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  1. rangersgoalie

    MX Track Elizabeth CO

    if you build your own track this summer i'd throw you a few bucks to come out and ride away from the crowds since its been a few yeras since i've been able to get on a bike
  2. rangersgoalie

    Colorado when?how? where?

    So I now have a Son. While he's still to young to ride, I'm curious to when/how /where ect everyone introduced their kids to bikes. I know I'm going to want to atleast give him the chance to see if he likes it, but just seeing it now, its upwards of a few hunderd bucks to get the right equipement(helmet) and a bike.
  3. rangersgoalie

    Relocating to Denver Area - Advice?

    I just bought in Parker about a year ago, Prices aren't any more then the rest ofo Douglas county unless your out away from a town. and its cheaper then most surrounding towns - Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Litleton, ect. and your close enough to everything - denver is 20 min on a good day, mountains about an hour ect. Plus with our HOA we have garbage, and rec center/pool access - HR does that as well but I'm not sure about the rest. but like was said above its based on a commute, I'm door to door 10 min to work. thats whats worth it.
  4. rangersgoalie

    VDR's 1st Hare Scramble Sept 21st

    Whats the vet class? Hoping for something alittle more calmer then the open novice...
  5. rangersgoalie

    Let's go riding!

    Where are you located? I havent been on the bike in over a year and just waiting to get it back and hoping to hit up Waktins/Jewell this weekend.
  6. rangersgoalie

    recommended trails/area for camping and riding

    I believe you can camp at the new Watkins motocross - its has 3 trail with jumps and berms, and then a few out in the back. VDR also allows camping if I remember correctly.
  7. rangersgoalie

    Vacation to colorado

    Where are you staying? where to ride depennds on that. if your staying in the Mtns then rampart doesn't make alot of sense,
  8. rangersgoalie

    Booby traps in Rampart

    and this is why I'm not a fan of night riding. Yes it would be cool, but to much can go wrong,
  9. rangersgoalie

    Reminder; Thunder Valley Nationals this Saturday

    Its on TV too. if I didn't have a hockey tourney Id be out riding and watching from the comfort of my couch instead on the side of the hill.
  10. rangersgoalie

    Denver area shop reviews

    what you charge for a 2t top end, and other "tune ups"
  11. rangersgoalie

    The new Watkins MX, Jewell Motocross

    From what I've seen they haven't said major uplift, but that its a slow process. I guess because I'm on the middle track more now that i have to work in the morning and the "pros' tend to forget that. i give a pass on the pro track changes, and use to the lack of prep. I don't think they said they did anything to the pee wee yet, but that it was going to be all new - when im not sure, but thats what they said.
  12. rangersgoalie

    2002 125 build

    So I need some help all. I have a 2002 that needs some love, and I was needing help estimating my costs, and pirotizing the build. I know I need: Top end rebuild - low compression - can I still ride track on this for a while you think? new Radiators - right side is bent pretty good, not leaking but still a need. New wheels/Tires suspension re valved New Leavers - going unbreakable for future expenses Pipe/silencer combo (have a FMF fatty and stock combo now . then the pretty stuff plastics and such. I think this is a good order - I can't do it all at once, this will be a year or 2 long project but what should i be looking at cost wise for all this? Anything I'm missing? And the motor work I'll have done, as I don't trust myself inside it yet.
  13. rangersgoalie

    The new Watkins MX, Jewell Motocross

    Anyone go this weekend? Hows it look all 3 tracks improved/changed? Was going to try to get out on sat, but the bike isn't quite right - low compression has me worried on riding the tracks on it.
  14. rangersgoalie

    Can someone clarify the Watkins situation?

    Was thinking of going out on monday. but I'm starting to think if it gets out, it'll be slammed. Also any word on costs? will the passes from Mikes time in charge be honored?
  15. rangersgoalie

    Possibly relocating to Denver

    Parkers full. unless you care to help work on motors... then we can find a place for you. In all seriousness, its not bad, and the drive to aurora shouldn't be to bad - depends where tho. South and east aurora isn't bad, but the closer to denver you get the sketichyier it gest