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  1. rb929rr

    Vegas - AMA gone bonkers

  2. rb929rr

    bay area CA wheel builders..besides motostrano

    Wheel Craft in Hayward
  3. rb929rr

    CRF or YZF?

  4. rb929rr

    4.25 or 5.00 rim on a crf

    I have both and the 5" is the way to go
  5. rb929rr

    Ready to Motard My XR650R

    Damn! I know that rear wheel. I've seen it before.
  6. UBB40-ML-1348645-ML- moved to the proper forum. please do not post for sale items in the bike forums.
  7. Take it to DMV in Fremont Ca. I know of 2 guys that just got their 03 and 04 XR650R street legal in the last month or 2.
  8. rb929rr

    Any XR400's out there?!?!?!

    Robert's working on the site.
  9. rb929rr


    Email this guy jon@streetfighters-usa.com Email me at rjb4610@aol.com I have a pic of a CRF450 with their Carbon body kit.
  10. rb929rr

    any body ride a motard as a daily driver

    I bought my 02 XR650R in oct.01 and with only 5 miles on it. I changed to a motard. I've been riding to everyday. It has 17,300 miles on it and still runs great.
  11. rb929rr

    Looking for supermoto tires, anyone???

  12. rb929rr

    No schedule anytime soon!

    we just need more tracks. Metcalf is trying to get the ok to build a SM track. so all of you Bay Area people should get down there and sign the petition. they are trying to buy 5000 acres so they can expand the park.
  13. rb929rr

    Converting to the Dark Side!!!

  14. rb929rr

    XR650R sm tires ?

    MT60's are too wide for the XR650R
  15. rb929rr

    xr 400 jetting

    here is link to my XR400 mods. http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=389