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  1. Enduro Chris

    Which viscosity gearbox oil

    +1 for ATF. Great stuff..
  2. I was also thinking about ATF as cheap base fluid to be thinned up. Which kind of alcohol / petroleum would you recommend? Redline's likewater is an option but I would like to try mixing sth up first ;-) Regards Chris
  3. Hi there, I was just wondering.. Is there any readily available fluid that can serve to dilute fork oils in order to decrease the viscosity? Especially at low ambient temperatures even 2,5 wt fork oil could be softer from my point of view (knowing that there are significant differences between same wt oils) The fluid should mix up with the oil and not damage the fork internals. Here are the fluids I came up with.. Brake fluid (pretty agressive - but seems to work with steel, aluminium and NBR) Petroleum / Kerosene (at least not that agressive) Any further ideas or comments? Chris
  4. Hi there, thank you for all of your replies. NOK is providing many details (thanks to kawamaha!). From what I could find within their datasheets, Fluorocarbon rubber = FKM seems to be the best option. If I´m reading their rating tables correctly, Tetrafluoroethylene = PTFE should be in the same league.. open this link and select the PDF files listed below.. Seal material "feature comparison" page 2 of PDF "Types of NOK Oil Seals Material" Seal service life material comparison page 3 of PDF "Technical Data" SKF homepage shows that they use a Nitrile rubber = NBR-based material (link). So, why are there no FKM/PTFE fork seals on the market? Chris
  5. Especially main fork seals. So what is the typcial material and how do the brands differ? Chris
  6. Hi there, some questions regarding fork seals.. - Anybody know what the preferred material for fork seal rings is? Are there seal rings entirely made of Telfon available? - What is the main difference between noname and quality-brand seals from you point of view? Design, material, both or isn´t there any? Chris
  7. Enduro Chris

    E-Starter Torque

    Hi chuck, do you have any idea of the torque we are talking about? I´m searching for an alternative starter.. chris
  8. Hi there, there is a Mitsuba SM16 Starter in my Husaberg TE300. From what I could find out it is rated at 350 Watts, 2013++ is 400 Watts. Does anybody have some information about the torque that it produces? Similar starter units properties would be also helpful.. chris
  9. Enduro Chris

    Questions on flywheel effect

    Thank you for all your comments. I did a rough calculation of the inertia and stored energy. The weight added to the clutch behaves like a hollow cylinder (60 mm inner radius, 70 mm outer radius), with 100 gramms, I´m resulting in J_clutch = 0,5 * 0,1 * (0,06² + 0,07²) = 0,000425 kg*m² The weight added to the flywheel behaves like a solid disc with (50 mm radius) with 100 grams, I´m resulting in J_flywheel = 0,1 * 0,05² = 0,000125 kg*m² Let´s assume the flywheel is turning 3 times faster and the engine is at 3000 rpm -> omega_clutch = 105 s^-1, omega_flywheel = 314 s^-1. The stored energy is W = 1/2 * J * omega² W_clutch = 2,3 J W_flywheel = 6,16 J Please correct me if I´m wrong somewhere - it´s been some years.. Isn´t the stored energy what finally counts in this whole equation? Chris
  10. Hi there, just saw the prices for flywheels and got an idea. Wouldn´t the effect be pretty similar if one removed one friction plate and two steel plates from the clutch and inserted "one big friction-plate-alike-looking steel plate"? The downside I see is that the clutch basket is rotating slower that the crank shaft and therefore less rotational energy gets saved. What is the typical ratio clutch basket versus crank shaft? chris
  11. Enduro Chris

    Is this normal piston and cylinder wear?

    I believe it could have worked fine for some time. B-)
  12. Enduro Chris

    Is this normal piston and cylinder wear?

    Yes, that's the thread I am talking about. How long did it work?
  13. Enduro Chris

    Strange sounds down low (sample included)

    Plus: my grinding style noise did not disappear when engaging the clutch.
  14. Enduro Chris

    Strange sounds down low (sample included)

    It turned out to be the needle bearing behind the clutch basket. With the clutch cover removed you could feel play within the clutch basket. Did you check the oil for any residues?
  15. Enduro Chris

    Is this normal piston and cylinder wear?

    @sinful: I remember your old discussion thread and the pictures of your old piston.Did it die or did you exchange it just to be safe? About your current problem. I can follow the theory about the cylinder being warped due to different tightening / torque of the screws. Even if something went wrong with the re-plating of the cylinder - nobody will reimburse you. My proposal would be to take all the parts, to torque them acc spec and to ride this thing.