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  1. My bike calls for 26:1 Yamalube 2R...
  2. I need one for my YZ490. Its been a pain to start, has the 40mm Mikuni.
  3. If the carb came from a bigger engine, the slide will be a leaner one, since the vacuum pull will be greater. Your 125 would need a richer slide, if thats the case.
  4. That 700 is tame, it's for farmers...
  5. I would go 400cc, mild tune/chamber with tunability. It's easier to wake them up, if you need it, than detune. Could have a sleeved down cylinder for a smaller bore and a big bore option. Just pick stroke and rod length that gives flexibility.
  6. Needed a flywheel holder to torque the FW nut. Found this plate in my toolbox with threaded holes almost wide enough, ground them at work and milled the slot for the socket. This is the head I modded for the airhammer. May need more chamber work, it was a mess as someone cut it so there was NO squish band. Cut it for an O-ring so that saved cutting more off the head.
  7. Dont forget fbook. Just sold wife's scooter. Listed late last night, got several bites immediately and sold today before work.
  8. You have to wonder, who tested and approved the forks?
  9. I'm 45 and bought a bike last fall. 25 years since I rode trails. I rode a YZ490 back then, so I bought one of those big 2 smokes again. All you could ever ask for and more. Chuggalugg down a trail and soil you britches in an open field.
  10. Carb must not be too far off on pilot/needle, with that response.
  11. Better learn throttle control, it's not a 50cc scooter, lol!
  12. That is .57mm not inches.
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