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  1. r1superstar

    Skyline Drive - Mayfield Cabin

    Utah has some AMAZING scenery! I've been up in that area before; nice pics! We rode AF Single Track last week and it is so Beautiful way back there.
  2. r1superstar

    Ultimate single track upgrades on wr250

    OEM is 13/50. When I purchased this bike, it had 13/48. That was terrible for tight trails and a small motor, so I went back to OEM and I'm super happy. I don't need to ride at 60+mph. Yeah, you are probably right about the Rekluse and your 14T.
  3. r1superstar

    Ultimate single track upgrades on wr250

    2007 WR250F Stage 1 Cams JD Jetting (still can't get it to start right especially with E-start) Dr D Exhaust Nuetech TUbliss Larger fuel tank Free mods Cycra Handguards Radiator braces 13/50 (although I should install a 51 or 52, especially here at elevation 4600+) Everything else stock. Bike does well in single track!
  4. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    Great area to ride. I'll hit you up next time we head out to Lake Mountain.
  5. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    I'll send you a pm.
  6. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    I'll be riding Stansbury by myself tomorrow morning. If anybody's interested in joining me. Post up in this thread let me know.
  7. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    Thanks again for the tips.
  8. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    We did 52 miles today. Loved the hill climbs, views, and the single track!!! Heading back in two weeks.
  9. r1superstar

    Lake Mountain Utah

    Thanks for the input. Were do you park? I was thinking of entering from the north by the School off the Pony Express Pkwy.
  10. r1superstar

    utah Lake Mountain Utah

    What is the land use on this mountain? I see MTB trailheads that say no motorized vehicles allowed. This mountain range runs adjacent to Utah Lake and is between the lake and Eagle Mountain. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Update, Installed the shock, rode the bike for two hours the other day. Everything works great!!! I highly recommend this fix over buying an expensive aftermarket shock. Unless what you are looking for is more adjustability. This bike is for the wife so the tocks shock will suffice.
  12. Just finished changing the shock seal head. The old one had the inner o-ring split in half. I still need to install the Schrader valve and get it charged with nitrogen. Thanks for all the help with this. Just an F.Y.I. As stated in a previous post, drill the shock very slowly. Don't push too hard and et the drill bit do the work up until it punctures the shock. Then back off and let the nitrogen escape. I was afraid the shock was going to take off once punctured but it didn't. Wear safety goggles, try not to inhale the nitrogen, and don't be scared.
  13. Ah, that's what I was thinking. How much nitrogen psi should go back in? And how much oil (oz)? Thank you so much for the help!!!!
  14. What did you drill? I have the shock apart, but can't get the clip out. This shock is on an 07.
  15. Moose Part number 1314-0045 I'm going to try and do this without the kit. I'm going to see how bad the O-ring is and go from there.