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  1. wrooster

    signing off

    guys and gals, it's been fun. remember the following: 1) mobil 1 15w50 is good stuff. 2) grease your swingarm. 3) grease your steering stem. 4) the FAQ is at http://www.thumperfaq.com/sitemap.htm 5) "get busy living, or get busy dying", andy dufresne @ shawshank. regards, jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  2. wrooster

    wr250f 50 MPH?

    i would fight that ticket. the WRF does not go 105mph unless strapped into the back of a pickup truck. please save these stories for lunchtime or recess. sigh... yet another discussion on the top speed of wrf's and yzf's; even more annoying is the fact that "top speed" was not the question the original poster asked. the original poster wanted to know if the wrf would "cruise" at 50mph. i actually have significant time at or above 50mph on my wrf. one word summary: BUZZZZZZ. the wr250f is not suited as a long distance dual sport bike, a la the DRZ400. jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  3. wrooster

    2003 Yzf250 Tranny Problem???

    jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  4. wrooster

    Oil change !

    from the 250F FAQ http://www.thumperfaq.com/sitemap.htm see http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm#Strain jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  5. wrooster

    YZ250F to SXF250

    here are comments from guy who had a bunch of YZF's and now has a 250SXF... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=281982 jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  6. wrooster

    2003 Yzf250 Tranny Problem???

    it's not the clutch. yes. you most likely have a bent shift fork or the locking dogs are worn (rounded). it's time to crack open the cases. ps: do not put this off, Really Bad Things will happen if you chunk a few teeth off of 2nd or 3rd gear and the pieces go through the rest of the transmission AND engine. jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  7. wrooster

    Boyesen ?

    you were thinking about getting one soon but you don't know what it does nor do you know if it increases power? type in "boyesen" under search, 3 seconds later... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=226215 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=248061 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=240403 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=225219 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=221049 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=219920 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=219796 but definitely read this thread, where about 1/2 down the first page TT jetting guru and JD Kit developer "James_Dean" provides his comments: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=229662 jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  8. wrooster

    what do you think?

    just a guess, but somewhere around 11,002 days? jim aka the three-letter-govt-agency-like-knowledge wrooster '01 wr250f
  9. wrooster

    A few pics of 02yz250f

    quote of the MONTH!!! jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  10. wrooster

    stupid 4 stroke newbe question

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54475 http://www.thumperfaq.com/sitemap.htm http://www.thumperfaq.com/oemmanuals.htm http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm#Proc%2003 jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  11. wrooster

    No New Exc Motor For 07

    one way to get more power out of engine is to spin it faster(*). as noted above, the DOHC configuration has benefits in high RPM applications as compared to a SOHC configuration. NOTE THAT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DIAMETER OF THE VALVES NOR THE LIFT/DURATION OF THE CAMS. the volume of gasses drawn into or extracted out of the combustion chamber is not a function of the mechanism driving the valves. the problem is that at high RPMs (again, good for making more power) the more complex the valvetrain is, the more problems you are going to have (resonance, rocker arm float, etc). lobe-on-bucket actuation in a DOHC setup is the simplest of all methods of driving 4 (or N>4) valves, albeit it requires a second camshaft. note that in some cases the DOHC configuration allows for better placement and/or entry angles of the valves -- which in turn improves gas mixture and exhaust flow. yet a few posts back you were telling us that DOHC engines make more exhaust noise because "more gasses expelled". ps i have a few questions for you... - why are 4 valves better than 2? - why are 5 valves better than 4? - why wouldn't 6 valves be better still? - what about 10 valves? - what four stroke bikes have you owned and wrenched on? pps http://losdos.dyndns.org:8080/public/wr-throttlestop/2001-yzf-and-wrf_sm.jpg jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f (*) -> power(hp) = (RPM * torque(ft-lbf)) / 5252
  12. wrooster

