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  1. NO_FEAR

    200 exhaust bent....

    Awesome so it can be done.. should I continue to run the pipe gaurd? I realize it stops the dings and dents but I don't wanna be straighting the pipe everything I drop it either.
  2. NO_FEAR

    200 exhaust bent....

    Hey everyone. Dropped my bike yesterday and the pipe bent so that it is no longer sealed to the exhaust port on the motor.. I don't have the money for a new pipe and id like to straighten this one. Can it be done? Also could the fact that I have a pipe gaurd be the reason its bending the pipe instead of denting it.. thanks for any help
  3. NO_FEAR

    Gas to oil mix ratio

    I have always ran 40:1 using Motorex full synthetic
  4. NO_FEAR

    Whats up with stewarts bike?

    i was watching sx on tv today and i noticed Stewart and his team mate Hill are riding two completely different looking bikes. Anyone know why they did that? i will say the Stewarts bike looked bad a** though
  5. i wish i still had a picture of my 01 honda 125. i rode the wheels off that bike. it looked terrible but ran fantastic
  6. NO_FEAR

    Haha. Billy's quad...

    haha ya gotta do what ya gotta do.. it will be a nice fixer uper haha
  7. NO_FEAR

    What did u get for christmas?

    i got a 32" lcd computer moniter/tv courtesy of my loving grandmother.. and also a sweet electric razor haha
  8. NO_FEAR

    pastrana's new years eve jump

    at least its a win win situation... if he makes it he is still going to be travis pastrana but even more bad ass.. if he dosnt make it.. he is still travis pastrana going out like a champ and is still bad ass
  9. With all the issues it seems multipul people are having the with 6.0, why wont ford just recall the truck and fix the issue. there has no be a reason so many people are blowing motors, head gaskets and so on.
  10. NO_FEAR

    Guy crashes... HARD

    haha yeah i would have to say he landed pretty hard. nothing like a face plant onto cement with nothing but a t-shirt and shorts on. people just dont think before they act haha i personally feel the burnout video was awesome haha
  11. NO_FEAR

    some awesome riding advice

    ^^right. i never get tired of it though hahaha
  12. NO_FEAR

    ktm 200 pictures

    Very nice biks, i got an 08'. But no pics on the work computer.
  13. NO_FEAR

    Check out my photo in the new Racer X!

    your like one of those cops that runs radar on the side of the road then steps in front of the SPEEDING car with their hand up..its takes some balls to stand in the way and you got a really awsome shot out of it
  14. NO_FEAR

    ktm 200 pictures

    I just picked up my first KTM a few weeks ago.. its a leftover 08' 200xc. Ill get some pics tomorrow! your guys bikes look awsome!!
  15. NO_FEAR

    New HUMMER

    im gonna agree wit mawzer.. if they would bring back the H1 hummer but put modern features inside it would be the best hummer yet. but the new hummers just look like glorified SUV's that you pay extra for simply because it says Hummer on the side.