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    Riding in SE PA (legal/illegal)

    Read this in today's (4/27) Asbury Park Press. Enjoy! ATV joyriders nightmare for N.J. farmers The blanket of undisturbed snow covering Sam Leon's vulnerable sod crop proved a tempting joyride site to the snowmobilers as they emerged from the woods on a cold night in mid-February. The ride lasted minutes, and then they disappeared again into the dark. For Leon, the 81-year-old owner of Leon's Sod Farm in Hunterdon County's Franklin Township, it was 20 acres of valuable sod. The next morning, he trudged through the snow, churned brown with mud, and surveyed the torn-up field. Last week, he estimated his losses between $50,000 and $100,000. About six weeks later, near Ringwood State Park in Mahwah, the April 1 shooting by park police of an all-terrain vehicle driver, who later died, provided a dramatic example of the growing tension created by some off-road motor sports enthusiasts throughout the state. But for New Jersey farmers — who lose crops, equipment and, ultimately, money from the damage done by ATVs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles — motorized trespassers have been an ongoing problem, one that is growing as suburban development moves deeper into traditional farming areas. On a clear, warm day last week in rural Plumsted, Dennis Krowicki took a short break from working on his farm to point out the tracks made by an ATV — a compact, four-wheel vehicle ridden like a motorcycle — cutting through one of his rye fields. "You plant a crop, and they tear it up," he said. "It can interfere with the the harvest of the crop. It can break a machine. "It's all the time," he added. "You work a field, you come back and there are tracks out there." "It gets expensive," said Doug Hallock, who co-owns a farm in Plumsted with his brother and has had irrigation pipes damaged by dirt bikes and ATVs. The trespassers, often kids, "think they can go anywhere," Hallock said. "It's getting worse. They're just tearing things up." Not a crisis yet It's not a new problem, and it hasn't reached crisis proportions, farmers and their advocates say. But incidents will increase "as there's more and more development around farmland," said Richard Obal, a Monmouth County agricultural agent with Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension. "I think that where farm areas border suburban or semi-rural areas, the problems can become acute," said Peter Furey, executive director of the New Jersey Farm Bureau, the statewide trade association that represents farmers in New Jersey. With more and more land going toward home building and New Jersey's "strong appetite for open space land, we're getting a little pressed for approved recreation land for this kind of recreation," he said. While careful to acknowledge responsible riders, "a handful can make big problems" for farmers, Furey said. Those problems are serious. Crops, orchards and equipment are routinely damaged, Furey said. And there is the potential for "significant legal liability if they (trespassing riders) crash into something, get hurt and bring a lawsuit." Culprits not easily caught Protecting themselves can be difficult for farmers. Despite a State Police investigation, the snowmobilers who wrecked Leon's sod crop haven't been caught, he said. "The primary defense is the enforcement of trespass statutes," said Furey. "It's illegal for anyone to be on a farm without written permission. There doesn't need to be a sign posted." But catching trespassers is another matter. One night last week, Christina Krowicki, Dennis' daughter, saw a group of three riders tear across one of the farm's fields. She got in her car and raced after them, following them down a road, where they turned off. "There's nothing you can do 'til you catch them," she said. Riding on state land is illegal, and run-ins with park and wilderness authorities are getting more common. According to The Associated Press, the man shot near Ringwood State Park, Emil Mann, 45, of Monroe, N.Y., was a member of the Ramapough Lenape Indian tribe, which has ancestral lands in the area near the park. Park police had pursued the group riding with Mann from the park, authorities said. The police and the tribe members differ on the facts, but an altercation ensued and Mann, whom court documents say reached for an officer's gun, was shot and later died. The incident led to the latest in calls from naturalists and wildlife advocates for tougher state ATV regulations and enforcement. Enforcement efforts Enforcement efforts vary among municipalities. Plumsted is trying to put "more teeth" into existing rules aimed at ATV and dirt-bike riders, Mayor Ronald Dancer said. An ordinance passed Monday night gives police the right to confiscate such vehicles when riders are trespassing — authority police officers in Jackson have as well. The Plumsted ordinance also raises maximum fines for unlicensed vehicles from $1,000 to $1,200. In Millstone Township, efforts in 2004 to crack down on ATV and dirt-bike riders were dropped after public opposition, but the issue is being revisited because of recent complaints, said Administrator Jim Pickering. "We have to rely on local law enforcement authorities," said Furey, whose association fought for farm trespassing laws in the 1980s but who does not believe the problem has escalated to the point of necessitating new legislation. For farmers, enforcement is difficult, Obal said. With riders, "a lot of times it's the perception that it's just a farm," he said. "What are you going to do? Call the cops? What are they going to do, bring in CSI?"
  2. pasto27774

