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  1. nikki

    how to change clutch

    Unfortunately on the 150, there isn't a clutch cover. So you have to pull the whole right side case cover to get to the clutch. Drain the oil and antifreeze first, then remove the kickstarter and rear brake lever, then remove the side cover. You'll likely need a new side cover gasket for reassembly too. Once you're in there, it's basically the same as the other bikes you have worked on in the past.
  2. nikki

    mickeyo walnut rental

    Thanks for the update, Mickeyo. What time is the rental?
  3. nikki

    mickeyo walnut rental

    My hubby and I plan to make it out, thanks Mickeyo!
  4. nikki

    Lowering Foot Pegs & Different Handle Bars?

    I went with the Fastway F5's, to have them a little lower and more set back. But I've been riding for 12 years with "stock" width pegs, so the wider fatter pegs have a much different feel to my small size 6 feet. I'm not quite sold just yet on the pins/grip, but I only have 3 short rides with them. Tomorrow will be a true test, rocky creeks, hills, logs... so I will have a better opinion soon.
  5. nikki

    Lowering Foot Pegs & Different Handle Bars?

    Great cheap mod!! I'm happy with mine. To get a little more room on my 150RB, I did the Tusk bar risers, Gutz racing tall seat, and Fastway lowboy pegs. Only have a couple rides with the pegs, so not exactly sure my thoughts on them yet.
  6. nikki

    07 crf 450r stuck in gear

    I realize this thread is a year old... but I assume you broke the shift collar (part number 10 on the attached). Did you put a new one on there? Did you replace anything else, and have you been trouble free since? Same thing happened to my husband's '06 this weekend. Collar broke, so he is replacing the gearshift spindle (part 18) and a new collar (10). http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.asp?partcategory=532337&manufacturer=3&category=3&year=2007&model=12176
  7. nikki

    Keithsburg race sunday

    So, did you make it out there yesterday? We went, I've been racing a 150RB in the woods, but rode my 250F yesterday for the sand/whoops, and ended up with my first HS win in the women's class (despite a couple of crashes on the last lap). Nice course for MX'ers or sand riders. What number are you running this year, and still a CRF? I'll have to say hi next time.
  8. nikki

    crf150r rider ages

    30 year old women's class rider here. I have a 150RB as my hare scramble bike, and a CRF250R for my MX bike. I love the smaller 150RB for the woods!
  9. nikki

    Check out my new graphics and plastic!

    Figured I would bump Matt's thread up......... and score myself a TOTP.... Anyone else locked out today, or just me?
  10. nikki

    valve clearances

    Intake = 0.16 +/- 0.03 mm (0.006 +/- 0.001 in) Exhaust = 0.26 +/- 0.03 mm (0.010 +/- 0.001 in)
  11. nikki

    How far south to ride?

    We rode Fred Bud last weekend too... nice thing about the sand, when everything else is muddy, the sand is rideable! Bob... I thought I saw you out there, Saturday right? In addition to Taylorville, Crossroads and LTM are a few more tracks in that general area that would likely be open. If the weather cooperates, we might go to Crossroads next Saturday, then race the Belleville HS on Sunday. www.crossroadsmx.com (Mason, IL) www.lincolntrailmotosports.com (Casey, IL) From the LTM site yesterday: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 It's a beautiful day at the track. Track is in good shape. Track and woods open for riding. Come out and play while the weather is good. Check back later this week for track prep on Sunday. Thanks LTM
  12. nikki

    150r convert big wheel to small

    Try checking ebay, you should be able to find used 150R wheels for a lot cheaper than $800. If you don't find anything, I have a set I might be willing to sell.
  13. nikki

    Fork Seal

    Here are a couple of videos: Part 1 - Disassembly: Part 2 - Reassembly:
  14. nikki

    My New '07 CRF150R

    Nice and shiny!! Now time to get it dirty (once the snow melts a little bit)!
  15. nikki

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    FYI... for the Fastway pegs... they have the 150R listed along with the '02-'08 CR/CRF 125/250/450, same part number: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2009/default.asp?p=346