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  1. DRT

    200 EXC reeds, pipe

    I too am working on a new to me 200, and the pipe has a nice dent in it. After doing a lot of reading around it seems that the Gnarly moves the power where I don't want it as I live and ride in the desert areas. My wife has a FMF on her KDX that kills the top end as well, no thanks. So, what other pipe would be similar to stock but not be made of foil? Anyone have a 'Hard Parts' pipe? How does it compare to stock? Being made by FMF is it tougher than a stocker?
  2. I recently bought a used 2003 200 EXC with the independant rear fender and number plates that are pretty beat up, so I will be replacing all the plastics. Is there a way to convert to the 2004-2007 one piece tail section? Does the airbox and subframe need to be changed? drilled or modified? What about seat? Will it work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. DRT

    My new ride

    FMB!! Gorgeous bike... I keep telling myself that the 2003 is nice too, but then I see bikes like this and drool
  4. DRT

    yz250-sleeve down to 200cc ?

    Call everyone, Eric Gorr and anyone else that may know what to do. If those motor guru's can stroke and bore 50cc up they probably can go down as well. If you want to ride orange I am sure you don't need anyone on this board to tell you KTM makes a 200. Keep us informed!
  5. DRT

    Where to get the JD Kit?

    Thumpertalk store! Saved me money over what I paid for my last JD kits. Join the store and save money on all you parts.
  6. DRT

    Buddy Might Switch to Two-Stroke!!!

    I recently picked up a 05 YZ250 after many 4 strokes over the last 5 years. Well that little 250 2 stroke is simply amazing, weights nothing and totally RIPS. Then last night I wanted to do some maintenance. So I changed the oil. How boring, I did not spill even one drop, I only had to use 1 wrench. I ignored any oil sight holes just poured the oil in untill there was only 200ml left in the bottle and I was done? Thats it? Oh, I wiped off the end of the power valve drip hose and lubed the chain. My back did not even tighten up from crawling around with oil filters and a handfull of T wrenches making sure I did not forget something.
  7. I have read RCannon mention that the Pro Circuit Nature Friendly is nice and light. Does anyone know the weights of the PC and the FMF TC II? Any other sub 96db spark arrestors that I should look into that could be light? One of the major reasons I have switched back to smoking is that I want the bike to be LIGHT. I over accesorized and protected my last 3 bikes and I am DONE! I will try going light (and legal) on every part I choose for my 05 YZ250 Thank you
  8. DRT

    The Future

    I have had orange thumpers and was considering a 250 XC. But messing with the suspension the whole time I owned the orange bikes really put a bad taste in my mouth for link-less rear suspension, and I don't care how good some guys think their WP forks work, the chances of them ever working as good for as many people with a variety of suspension tuners as the Yamaha forks in minimal indeed. I miss orange, but not enough to give up KYB 'spenders and this motor. Who cares what the future is anyway? We are not buying toys as an investment! They are to be used, worked on, and if taken care of or not you will not keep them forever! You will want something new in a couple few years anyway, then you can ask the question over again. I hope for DI, just like Evinrude puts in their outboards. It is so clean that Lake Tahoe puts 2t outboards on their patrol boats, and that is some incredibly tightly managed water.
  9. DRT

    Head Mod official test.....

    Which expansion chamber and sparky/ silencer? Any chance you can try it with the PC Platinum that is an upper RPM pipe, maybe you can have your cake and eat it too since this made such a huge difference in low end growl. Thanks for all the info. DRT
  10. DRT

    flywheel wight

    In my quest to decide which FWW to install on my recently aquired 05 I started looking at where our fellow TT members are from and imagine what riding would be like in thier state. Seems that the tighter the trees, the heavier the weight!! I live in tree-less SoCal and even on trips to the Sierra the trees are spaced w-a-y apart compared to most of the country. I will be putting a 9 on my YZ.
  11. DRT

    125 Torque Pipe and Woods set up

    Seems many put FWW on the 250, and it is on my short list as well so would it be reasonable to put one on the 125? How much weight is suggested?
  12. Does anyone know where to get a low end focused pipe for a aluminum framed YZ 125? Any foriegn companies? I recently picked up an '05 250 and it's much lower percieved and lower actual weight has my hunny crying the heavy bike whine as she has a KDX pig right now. I am not at all concerned with total power output. If there is a loss of of some power in order to achieve the more woods like delivery. What do ya'll suggest? 130 lb novice woman that is 5'7" so a little bike is not needed. Thanks in advance.
  13. DRT

    2006 yz125 to replace KDX220?

    My wife has a KDX and that thing is a flipping PIG. I think it actually weights more than my previous bike a 450 KTM EXC. No kidding, when I move it around the garage or load it, the thing sucks. On the trail it does have a sweet motor, Gnarly pipe blah blah blah. But I just picked up a used 2005 YZ as I was tired of 4 strokes after having 3 in a row. Wow, that thing is way lighter. RCannon says 15 pounds, I think almost double that between the YZ and KDX. The difference is so much so that my huny has started the whine, ya know that "I want something new" whine because hers is such a pig. IMHO, if you are a normal sized normal skilled rider get a 250 and smooth the power to your liking. That is what I am in the process of doing, and this forum is being incredibly helpfull for research on what to do.
  14. DRT

    Gpr Vs. Scotts

    I have had the GRP for a year and it is a great piece of equipment. But I would not buy another. That is if I can get a good looking under bar on the Scotts like GPR offers the next time I am ready to buy. The damping on return to center makes NO sense to me. I did not really think about it when I bought the GPR, it looked good, was made well and the price was lower. Now the Scotts is offering under bar mounts, although for the KTM they look kinda shitty. Maybe BRP will fix that. BUT, from a technical standpoint the Scotts is superior. Superior is what I think. Why would you want damping on return to center? You don't . You want damping AWAY from center. Then you can turn your bars back to center quickly, especially in higher damping settings. Riding in the woods last summer I had to turn the GPR way down from the desert settings so that I did not under correct in the twisties although with the whoops and sand and rocks in between the trees I sure coulda used the damper on higher settings. Scotts is a better engineered product. 987 baja wins or not.