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  1. Satch0922

    Dyno results 05 yz 250

    my point exactly. Who here races intermediate or pro? MAYBE 1 ?
  2. Satch0922

    Dyno results 05 yz 250

    McGrath lap times have nothing to do with 450's, forget about the bike, what are the rider's capabilites? Besides....a hot rodded 2-stroke is more difficult to ride and that is where the thumpers win. NOT because they have more horsepower but because they are easier for a lesser talented rider to go fast on.
  3. Satch0922

    Dyno results 05 yz 250

    I know most of this is for the fun of it (hell I love modding my bike) but when I take a step back and look one has to ask....WHY?? A stock YZ250 has as much or more power than a works bike from 5 years ago. Is there anyone here turning McGrath speed lap times??? Of course the answer is no. So why does everyone "need" more power? Sorry....I have been accused of having a good grasp of the obvious! BTW....05 YZ250,,,for sale.
  4. Satch0922

    450 Plastic on 426 COMPLETE WITH PICS

    not sure what part you want answered. I did this mod way back when because I like working on bikes and I had a lot of money tied up in aftermarket stuff on my 426. As far as what is wrong with the stock stuff...nothing. But the ergos on the 450 and newer bikes are a lot better...flatter and lighter. In May of 2004 when I did it (almost 3 years ago) I just about broke even by selling my 426 stuff on eBay. It would be more difficult to do that now.
  5. Satch0922

    06 YZ250- 3 brand pipe shootout by me.

    obviously the 05 change was due to the new frame. There was a slight design change at the very end of 05 and has stayed the same since. Yamaha probably did not change the part number in late 05 though. Unfortunately I would be shocked if you ever see a change in the pipe/motor of the YZ250 from this point forward.
  6. Satch0922

    Thinking of buying 01 YZ426??

    the 2001 is bullet proof.
  7. Satch0922

    2001 Yz426

    I would pass on the high comp piston. The gain you get is not going to knock your socks off and if an internal mod won't do that....leave it stock. I would replace the piston, rings and top bearing. I would also replace the cam chain AND tensionor. Set your valves while your in it and you will be good to go for a LONG time. And as Florida_426 said....get an hour meter if you plan on keeping the bike.
  8. no doubt a great mod. Here is a pic of my YZ426 just before I sold it....I upgraded the rear brake MC when I did the YZ450 conversion.
  9. Satch0922

    Team Yamaha '07

    thanks for the links and the info DPW! You rock! BTW.....I suppose the only way I am going to get over my "Langston is a sandbagger" feelings is to consider that maybe he was waiting for a real ride before he moved up. Maybe he was just being smart ....not a wuss? One thing is for sure.....he will be on the best bike he has ever put a leg over. Good luck this season GL. As far as Reed's sponsor? I think their mission statement is admirable. As fans of motocross we should be grateful to ANYONE who throws their hat into the ring to sponsor a team. -B
  10. Satch0922

    Selling My 05 Yz250 Soon....how Much?

    I love it! Most people (like me) don't have guts to post videos or pictures of crashes! BTW....I see you pulled the holeshot on some thumpers huh? Don't do that....it makes the marketing dept guys at the big 4 feel silly.
  11. Satch0922

    Selling My 05 Yz250 Soon....how Much?

    Heck..you can PM me an offer...won't hurt my feelings to say no LOL! (or yes). BTW....that video link you have in your sig is hilarious.....that's not you is it?
  12. Satch0922

    Selling My 05 Yz250 Soon....how Much?

    Yep doing the patella graft here. My surgeon says that is the only way he will do them. If you want to read up on it....hear you go.. http://www.arthroscopy.com/sp05025.htm
  13. Satch0922

    Selling My 05 Yz250 Soon....how Much?

    thank you guys! RC....we need to talk about the TI peg swap! PM me There is no bike to replace this one....at least for now. ACL graft surgery on Tuesday so I am out for 6-8 months. Guys....if your not wearing knee braces....GOOD ONES.....do it now. Don't lose your hobby over being hard headed like me....... Brent
  14. I have an idea of what I can get for the bike (which is a lot different than asking "what it is worth"). Just thought I would get your input to make sure when the time comes (within the next month) I am in the neighborhood. 2005 YZ250 (original owner) (front tire , chain and sprokets replaced two rides ago), recent fork service, oil changed every 5 hrs of use. THE REAL 50th ANNIVERSARY YZ Dunlop 756 front, 952 rear Applied top clamp ProTaper "Windham" bend FastCo anti vibration bar inserts ProGrip grips ProTaper Yamaha Anniverary Pad Steahly 11oz flywheel weight Magnetic drain plug E-Line CF pipe guard CF chain guide VForce 3 Pro Circuit 304 (long) SS silencer Stock expansion chamber Race Tech springs GYTR Titanium 57mm pegs SDG tall seat Uni Filter ProSeal airbox/airfilter seal Boyesen waterpump cover Engine Ice Boyesen ignition cover DID ERT2 chain Tag Sprokets Sendec hour meter Dr. D front brake clamp Clarke black tank One Industries "Hurricane" Kit Acerbis Front rotor cover MX Plus vent cap
  15. Satch0922

    Yamaha Of Troy Yz125

    I found this old article and thought you guys would enjoy it! PG1 PG2 PG3 PG4