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  1. fttam

    Rear brake poorly braking?

    How's your reservoir? Mine is bulged way the hell out, and the spare I have on the shelf is no better.
  2. fttam

    65 Mph gearing

    I've been running 14/47 for about.......hell, at least a dozen years. I beat the ever loving piss out of my Deezer, and it's done a BUNCH of highway miles with the throttle to the stop, and my big dumb ass hunkered down to get max speed out of her. It'll do 65 but it'll shake like a Mexican space shuttle while it's doing it. The upside is it's much more fun in the woods and around town, which is exactly the way that I prefer it. Will it hurt your engine? Mine's a bone stock (well.......jetted/piped/MCCT) '00 with 20-something-thousand miles of WFO on it.......and I don't even know when I've washed it last!
  3. fttam

    DRZ forum from Aug 29 2000

    Awesome. Oddly enough, mine happens to be a '00
  4. fttam

    Drz400 bulletproofing

    Mines got rad guards, stout skid plate, Acerbis knock off hand guards and, well.......the thing is bullet proof otherwise, as-is. Mine happens to be a '00 that has been beaten retarded every time I've swung a leg over it from day one. It's been crashed, it's been submerged, it's been hammered WFO in the woods, on the highway and on the track by a complete hooligan. Hell, I haven't even washed it in years. Still going.
  5. fttam

    DRZ400SM Adventure Build

    Nice looking bike. The SM forks would be fine, but for serious ADV type stuff may need a respring/revalve (but then again, they may be just fine). 21/18's are a mandatory.
  6. fttam

    How loud is the MRD Z-PRO?

    I wouldn't venture into Killmington either, MRD or no MRD!
  7. fttam

    How many times have you dropped your Drz?

    The sticker on my Deezer reads: CRASHING IS PROOF THAT YOU'RE TRYING.
  8. One thing I never skimp on is tires.
  9. fttam

    Loose chain caused this?

    When I get a new chain, I dump it in a bucket of kerosene while I replace the sprox on the bike. That gives the Kero enough time to get that crap off. I wipe the chain down after, and it gleams like new without throwing that factory grease everywhere. Just wiping the stuff off the outside plates isn't enough for me. The crap in between the links and rollers will sling itself into every nook and cranny. Keeping an eye on this due to curiosity as I never had an issue with my converted S using stock S guides, a 150 rear and a totally clapped out chain! Good luck OP
  10. fttam

    Loose chain caused this?

    Huh. Interesting. I put a bazillion miles with 17's and a 150 rear on my S running standard S sliders and never had that happen. Curious to see what's up
  11. fttam

    Oil change question

    You could run the DRZ on maple syrup. The ATV stuff'd be fine.
  12. fttam

    Wheelie discussion

    Your technique isn't what it should be, even bone stock it should come right up in second at around 20mph. Instant help is buying a $10 front sprocket with one less tooth on it, which will give you a little more "leverage" to help the front come up. Not that you should do wheelies, as they are dangerous and against the law. If you screw it up you could be hurt and/or in trouble with the law. I highly recommend that you don't do them. If you were inclined to be reckless, however? You could try this for learning the technique..... -Second gear, get to about 25mph....hold this speed on a steady throttle. -Pull the clutch in just until the point where the rims increase and the bike slows (while still holding that steady throttle). You don't need to come back to the bar with the clutch, just letting it "slip." This is your sweet spot. -Snap the clutch out. Once it slips, let it instantly back out. Feel the bike surge ahead? Yep, that's the bike trying to wheelie. It doesn't have enough RPMs to do it, but that's where it wants to. -Now, they it again. This time, as soon as the clutch slips, twist the throttle a little. As you give it gas, snap the clutch back out. The bike should surge forward a little more this time. Keep doing this, slipping the clutch and adding gas until the front comes up. Work up to it, and you will find it. Take your time. The DRZ is a puppy dog of a bike, and one of the easiest and safest bikes to wheelie.....just be safe.
  13. fttam

    Track Miles

    I'd trust my Deezer to rack up way more track miles than my Husky 510SMR. The Husky'd just be more fun till it went pop!