    No New Exc Motor For 07

    has nothing to do with the mechanical configuration of the valvetrain. has nothing to do with the mechanical configuration of the valvetrain. if you want to believe that DOHC and SOHC configurations result in those differences, go right ahead... i have a hard time believing that you think that the camshaft configuration is soley responsible for the exhaust sound pressure level. do you think (and i know this a big jump) that possibly the exhaust sound pressure level has quite a bit to do with the geometry and flow of the exhaust system? because it has very little in anything to do with the configuration of the camshaft mechanicals and more to do with the cam lifts and durations, carburetor sizing and jetting, flywheel weight and crank/rod mass inertia, and the bore-to-stroke ratio. saying that DOHC = "turbo lag feel" is misguided. i have a bmw m3 with a DOHC engine. there is no "turbo lag feel", i assure you. regarding my m3 -- you seem to infer that installing a SOHC configuration would somehow increase low rpm performance AND decrease exhaust noise. i am here writing to disabuse you of those notions. so what are you trying to say? that different bikes from different manufacturers have different power curves and different exhaust notes? all true. but the fact is that the differences are not tied to the valvetrain configuration. to contrast honda and yamaha specifically, both have shown you can get to approximately the same power curve wise using a SOHC and a DOHC head, respectively. given a milling machine, a surface grinder, and an engine lathe, i could turn you a set of honda cams that would make the CRF more powerful at the top end -- making it more "yamaha-like". note that this can be done without changing the SOHC configuration, just the cams themselves. keep in mind the "tilt" of the power and torque curves are a tradeoff, so along with the greater high end power you may have a reduction in low end power. furthermore, you may have increased valve open/close velocities so the valve stems, seats, and faces will accordingly wear faster. again, it's a tradeoff; engineering is about compromise. jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  13. wrooster

    Tired of the Pissing Matches

    please find me an adjective or adjective phrase which faithfully describes a racing course wherein the start and finish lines are colocated. that is, the competitors retrace the same path again and again until some number of laps or time is reached. contrast if you will the aforementioned course (=track) with another type wherein the start and finish lines are not colocated, as one might find in a rally, enduro, dual-sport, or say the BAJA 1000. in this case, the competitors do not retrace their paths and the event terminates when all have completed the course. i will note that for you NASCAR fans, several of the tracks are in fact oval shaped, or consist of some number of turns. notwithstanding any non-round geometry, the start and finish lines are colocated and ergo the ipso facto reduction is that the track is circular. please look up "sarcasm" and get back to us. did you read the whole thread and see how yz250f_rider deserved a bit back in return? jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f
  14. wrooster

    Tired of the Pissing Matches

    ok, to keep the various battle(s) going... (1) i'm fairly confident that i owned a mac before any of you guys. in fact i probably owned several before you guys even heard of a mac. i first got to use a Lisa (as a high school student interning at bell labs) around 1983. subsequently, i went to engineering school... i had an original macintosh (68000 / 128K RAM / 400K floppy), a "fat mac" (512K RAM), a mac plus (1MB RAM finally!), and a mac SE (68020 / 2MB RAM). finally my own God delivered to me the mac SE/30 with 4MB RAM and a 20MB hard drive -- i *loved* that machine. from then on i had a succession of NuBus macs, including the speedy FX and a bunch of Cx and Ci's. onward to a centris 610, 650, a few quadras and then to the PPC-based powermacs. there were a few powerbooks/ibooks thrown in there for good measure. currently i own and operate a iMac and a mac mini. the former is currently running linux and the latter is currently running OSX but on loan to a friend of mine. i have a bunch more solaris boxen (sun sparc u10, u30, and now a super fast sunfire v20z), and a few more linux boxen (one running MythTV and others for linux application development, mostly for PPC 82xx and 405 platforms). there is no point in arguing about mac vs windows vs ${unix_flavor_of_the_week}. they are all tools, and some work better for some applications than others. if i want a file server with 24x7x365x10yrs uptime, i know how to set up a solaris to do just that. if i want an inexpensive photoshop box that can handle big jobs, i know to put winXP on newegg-sourced hardware to do just that. if i want my 70yr old mother's email not to be infected daily, i know to buy her a mac for christmas. etc etc etc. (2) there is no point to a yzf-vs-wrf battle either. see last paragraph above. i'm sorry some of you missed the tongue in cheek slant. (3) way_fast_whitey is actually a honda rider's troll account. jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f ps this has been the best thread on all of TT in months.
  15. wrooster

    2006 Yz250f

    http://endurouk.com/images/2006/ktm/models/images/exc400.jpg jim aka the wrooster '01 wr250f