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  1. durkot

    16 450 SXF MIA

    It finally showed up last Saturday. I've ridden it twice and couldn't be happier. Shock spring is too stiff, but otherwise nothing but compliments. Brakes, clutch, power, handling are amazing. Lots of negative press on the 4CS springs, but they work well for me.
  2. durkot

    16 450 SXF MIA

    Still waiting on mine. It was supposed to be in mid-September. Doesn't seem right that they have no clue when the bikes will show up.
  3. durkot

    2014 CRF450 Fork and Shock Valving

    Make sure to video the shock bleeding when you get to that point so everyone can enjoy it.
  4. I picked up a Driven 270 mm oversized rotor from Motosport.com for $129.99. Basically same price as OEM. I was very happy with quality and performance. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/DRIVEN-OVERSIZE-FLOATING-FRONT-BRAKE-ROTOR
  5. durkot

    2012 crf450 fork spg rate? .48kg? .49kg?

    For 2012 honda went with the stiffer spring as the standard. Stock is .49 kg.
  6. Anyone have the valve port geometry for the base valve piston, rod diameter, and bleed diameter for the 2012 CRF450R? I want to run a simulation with Restackor prior to tearing the forks apart.
  7. durkot

    03' CRF450 too much compression to start?

    leave the spark plug out and put a screw driver in when the piston is near top dead center. My bet is that the cam chain has stretched and even though the timing marks were lined up when it was reassembled it is no longer timed correctly. When the piston is at its highest is where the timing mark on the crankshaft should be lined up with the arrow. You will probably find that the timing mark on the sprocket on the cam is not lined up at this point. Happened to me and they symptoms were the same.
  8. durkot

    2012 crf450r std shock valving

    Compression 44.0 11 0.20 40.0 1 0.15 42.0 4 0.15 40.0 1 0.20 38.0 1 0.20 34.0 1 0.20 30.0 1 0.20 26.0 1 0.20 22.0 1 0.25 21.0 1 0.30 Rebound 40.0 4 0.20 28.0 1 0.11 40.0 1 0.30 38.0 1 0.30 36.0 1 0.30 34.0 1 0.30 32.0 1 0.30 30.0 1 0.30 29.0 1 0.30 28.0 1 0.30 27.0 1 0.30 26.0 1 0.30
  9. durkot

    Full Synthetic 10-40 Motor Oil

    Shell Rotella full synthetic gallon (5W-40 - blue container) is around $21 at Walmart.
  10. durkot

    Experts help me fix this weep hole leak

    This was a more common problem on the first Honda 450s ('02) and in my opinion got a bit better every year. Two things are the cause of this issue if you have ruled out seals and bearings as you have. It all has to do with the fact that the water pump is driven by the counter balance shaft. By design, a shaft that is purposely out of balance. Bearings don't like out of balance shafts especially if they are not held securely on the outer race. If the counter balance shaft wobbles it will cause the water pump shaft to wobble and leak. First, the right hand side bearing (deep groove ball) of the counter balance shaft seats into the engine case on the OD. It is not a press fit - the bearing slips in. Because of this, if the tolerances are not perfect, the bearing will spin on the OD and wear away a little of the case because of the unbalanced shaft. This makes it looser and allows it to spin easier. Once that happens there is a bit of radial play and the shaft can wobble. Even with new seals, bearings, and shaft, it will cause the water pump shaft to wobble and leak. I have used two fixes. If it is not bad, loctite bearing lock may work. The other option is to use a pointed punch and upset the case in several evenly spaced locations around where the bearing seats so it is a tight fit. Also, there is a little clip that clamps he bearing axially. I have bent this a bit more so it puts a bit more clamp load to help lock the bearing in place. If this fix does not work, it is possible that the bearing on the left side is worn causing the wobble. It is a roller bearing that seats directly on the shaft so either or both could be the cause. Based on the low hours I doubt this is the issue. Good luck.
  11. durkot

    Gearing Question.

    15 is the biggest that will fit in the front. And you will probably have to grind the tab on the swing arm a bit to get it to fit. I got a 42 rear from sprocketspecialists.com
  12. Reread his post. He changed valves. Cam and sprocket have to come off to do that. If the chain was stretched and he disassembled without checking the location of the timing mark and then put it back together assuming the chain had not stretched the timing would be off one tooth. The exact thing happened to me.
  13. On a bike that old the timing chain has likely stretched to the point that the timing marks line up but it is off one tooth. Take the spark plug out and put a screw drive in (make sure the handle is big enough that you cannot drop it in) to find a true top dead center. My guess is that the timing marks don't line up any more. Chain stretched on my bike for this exact thing to happen. Two options if that is the case. Replace the timing chain which is recommended, or use the screw driver method to find TDC.
  14. Anyone know what the stock spring rate is on the 2012 CRF450R? My guess is 1.9 since that is what it was in the 2009-2011.
  15. durkot

    Thoughts on shock stack

    I was thinking something more like this: 44x.15 <----- 44x.20 (6) 34x.15 30x.15 44x.20 42x.20 40x.20 38x.25 36x.25 34x.25 32x.25 30x.25 28x.25 27x.25 <----- 26x.25 25x.25 <----- 24x.25 remove 22x.3 <-----