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  1. BBA

    A2 Track Map

    YES!!! I'm thinking the same thing. They should start with something like this imo.
  2. Dude if you're gonna troll do it under your regular Thumpertalk ID and not some chicken shit newbie account.
  3. You guys do realize that Bowman was a pioneer in the sport of motocross right? He was the first openly bisexual racer to ever speak publicly about his open sexuality. He mentors Tomac now.
  4. BBA

    A2 Track Map

    Needs more jumps,............and more scantily dressed hoochie girls.
  5. BBA

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    No more parole for me. They cut me loose after promising not to come back to Massachusetts and raping you again.
  6. BBA

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    I like it lmao!
  7. BBA

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    And after all of these years you still fantasize about my ass. You're a sick puppy man.
  8. BBA

    What Round(s)?

    You're gonna need a bigger boat to haul in all of these whales you are catching with this.
  9. BBA

    Baggett = FMOTP

    I'm glad to see Baggett get a win for Rocky Mountain but his personality has always been that of a schoolboy hall monitor to where he's always pointing fingers and telling on others for the same shit he does. He is a crybaby whiner for sure in a lot of cases.
  10. BBA

    Hey Eli

    Tomac is a headcase. He reminds me of a kid I used to race BMX against back in the day. We would see each other at a couple of nationals and I knew he was fast and could win but if everything didn't line up for him he would unravel faster than a crackwhore with her clothing starring at a crack rock.
  11. And people are surprised by this? Both Stewart brothers have always had "amazing speed" through the whoops as we have heard the commentators state through the years and then many times after this statement it is followed later in the race with "Stewart is down in the whoops". So what this should indicate is the fact that yes, the Stewart brothers have "amazing speed" through whoop sections, right up to the point when they eat massive shit in them and have to be carted off!
  12. I've been very-very busy. I haven't even seen my bikes in a while.
  13. Yes there is a difference between the AMA organization and AMA Pro racing but at the end of the day the money goes to the same people.
  14. He can't resist. Slowgs will take the bait everytime lol.