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    New KTM owner.

    Stupid me didn't specify that it is a 200. I had an 03 200exc years ago and loved that bike so I figure I will love this one also. I plan to drop the suspension off at my local shop to get it refreshed and set up for my weight while I am tearing the motor apart. I can't wait to ride this thing, it's been way too long!
  2. yzfrider67

    New KTM owner.

    I have been off a bike for 5 years this July and I have finally given in to the bug to get another bike. A co worker just happened to have a 2004 KTM SX he was wanting to sell for real cheap. He said it needed some clutch work and was asking $1000. Well after looking at it and asking him about the symptoms we decided the cases needed to be split because the return spring on the shifter was not functioning correctly or at all. I offered him $700 and he accepted. It will probably be another month before I get to tear in to it because my wife and I are currently in the middle of buying a house. I just wanted to show it off a little. Other than the obvious internal issue, the bike is a little rough around the edges but nothing a little scotch brite and elbow grease won't take care of.
  3. This is my first post on here in like two years but I feel like I can chime in here pretty well. In July of 2010 I had a little lay over that ended up causing a pretty serious injury. I was off work for almost 3 months and had some serious physical therapy. After I got to where I could walk, I sold my bike. I was just pissed about the whole situation so I thought it would be an easy out. Of course my wife loved the fact that I sold out, but I can say that even after 3 years I still get the urge to buy a bike. After riding most of my life I honestly believe it's not possible to totally put the fire out. Now that I am in a much better place career wise and financially, I am thinking real hard at finding a "project" bike that I can at least make some money on. Or at least that's the excuse I would give my wife lol.
  4. On July 25th of last year I wrecked my last bike and jacked my knee up bad. At first they thought it was a torn ACL but it was actually a tibial plateau fracture and the tendon basically came off of my leg. I did a lot of PT, sold the bike saying never again, blah blah blah. Well now I am thinking about getting another bike. In particular I am thinking of a 125 2t. I am a big guy (for a 125) at 6'1" and 230#s. When I rode before its almost exclusively tight single track and Im worried it may not be enough for the hills here in Southern WV. But I just want something to play around on and have fun. I need to sort of ease back into this stuff. I'd love to hear from some big(er) guys on 125s!
  5. yzfrider67


    I have the same problem every time. It usually takes a good 20-30 seconds to load, where the rest of the site is instant.
  6. yzfrider67

    Cutting out at WOT

    Well I cleaned the air filter, cleaned the jets, and put new gas in it. The problem is still there. I can turn the throttle all the way open and it just wont rev past half throttle. Would it be possible that the float valve is not opening all the way and its just getting enough gas to rev so far?
  7. yzfrider67

    Cutting out at WOT

    thanks fellas. the carb is gonna be the first place I check. as soon as I get to it I will post my findings.
  8. yzfrider67

    Cutting out at WOT

    Ok guys heres the story. I get my bike fixed up and ride for about 30 minutes. Then I broke my leg and ripped my ACL partially off. This was about a month and a half ago. The bike was running great at the time. Then my buddy borrows it last weekend b.c his stator went out on his bike. I went to get my bike from him monday and he said my bike ran great all weekend. He even started it and rode it around with me there and it sounded like it was running perfect. So he loads it for me and I take it home. I decide to start it today because I am bored and I notice something is definately wrong. It starts and idles fine, but it cuts out really bad when you rev it out. I thought it was just loading up b/c it idled for a few minutes. So I took it out in the yard and it did fine up until about the time the powervalve would open, and then it starts to cut out. I dont think its the powervalve because it acts more like there is water in the carb, but its not been anywhere near water. It hasnt even rained since last friday or saturday. I havent even broke into it yet, but I just wanted to see what you all think.
  9. Great vid! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Greebe, where are you located in WV? There are tons of riders around here that are always looking for new riding buddies.
  11. you have obviously never raced a harescramble before.
  12. thanks for your input guys. it was just a thought I had. I was just thinkin it would be a cool idea for current four strokes to eliminate the need for changing oil and filters so often. My mind has just been wandering like crazy since I have been off the bike for awhile and I was just seein what everyones opinion on this was.
  13. yzfrider67

    Update on my CRFXR400X-A

    I dont believe he did an engine swap. He just de-bored the cylinder to 400cc's.
  14. yzfrider67

    thumpertalk kawasaki

    I think it just got switched from a kx 85 to a limited edition kx250f that has black plastics, I could be wrong but I think the hubs are green and theres a slight hint of green on the radiator shrouds. Honestly I dont care what bike is up there as long as its not orange! Now let the flaming begin!
  15. Ok guys, the first thing I am going to say is that I am no engineer or anything close. But my dad just recently bought a new Stihl trimmer and it has this 4-mix engine. I had no idea what it was so I decided to do some research on it. From what I have read, they seem to be great engines. Then, a little spark went off in my head and I started wondering why this technology has not been used in bigger applications (motorcycles). For those of you that have any experience with this engine I would really like to hear what you have to say. This thread is totally hypothetical and was mainly born from boredom, but I would love to hear what you guys think about it. Here is a link to the Stihl website if you are not sure what a 4-Mix is. http://www.stihl.com/isapi/default.asp?contenturl=/knowhow/producttechnics/stihlengines/4mix/default.htm