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  1. motovita

    Vintage Trials Video Crazy Rocks

    Seen it.
  2. I'm sure buyers would line up around the bike to buy that. The question is why would a manufacturer want to build a bike and sell it at a loss.
  3. motovita

    Untitled 50s

    that you already own and pay for, thank you very much.
  4. motovita

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    Does Triple A send roadside assistance where you ride your dirt bike?
  5. motovita

    ttr 230 fork help please

    You need to replace or resurface that fork tube if you want the seal to work.
  6. motovita

    Auto Clutch Hate

    If I could ever figure out how to mount a LHRB without compromising my clutch lever I'd do it in a heart beat, and I have no intention of dragging my feet on the ground, it would just be another way to apply the rear brake with my weight way back on the bike. By the way I did run across a Hawaiian Trials dealer, http://www.hawaiiridesinc.com/.
  7. motovita

    Wires on inside of tire

    In WA we get charged a disposal fee when we buy tires and then when we dispose of them we get charged it again. That galls me to the point that I pile em up in the back yard and burn em, just tell the neighbors that I'm cleaning my barbeque.
  8. motovita

    Front wheel wash out in straight line

    I would describe it as looking past, rather than around, the obstacle. Sort a different way of thinking of the same thing, but frequently the best way to deal with an obstacle is to go over it, looking ahead to where you want to go can lessen the impact of the obstacle on the bike/rider.
  9. motovita

    Auto Clutch Hate

    Or you could read it yourself...
  10. motovita

    Wires on inside of tire

    I'd be very surprised to learn that an MX52 is steel belted, but I guess I don't know. Did you try pulling the wires out?
  11. motovita

    Auto Clutch Hate

    If you change the two times you used the word "you" in that sentence to "I" then I won't disagree with you.
  12. motovita

    Auto Clutch Hate

    There may not be a down side, for you. As to your question, I realize you may not want to read 80 pages of this thread but if you just read the previous page you will get a pretty good answer, if you want more, keep reading.
  13. motovita

    Shattered supersprox sprocket

    I would guess that you packed enough mud or rocks onto the chain/sprockets that something had to give. Better a sprocket than a transmission shaft.
  14. motovita

    My quest to save the driveway from mud

    I had to read this thread because I have the same problem. I live in a small town that has no car wash and I ride from the house, my yard in AZ is landscape rock, no grass. Washing mud on top of the colored rock ruins it and gives weeds a place to take hold. I know you're thinking there's no mud in AZ but I live right by a river, so mud happens. The best solution I've come up with, and it's not a really good one, is to wash my bike at the bottom of the driveway and sort of ease the mud out into the street a little at a time, so far I'm getting away with it. I've never seen a carwash that wouldn't allow dirt bikes, and it's been decades since I've seen one that would still run on a quarter, I didn't think any of them would take less than a dollar these days.
  15. motovita

    Auto Clutch Hate

    You got me thinking about it so I went to the Trials forum here and did a search. There were some references to Trials activity on Oahu and Kauai, all five to ten years old though.