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  1. Has anyone had any luck finding a mfg that makes an aluminum shift lever that will fit the 650L? I've looked and the closest I've found was this generic aluminum one for a TRX450 4-wheeler. It will fit the XR600R just fine (I also found a Driven brand aluminum one that will fit the XR600), but the XR650L has a wider left case cover due to the larger stator and this four-wheeler lever barely has any clearance against it. If someone works at a motorcycle shop or store perhaps they could rummage around and see if there is anything out there that is close to this red one.
  2. I have 2005 CRF450R forks and am looking at some new fork guards. Will the newer bikes '09-onward fit my forks?
  3. mikesbaron

    Is XR's Only our only option for case saver?

    Thanks for all the leads on this. I'm going to look at my stock sprocket cover and see if I can make something lighter and better looking than that big plastic thing, maybe take out the metal case saver that's imbedded in it.
  4. I am purchasing a used oil cooler kit for the European NX650 Dominator and curious if anyone else has one? I need to find some installation instructions and emailing this company that sells new ones, they say they don't have instructions. .SMH. Here's a link to the one I'm getting. https://www.off-the-road.de/en/Other-bikes-otr/Oilcooler-acc/OTR-Oil-cooler-Honda-NX650-XR600-XR650.html
  5. mikesbaron

    Is XR's Only our only option for case saver?

    I've got a 650 L that doesn't come with one.
  6. I'm not going to pay $50 (w/shipping) for their little piece of aluminum. Surely someone has a lead on something other than the stock OEM metal one or making a hokey one in their garage.
  7. Just curious how many ppl here have replaced their comfy and cush seat foam and why? On previous bikes I found it perfect for longer all day rides. I just bought a bike that has a super low carved out seat foam and I think I'm going to try to trade for some stock foam or buy stock foam. If you're short you might like my foam.
  8. mikesbaron

    Footpeg interchangeable? XR600R-650L-650R ?

    No they won't because CRF pegs have springs that fit more inside the peg where the XR's have an extended post where the springs are more external.
  9. Besides the XR600R pegs, what other pegs will mount up to the XR650L?
  10. Needing to replace my stock header and I like the Big Gun header. Will it mate up to the stock muffler or another slip-on that uses the stock header?
  11. Trying to wire in new LED tail lights and I can't figure out which is the ground and which is the right or left wire on the rear end of this harness. Every place I've searched online, I can't read the diagram because it won't allow me to zoom in without distorting the wiring color codes. (YES I HAVE USED SEARCH FEATURE). If you can help, I would appreciate a diagram or letting me know what the colors do for the rear turn signal leads. Thanks.
  12. mikesbaron

    Polisport (affordable) rear taillight?

    What an idiot. SMH. Anyway... Here are pics of the item I'm speaking of; you can see the width between mounting points on this item is narrower than stock oem. These are 2.8 inches across where OEM needs to be 3.5 inches across. Notice how it has recessed mounting points and not flat.
  13. mikesbaron

    Polisport (affordable) rear taillight?

    Actually there IS something made by Polisport that uses the stock prongs. I happen to have one I purchased but its mounting holes are not wide enough for the KTM rear fender prongs. That's why I'm hoping someone has found one that does fit. I paid $15 for mine and it's an LED Polisport brand. I'll take a pic this evening.
  14. Which rack are you all using or recommending for a 2009 450/530? I don't want to break the bank, want to stay under $120.
  15. 2009 530 EXC I removed that behemoth POS rear taillight and plate holding assembly from my bike and want to replace it with a Polisport or other generic jobber that uses the two male prongs that come off the rear fender (like the oem does). I don't mind drilling one hole in my fender (towards the seat) but I don't want to drill 3 new holes by using a non male prong type setup. In other words I'd prefer not to use the flat mount style taillight inner fender mount. Does anyone have a setup that is not expensive (Sicass or KTM), less than $20 and mounts up clean with minimal hole drilling? The attached one isn't too bad but I'd prefer it use the stock male prongs from the fender.