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  1. Mike OD

    Do Beta's have the CS leak like KTM's?

    This is an old thread, but it looks like the CS seal is starting to leak on my wife's '09 525 RS. Only about 400 miles on the bike. Purchased last November so it might be covered under warranty.
  2. Mike OD

    Cooling fan

    Thanks for the information about the auto thermosensors -- I'll check it out. Using a computer fan seems like an inexpensive alternative, but I wonder about the durability. Glad to hear that the shroud doesn't affect the cooling efficiency of the older fan kit. You're right -- the RFS fan kit is less expensive than the newer kit.
  3. Mike OD

    Cooling fan

    Thanks for the information. How did you mount the fan -- like pterry above? Do you have a pic?
  4. Mike OD

    Cooling fan

    Yep -- I stopped at the local dealer today and found that the fan kit for the '08 -'10 EXC has the 95 C sensor. Unfortunately, I have an '07 525 and the fan kit for that year comes with the 85 C sensor. I could order a separate 95 C sensor, but it's $59 on top of the $120 for the fan kit. Interestingly, the fan for the '07 has a rather large shroud, which itself can block some air flow and cause the fan to run more often. The kit for the '08-'10 models just has a metal bracket for installation and no shroud surrounding the fan body. Anyone know if you can adapt the bracket to fit on an '07?
  5. Mike OD

    Cooling fan

    Thanks much for the information -- I've been thinking about getting a fan for my '07 525. Would you happen to know the part # for the fan with the 95 C sensor?
  6. Mike OD

    Motorcycle dilemma.

    Thanks for the reply. Like you, I had a DRZ400 and sold it to buy an '09 450 EXC that I use for dual sporting. So far I still have the stock Metzler Six Day tires on it -- they seem to perform pretty well, even on pavement. I have a similar set-up to yours, but with 14/48 gearing. You mentioned that you've done a couple of 500 D/S mile trips -- have you changed the seat? I did 170 miles one day and the stock seat was pretty brutal by the end. Sorry if I've highjacked the thread.
  7. Mike OD

    gas tank pressure build up???

    That's usually what's done as part of the desmogging procedure.
  8. Mike OD

    Motorcycle dilemma.

    What tire do you run on the front for dual sporting?
  9. Have you checked the NADA retail value? I recently purchased a stock '07 525 EXC with 15 hours on it for $4000.
  10. Mike OD

    Question about jet kit for Beta 525RS..

    I just got the JD kit for my wife's 525 (Xmas gift - LOL) and will install it per instructions for lower altitudes, and will do the smogectomy as well. Those two modifications on my KTM 450EXC really lit the bike up. Hopefully we'll get the same results with the Beta.
  11. Mike OD

    Good deal on a Beta?

    Definitely do it if you can. My wife just bought an '09 525RS for about a grand more than that and I thought we got an excellent deal, considering MSRP.
  12. Mike OD

    09 KTM 450 EXC QUESTIONS help!!!

    No kidding, my wife and I visited Sonora this past September. She has cousin there whom she hadn't seen in many years. Beautiful area -- I had never been there before. We may go back next year -- I would like to try the Half Dome hike in Yosemite. We had the mechanic who did the rejetting also do the smogectomy. I think it's pretty stright forward. You could do a search on KTM Talk -- if I remember, there's a good description there along with some photos. Maybe one issue of concern, though, is that California rangers are being trained to look for the smog stuff. At least I have read that in some threads on KTM Talk. So maybe see how the bike runs with just the rejetting -- it might be fine and you can leave the smog stuff on.
  13. Mike OD

    09 KTM 450 EXC QUESTIONS help!!!

    I ride in that same altitude range -- I would just put in the jets that are recommended in the kit. I had the local shop do the jetting (the mechanic there is the best I've ever had work on my bikes) so I don't recall off-hand what size MJ he put in. Unfortunately, I'm out of town for the next 10 days, but I can check when I get back. You could also search this forum or the TT jetting forum and you might find some suggestions.
  14. Mike OD

    09 KTM 450 EXC QUESTIONS help!!!

    I bought an '09 450 EXC in September and have done the following: installed FMF pipe that came with the ready-to-race kit installed JD jet kit, including the accelerator pump O-ring that comes in the kit removed smog canister and hoses The bike ran OK before the changes but it runs fabulously now. Interestingly, the stock pilot was pretty clogged up -- don't know if that happened at the factory or the dealer. You might check yours if you are not planning to rejet. I haven't changed the stock gearing as it is set up right now for supermoto. Oh, I should also mention that the position of the FMF outlet caused the right rear turn signal to melt. Got a UFO tailpeice to replace the stock assembly and no further problems.