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  1. gearloos

    Acerbis or Clarke tank for an XR650L

    Choose whatever you like but one comment... my Acerbis is still as white as it was the day I bought about 9 years ago. they don't yellow like the natural.
  2. gearloos

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Last Febuary when she was new
  3. gearloos

    Best dual sport seat and why

    I have a sicass soft on my 500XC-W and love it.
  4. gearloos

    What's faster a cr 500 or a xr650r?

    yep... Actually had a friend with a CR500 back when I had a 250R fourtrax 89 quad. That bike was wicked fast. I remember though that the KXs were killin it in the desert back in the late 80's. Baja was the exception but head to say Barstow to Vegas and if I remember right, the Big Red was lost in Green. Oh and havent really tried against bikes but my 250 quad with reed and a pipe smoked a friends nice 700 raptor at El Mirage a few years ago. Stunned him.
  5. gearloos

    Best dual sport seat and why

    oh daam did you get this right on the money! Just bought a 500XC-W and 2 hours was all I could take at a time mixed stand / sitting. redivulous for anything but a 15 minute moto.
  6. gearloos

    fe501s optional kick start

    well, got hosed by the only Husky dealer around here and I like the KTM as well so ended up with a 500XC-W. Decided to keep my plated 650 for any road use. Thanks for the help guys. I'll be upgrading the battery as suggested here though, just in case.
  7. gearloos

    Advice for Beginner

    have to agree with everyone here. Lots of good points. You'll scratch and bend it up a bit, break some levers, maybe even damage something expensive. Also, I have a very built 650L and with major motor work, that heavy beast isn't even in the same league with my new bike. I have the XC-W version, but exc is similar experience. I'd reccomend a used whatever in the $3000 range for a year. You'll probably sell it for the same price if you get a decent deal going in too.
  8. gearloos

    fe501s optional kick start

    Awesome! Thanks for all the info. I'm pulling the trigger a Six Days if I can find one, but I'm justvas happy with an FE 501S. The 6 days is like impossible to find around southern cal unless I want to pay a lot over msrp.
  9. gearloos

    Enduro Full Time V

    Great video.
  10. Hey guys, been awhile since I've been on here. I had a knee injury and cant ride much. I want to get back into it but I can't kick the bike over so e-start is a must. Are these bikes (fe501s/500exc) reliable for battery? If not, Anyone know how much the optional kick start is as I'd rather go husky to be a little different here in southern cal. I'm always with friends so in a jam I could get a friend to pop it over for me but mostly I want a reliable e-start somthat doesnt happen. Just thoughts? Thanks
  11. gearloos

    XR650R and XR650L: Testimony of Ownership

    Well, I've had a CR500, an XRR, a KX250 2 stroke, and my trusty XRL. The L handles slowly, is top heavy, has very little power but I know it will get there everytime. I bought mine new in '07 and have modified it quite a bit so the power is better but the main thing for me is just simple reliability. I rarely use it off road anymore but an occasional dirt road is ok. I have other bikes for fun. This one is just transportation now, and only occasionally, but it does that well on a 10 mile to work ride.
  12. gearloos

    how many miles on your pig?

    400,000 ? wow.. just ... wow. I don't ride mine much. Had a Back and Knee injury a few years ago so: '07 with lots and lots of mods.. 1200 miles.. looks like new. runs like a beast haha..
  13. gearloos

    whats with the high rpms?!

    or a simple vacuum leak- just to be sure take your garden hose and put your thumb on it to kind of spray a fan. With the engine running, spray all around the carb and see if your ifle changes anywhere. if it does, zero in on where... If not the float sticking, I'd be more inclined to think you have a little junk on the needle and or seat. If the needle doesn't fit tight against the seat, fuel will leak in. that could also cause what you are describing.
  14. +1 LOl Too True- I remember when I was like 18 and going to school. Had no budget for stuff like sprokets! haha - hey thanks for the trip back... good times..
  15. gearloos

    Is this tank too big

    I'm running the Acerbis 5.8 gal. I mostly do long desert runs and sometimes ride to the trail so it works fo r me. I never notice the weight of the tank. Compared to my KX250 2 Stroke, the 650L is heavy beyond belief anyway so it doesn't bother me in the least compared to the stock tank.