer, so having the surgery at that time was not an option. I got a pair of Asterisk braces a couple of weeks after the accident, and wore those religiously. I debated getting the surgery for some time, I didn't want to lose a season (whether winter or summer), and didn't have any ill effects, outside of there being a looseness associated with my knee joint. I really only felt that looseness when walking, or doing other relaxed activities where my quads weren't prepared to counteract the lack of ACL. I talked to a number of people that had had the surgery, and that hadn't and this is the conclusion that I came to- If you don't have the surgery, and you want to continue to do activities that cause a lot of impact, you will need to keep your quads and hamstrings in peak condition. When your quads are strong, they keep the knee joint tight, strong hamstrings also prevent the chances of hyperextending the knee joint again (which is basically what tore the ACL initially), hyperextending the knee joint also runs the risk of damaging the miniscus, which is the lubricating tissue which covers bone at the joints. The miniscus tissue is very thin, and does not heal very well because it has very poor circulation (blood flow). With no miniscus, arthritis will develop in the joint. Having the surgery, does require down time of 6 months. At this point, if a physcial therapy regimen was correctly followed and there have been no complications, physcially you're back to 100%. One the biggest challenges at this point, can be the psychological aspect. The chances of re-rupturing the ACL is the same at this point as it was prior to the injury. The knee is now back in the position it should be, and allowed to work as it should. A good way to think of not having an ACL, is a ball joint in a suspension, that doesn't fit perfectly. When the weight of the car is on it, it works fine, but once it unweights, it rattles around, doing further damage. As long as you can keep pressure on it (exerting strong muscle control on the joint), you'll be fine, the danger is those times when you can't. After doing quite a bit of research, and talking to a number of doctors, I decided I should have the surgery, I'm 28, and if I didn't, I'd probably be looking at a knee replacement 20-25 years down the road, because of the sports I partake in. The rule I heard most frequently, was have the surgery within the first 18 months of the injury, and be careful not to re-injure it (I can't claim that I always was, but I suffer from that disease we all do called MXing). For those of you that have a partial tear, the conventional wisdom seems to be, wear a good brace (along the lines of an Asterisk, or CTi), and be sure to keep those legs really strong. Best bets to keep the legs strong, are leg curls (quads and hamstrings), squats, and leg press. Cycling is also a great exercise to incorporate, there's no impact, and it'll keep you cardiovascularly fit as well. Stretching is another facet to keep in minds, in terms of injury prevention. Hope that information helps, if you have any questions let me know, I'd be happy to try and answer them. Now its time to go pop a couple more OxyCodone's, ice the knee, and hit the sack.
  4. slazzies

    03 yz450..I'm a big boy

    since you're a Jersey Guy, and you need to have your suspension fined tuned for you, check out Pro Pilot (they have a website, just Google it), they're right in Jersey, do good work and will turn it around fast. (find out if the guy you bought the bike from had any work suspension work done before you call/send it in) i'm not as big as you, but at 220, i was overpowering the stock suspension, and needed work done. the difference was night and day, and well worth the $$$. good luck, and we'll see you at E-Town
  5. You actually want to contact the Secret Service. In addition to providing security for the President, dignitaries and other world leaders when in the US, they are responsible for fraud, money laundering and other financial related law breaking (before Home Land Security, they were actually part of the Treasury Dept). The Secret Service actually has a division that specializes in Nigerian Fraud, because its so rampant.
  6. slazzies

    Big...I mean BIG bike.....

    those pics all look really photoshopped to me.
  7. slazzies

    04 OR 05 ??? $ 500.00 difference

    Definitely go with the '05. I have an '03, and have ridden both '04 and '05. The '05 out of the box is easier to handle, suspension is way better and the throttle response is so much more predictable and smooth, that it alone is worth $500.
  8. slazzies

    how much does it cost to get my suspension set ...

    i don't know what it'll cost at Factory Connection, but I'm sure it won't be to much different than what i paid. i had front and rear re-valves, heavier springs (again front and read), all new seals, bushings and new stoppers put in and a few other small things that needed to be replaced and with shipping it came to about $800. Pro-Pilot did it, and I was really pleased, the difference/improvement was remarkable. i never bottom out, even when over (or under ) jumping something, the whoops are way more fun and predictable, and braking and acceleration bumps mellowed right out. best money you can spend. (since you're in Jersey, the quick turnaround, and possible not paying shipping should benefit you).
  9. slazzies

    Very funny Sean Hablin video

    brought a smile to the face (until I realized that thats pretty much what i look like when i'm riding).
  10. slazzies

    Kicked sideways on long jumps.

    i've been wondering the same thing. every once in a while, i'll find that a certain jump gets my ass end all out of whack, and no matter what i do, i can't seem to get it figured out.
  11. slazzies

    How Much Oil in a 03 YZ450F

    thanks for the info.
  12. Call me brain dead, but I can't remember how much oil I need to put in when I change it. Haven't ridden since the spring, and figure I should change it before I go out this weekend. Just finished renovating the house, and I have no idea where I packed my owners manual. I think its 960 ML's, but knowing me, thats probably some random number I just came up with. Thanks for the help. Slazzies
  13. slazzies

    Knee Braces

    I took my time trying (procrastinating) to find the best deal getting my braces. I eventually ordered them on a Monday, right after the Friday afternoon I tore my ACL. If I hadn't been such a cheap b*stard, I wouldn't be dealing with surgeons trying to find the best one, with my insurance company, getting MRI's and looking forward to 3-6 months off the bike. Just BUY them, trust me, its worth the cost. Slazzies
  14. slazzies

    Wow- 250f- LOVE IT

    Torn, Before going off on the 450, I think you need to look inside and examine the real issue, it wasn't to much torque/power, it was what they refer to as poor "throttle control". Johnnie J, just buy a 450, it'll make it a lot easier to make it up those hill climbs at Maconaqua.
  15. slazzies

    mexico ridding

    i've seen people racing and riding at the spot that your talking about. never rode there, i was always going surfing. we always used to have a few hundred bucks in cash, in case we ran into the federalis, fixed any problem we ever had. don't be obnoxious, don't drive drunk and you'll be fine.