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  1. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 Auto - Smoking badly, out of ideas

    Currently in the process of heat cycling them....it's been run up to temp @ 3 times thus far. Still smoking like a chimney. I did not measure the ring end gap to be honest. Bought the piston, rings and cylinder all together.... I did measure the piston and cylinder though and they were correct.
  2. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 Auto - Smoking badly, out of ideas

    Totally. The transmission sucks SOOO bad that it's manually carrying the oil to the combustion chamber and leaving it there. lol
  3. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 Auto - Smoking badly, out of ideas

    180 apart I believe or at least close to that
  4. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 Auto - Smoking badly, out of ideas

    It definitely smells like burnt oil and is white/grey. Brand new exhaust gasket (the metal ring) in there as well.
  5. OK so I'm at the end of my wits with this SSR 125 Auto that I picked up used. Looking for some opinions/advice here. Some history....it's a 2010 SSR125Auto in great shape. Previous owner bought it brand new and rode it for one summer or so. His son drowned it in a mud puddle, and they never got it started again. It sat for 2-3 years before I bought it from them. I tore into it and under the left side cover (starter chain/magneto side) it was FULL of dirt. I must have scraped a good 3-5lbs of caked in dried out dirt from inside. NONE of this dirt made it into the engine itself. Piston was clean, cylinder was great. Just basically rusted everything under that cover to holy heck. Now for the fun part. I have replaced a TON of parts for this engine. I've done a new piston, new rings, new cylinder, all new valve train (springs, seals, valves, and guides), new gaskets, pretty much new everything. Plus a bunch of bling type items and other stuff that shouldn't matter for this particular problem. Also did the starter, magneto, stator, starter chain, and just about everything else under that side cover. No matter what I replace, it seems to be smoking like a chimney. What am I missing here? Could something be cracked and I just haven't visually seen it? Would timing being slightly out of whack cause this? The oil capacity is not overfilled at all....if anything it's a tad underfilled at this point. It runs like a top...no extra noise...nothing. Just tons of smoke. What the heck could be causing this? I even did a quick off the engine test of the new piston/rings inside the cylinder and it didn't seem to leak anything at all. Old piston/cylinder leaked decently bad...so I was hoping this round of rebuilds would solve my issues...but it doesn't appear that it has. Anyone have any bright ideas?
  6. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 - Parts/Starter Chain?

    Old one is 65 links, but might be 1 or 2 more since it did break. Left side of the engine was FULL of dirt when I bought it. Previous owner drowned it like 2 years ago. So the chain rusted itself solid. So yeah...it's a good inch off where it needs to be. I ended up just ordering some 25 pitch chain off Amazon with a few master links. I'll get it working that way since I just can't find anything longer than 62 links on any of the pit bike parts sites. If it had a kickstarter, I wouldn't even worry about it, but it's electric start only....
  7. Scott_Pouliot

    SSR 125 - Parts/Starter Chain?

    So I found a few places for SSR Parts online, but I ordered a starter chain for it, and the 62 link is too short to fit the darn bike. Does anyone have a good source of SSR Parts online? I emailed a few SSR Dealrs in my area, no reply as of yet, and they haven't picked up the phone either. Grrr Help?
  8. Pete Collins from Pete's Cycle and Sled in Worcester, MA had some custom decals made up for his bike by TSS Graphics. They looked so cool I figured I'd share em here for the rest of the C-Dale lovers to check out! Scott