    Update on the situation with the powdercoater

    In similar situations, I have seen people pickett (lawfully) in front of the establsihment warning current/new customers of the problems he/she has had. The lose of business could/would be greater than settling the dispute...quickly. A big sign on a stck may get you a quick settlement. Just a thought. Good luck.
  3. pasto27774

    Stock exhaust w/ 3x3?

    All you need is a new end cap...not a new muffler.
  4. PM is still full. I sent an email. Can someone PM/email me. Thanks!
  5. pasto27774

    used DRZ400es what to look for?

    Massrider, I'm selling my '01 S (yellow) if you are interested. 1,800 miles and in mint/showroom condition. I have the following items new in the box as well: mcct, Unibiker radiator guards (natural alum. color.), Dynojet kit, extended fuel screw, Twinair air filter, & CFC case guards - both sides. PM me if you are interested.
  6. pasto27774

    Rejet interuptus

    you forgot 5. rejet carb while wife not home....priceless
  7. pasto27774

    OT: Burned, ever consider trying this?

    It's not that simple. You need to fabricate a bunch of stuff as well. Also, they won't let you slap together a piece of crap. It has to meet the shop quality and safety standards. Interesting show to watch. Just when you think they are going to make it, they crash and burn.
  8. There's a show on TV "Build or Bust". You have 30 days to build a custom bike (V-twin) and if you start it and do a burnout on the 30th day (or earlier) the bike is yours for free. If not, you walk away - no out-of pocket cost other than spending the 30 days in the shop being filmed and humiliated The site to register is http://www.buildorbust.com/. It's been 50/50 regarding those that can actaully pull it off - almost all of the guys who make it are down to the last minutes completing the bike. A big hurdle most of the builders face is lacing the wheels - some spend a day trying to figure it out. There looking for people to apply for future shows.
  9. pasto27774

    Mileage on a used DRZ?

    My '01 S has 1800 miles....and I'm going to be selling it with extras still new in the box. PM me if you'd like.
  10. pasto27774

    DRZ475TT dyno graphs.

    That's great! What do you think it will be (hp & torque) with the fine tuning?
  11. pasto27774

    I love mods but ....

    Looks like a Ural.
  12. pasto27774

    Rear axle cotter pin: disappearing act

    If you can find the right size, a Lynch Pin will work. http://www.pivotpins.com/catalog/lynch.shtml
  13. pasto27774

    turkey baster?

    Coolant tanks are made for high temp. and chemicals (i.e., anti-freeze). You are probably okay with the baster (made for high temp. luquids), but the chair caps are usually made of soft rubber - not made to come in contact with high temp. liquids and chemicals. Also, I've seen those caps dry out (dry rot) over time and get crumbly...you don't want a piece falling into the baster and end up in the rad. A PVC cap coat on the inside with Plasti Dip (for a good seal) may be an alternative. Looks goog though!
  14. pasto27774

    turkey baster?

    Ed, any concerns regarding the chair cap melting or breaking down from the rad. fluid? Would not be good going back into the rad.
  15. pasto27774

    OT: DS650 with 1300cc Hyabusa engine

    It is quite sick. Approx. 160+hp and 95+torque. I'd like to see a video of it in action.