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  1. PDBRacer

    Rd. 6 Red Bud - Lucas Oil MX Nationals

    I cannot find 450 Moto #2 on my direct tv. The listings above and another one I've seen do not match my tv guide. I need to set my DVR can someone help?
  2. I wanna who's got the jawesomest moto vans out there and what kind of MPG you recon you get in them.
  3. PDBRacer

    FuelTV 6/6 10:30 EST

    I was out of town and I missed this!!! Did anyone Record it? My friend says theres footage once again of him crashing at lorretta's. I would love to see it
  4. 05 YZ250 stock triple clamp vs a 06 YZ250F RG3 Triple clamp offset. Anyone know the two?
  5. PDBRacer


    COST! Sure the top guys with the support can afford it but the guys trying to make a name for themselves and working 9-5 during the week. The time it takes for them and they all drive. So Cali to wherever the next weekend good luck.
  6. PDBRacer

    Did anyone else hear this at Arl. Sx?

    Exactly, and if you don't count JS as a factory ride that's a joke. They made it sound like everyone with out a factory bike is stock.
  7. Ralph was talking about who has a factory bike and who has a privateer bike. First he says privateer bikes are stock, and then goes on to say all these guys have factory bikes but stewart no no he has a 'somewhat factory bike' 'a L&M's bike with some help from yamaha' ***? Wasn't everyone just saying he has traction control and data acquisition I'm not a stewart hater or bother reading how everyone complains about stewart coverage but after that last round its really starting to annoy me. And that comment.
  8. I'll post some soon.
  9. PDBRacer

    YZ125 or YZ250

    Need more info on your experience level but I would recommend a 125. If you want power a KTM 150 should surfice. A 250 2stroke I think will be to much for you to handle, and you only being 130lbs. A 125 will be fine a good boost from a 85.
  10. PDBRacer

    '06 250F suspension on '05 YZ250

    ahh okay, I'll try and see if I can make the clamps work. I like my RG3 Clamps
  11. 06 is 1st year of double chamber and I plan on parting out my 06 250f. Will my clamps and everything switch over?
  12. PDBRacer

    Which one do you like the most?

    So a lot are saying how they like the wheelie shot 2. I am preferring 1 over 2. They both are wheelie but 1 seems better to me. You can't really tell in ether of them but that's a good size whoop/hole that's the reason for the wheelie.
  13. PDBRacer

    Which one do you like the most?

    lol okay so between 2 and 4. ...and maybe 3 Thanks guys! I'm gonna see how photoshoping the 2 and 4 together looks.
  14. Been off the bike for almost a year due to knee surgery and then winter and such. Finally got a new bike went 2 stroke and been riding a much as I can. Now I have some sweet pictures and don't know which one for my desktop, I can't decide please help. 1 2 3 4
  15. PDBRacer

    Cure for Phantom Neutral?

    Worn out shifter. I tighten it and was good for a lap or two but I know it got lose again. So I gotta replace that quick before it wears on the shift star rod.