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  1. nick250f

    Trails to ride!

    http://www.goldeneaglesmc.org/trail_rides.htm Great time..
  2. nick250f

    crf150af full size!

    Let us know some details.... Pics maybe..... How does it ride compared to stock.... Pro's Con's.....
  3. nick250f

    places to ride in eastern iowa?

    http://iowaohv.s702.sureserver.com/hotline/bluff-creek/ http://iowaohv.s702.sureserver.com/
  4. nick250f

    (125)More power vs get a 150?

    Very Nice.... To bad were 2k miles apart.. I would like to give that a whirl.... We have both TTR and 150R stock models ..... The Honda is to much for the misses and the TTR is a 2001 .... So as you said .. Night and Day difference.... thanks for posting the pic... Nick
  5. nick250f

    (125)More power vs get a 150?

    Any pics of the BBR 150R TTR...
  6. nick250f

    Best aftermarket muffler for CRF150r

    Its all good. Just wanted to make sure you got the right answers you were looking for..... Good luck in your search... Alot of great brands...
  7. nick250f

    Best aftermarket muffler for CRF150r

    Think also about added spark arrestor and/or quiet core systems ... if your area requires it....Trail systems and Forest land riding...Other states...etc. 96dbs...max You said muffler in the header .. but then pipe in your post....Lots of great choices... FMF
  8. nick250f

    CRF150R Returns for 2012

    Be Awesome to get some fuel injection.... on the smaller motors... SOME day... A updated 2012 150X model would be nice also... Hope the Honda rep will be accurate.....
  9. nick250f

    Brooks harescramble!!!

    Congrats on the new arrival.....
  10. nick250f

    Brooks harescramble!!!

    How is your racing season going so far..??
  11. nick250f

    Yet another carb question . . .

    Good to hear you worked it out....
  12. nick250f

    Stolen Bikes Des Moines, IA

    Any luck in finding the bikes yet.??...
  13. nick250f

    if anyones up for a challenge.....

  14. nick250f

    What would you buy?

    I would ask what type of riding..track ,trail,....racing......??? In Iowa they haven't been enforcing spark arrestors or db levels (yet.). etc 95-99..dbs.. Do you ride at the local OHV places?... Keep this in mind when buying maybe... To save a headache of having to buy something else. To be legal and quiet while out riding If you ride other surrounding states .. MN WI... they do enforce these rules and laws... I have a FMF Q on our bike..It has a spark arrestor .It quiets the bark without any noticeable performance losses.. And it makes it legal to ride anywhere. Have fun... Nick.
  15. nick250f

    BBR aluminum frame ?

    Any cool pics of the BBR 150R?