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  1. HotCams

    Cam question

    It is a stage 1 Hot Cam.
  2. HotCams

    DRZ400s exhaust hot cams

    What you saw on the checklist was in regards to the Yamaha Raptor 660. The DRZ does not require aftermarket valve springs unless you increase the rev limit.
  3. HotCams

    HELP!!! Tuning YFZ450 Hot Cams

    With our cams, the YZ450F has a longer pin. If you try to install that cam in a YFZ450, or a WR450F, it will relieve too much compression, and will not start. If you take the cams made for electric start, and install them in a kick start application, chances are that you would not be able to kick it over. I hope that helps.
  4. HotCams

    HELP!!! Tuning YFZ450 Hot Cams

    Actually all of our Yamaha cams are black, so that wont help. Is it hard to kick through? Or, is it easy? What is the part number of the exhaust cam? It is possible you have the cam meant for the YZ450, and not the YFZ/WR cam for your application. The only difference on our cams is the length of the decompressor pin. If you are trying to install the YZ cam in your YFZ, the pin is too long, and relieves too much compression.
  5. HotCams

    Stage 1 vs. 187

    Im curiouse too. What do you mean by wearing??
  6. HotCams

    Valve shim kits

    The KX450F uses a 9.48mm OD shim. That would be our part number HCSHIM02. It is the same kit as the other 450s.
  7. HotCams

    06 Yfz450 Valve Clearance??

    There should have been a red spec card in each of the cam boxes. What we recommend is .15mm (.006") intake, and .20mm (.008") on exhaust. If you cannot get it spot on, we would rather it be on the looser side of those specs.
  8. HotCams

    Valve Clearances

    Actually the clearance gets tighter as the engine warms up. That is why it is safer to run more clearance. If you run to tight of clearance, when the engine gets hot, you may have zero clearance, and that is not good.
  9. HotCams

    Racing Gas??

    Wow CBus660R! That is one of the best analogies, I have herd on this subject. I have tried to describe what you said before, but what you said fits perfect.
  10. HotCams

    FYI DYNO 43.5hp stock/Hot cam info

    Not yet. It typically takes a few months from start to finish, and we just started on it last week. If I had to guess I would say August. If they come out sooner, I will be sure to leak the info to Thumpertalk.
  11. HotCams

    FYI DYNO 43.5hp stock/Hot cam info

    Thanks Burned, you rock. While I was reading through this post, I was thinking how I was going to explain that, and you beat me to it again.. For every one else out there, (like Burned said) Superflow dynos typically read lower horsepower numbers then other dynos. It is not so much about how big of a number you have for a peak HP, but if you have made changes, did you improve.
  12. HotCams

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    I have herd of this before. It sounds like you have the YZ450F exhaust cam 4022-1E. What you need is the YFZ450 cam 4044-1E. The grind is identical (same power), the only difference is the length of the decompressor pin. One is made for electric start, the other is for kick start. Where did you get the exhaust cam from? It sounds like they sold you the wrong one.
  13. HotCams

    Yfz 450 hot cams valve lash

    There should have been a red spec card in the box with the cams. Intake should be set at .15mm or .006", and exhaust should be .20mm or .008".
  14. HotCams

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    What is the part number of the exhaust cam you have? It will be etched on the base circle of one of the lobes. You may have the exhaust cam for the dirtbike, and not the atv, from the sounds of it.
  15. HotCams

    hot cams stage 2 question!!

    Hi All, Sorry it took so long. I just got the stage 2 YZ250F cams on the site now.